How Changes Caused by the Pandemic Can Improve Your Life

If you’re like countless other Americans, your everyday routine was firmly established in January. Maybe you were settling into your New Year’s resolutions or were simply conscious of things you needed to change, but the bulk of your daily activities and goals were in place. Then February and March came, and the COVID-19 pandemic turned […]

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Meditation for Anxiety

Here we will post a collection of meditations for stress, anxiety, fear, and worries. Stop being afraid and let go of anxiety now with a premium guided meditation. Watch this video on YouTube

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meditation mask

Meditation, Travel & Sleep mask – Deep Relax 3D ®

We are proud to say that we have partnered up with Deep Relax 3D ® meditation & face mask, so we can deliver the best meditations to you in the perfect environment. You can buy the meditation mask only from Quiet your outside world with the newest DeepRelax3D Meditation Eye Mask

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5 Ways to Take Your Home Yoga Practice to the Next Level

Yoga isn’t something you ever truly master. There’s always the next step in your yoga practice, a deeper level of the mind-body connection to achieve. So when you’re unable to attend class due to the pandemic, instead of giving up, look for a way to push your yoga practice to the next level. Whether you’re […]

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7 Ways to Build Resilience and Handle Challenges

When times get tough, it’s sometimes hard to see anything positive about the future.  By building resilience you make yourself stronger and less vulnerable to stress making yourself more resistant to the situations life throws at you. Resilience helps you through those tough times by changing the way you look at things.   What is Resilience? […]

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Hypnobirthing: The Perfect Way for a Calm Pregnancy and birth

You may already have an idea of what hypnobirthing is because there are lots of popular women who went through pregnancy and birth using these techniques (breathing, relaxation & visualization). Basically, with Hypnobirthing you will be able to release fear and anxiety you have around birth. We have developed this hypnobirthing app in order to […]

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