Meditation for insomnia

Best Way To Fall Asleep – How to Beat Insomnia?

Getting to sleep each night may not be a problem for some people who are just about falling asleep while watching television, but for some getting a good night’s sleep can be a major challenge. The best way to fall asleep is to be comfortable but setting yourself up to achieve this comfort requires some […]

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Relax Zen Spa Meditation Calm

Meditation for Anxiety & stress management

Meditation for anxiety and stress management is very helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety. Curious to know? Let’s find out! Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It is also what triggers the human body into a fight-flight-or-freeze response, complete with squirts of cortisol, […]

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guided meditation for rejection

Dealing with rejection through guided meditation for rejection

“After careful consideration, I can confirm that we will not be progressing your application further, as we feel there are other candidates whose skills and experience come closer to meeting our search criteria.” That dreaded rejection e-mail causes a nauseating level of emotional trauma, feelings of inadequacy and shame in us. Guided meditation for rejection […]

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How To Do a Walking Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms in many cultures. Some cultures perform a meditation while counting off beads on a cord. Others form meditation while staring at a flickering candle. One of the most widespread forms of meditation, practiced around the globe, is a walking meditation. Woman running from a big stone, which represents anxiety What […]

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Meditation Basics

Our modern world can seem jammed to overflowing with stress and chaos. It seems that phones chirp and ring at all hours of the day or night. The lines between work, home, and school blur and fade. Voices raise and health suffers. Meditation is the answer. Meditation has been treasured by nearly every culture throughout […]

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Living Mindfully – A step-by-step guide for a better living

To be mindful means to live in the moment – the moment of “NOW”. The “NOW” is your Reality, your Power and your Truth, which cuts you free from the entrapments of time. It is the hub of deep peace and opportunities, elusive in the outside world. This is the eternal moment that ever was, […]

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