Manage anxiety now and find peace

Imagine being quiet, cool, and calm every time, no matter how life keeps you. Are you worried and stressed out always? Have you attempted controlling every aspect of your day to the point where you could not relax or enjoy life? Do your heart and head pound as you try to handle the challenges that […]

Forgive and forget

Imagine being able to sincerely, “forgive and forget.” Forgiving someone may seem to be hard. It will be as if you are accepting defeat or allowing them to go away with something that should not have happened. But the truth is that when you consider the issue, you will notice that it will only be […]

Face your fear

In a situation that you find yourself to have less fear, what could you have done? What if you saw the world as a less dangerous and more joyful place? If you had known that you could handle anything that came your way, fear would be gone, wouldn’t it? What you are to do is […]

Flow of life

This life is full of transitions. For instance, some people think change is scary. If you fear change, it might stop you from going far in life. You might feel secure and satisfied with what you know and have the fear that you would not be able to handle or cope with life if things […]

A Guide to Meditation: Connecting, Destressing, Energizing

How the simple act of taking time for yourself to meditate can not only improve your day but your life as a whole. Stressed? Overworked? Need to break free from the burdens of the daily grind? Certainly, we’ve all been there – overwhelmed with everything that requires doing and all the things yet to do. […]

Meditation for your well-being & personal growth

Meditation is a practice that is used to achieve greater mastery of the activities of the mind so that it ceases its usual background chatter and becomes absolutely quiet and peaceful. Read below to find out how important it is to make a daily habit of meditation for your own well-being and health. Importance of […]