Face your fear

In a situation that you find yourself to have less fear, what could you have done?

What if you saw the world as a less dangerous and more joyful place?

If you had known that you could handle anything that came your way, fear would be gone, wouldn’t it? What you are to do is to believe and trust in yourself that you can do anything that comes your way. We are not taught to take risks, as a child, we are told to be careful, to watch out! We are not directed to stretch our capabilities. As you continue to grow, the fear will not go away; it is just a feeling that everyone has to conquer to avoid being static. Going out to do something that you fear is the only way to get rid of it. Once you have done that, you will feel better about yourself than before, and self-confidence will grow. We all encounter fear whenever we are in an unknown area; the key is to push through the fear and do it anyhow. Once it is done, you will feel fantastic.

Once you conquer the fear of something that you know that has been a hindrance to you, you will start to feel on top of the world. Allow yourself to go from the point of position to the point of power. Take the words you take out of your vocabulary to replace thoughts like life is a struggle, life is an adventure, or it is a problem, with it is an opportunity, Say yes to any opportunity that comes your way!

It is said that “The best way out is through”

With every risk you take, the time you move out of your comfort zone, you will become more powerful.

This Self Hypnosis MP3 will help you to:

Move past fear and accomplish your goals.

Give up the control and accept what is!

Extend your comfort zone and become more powerful!

Replace fear with love.

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