Chat GPT 4 is here! All you need to know

Published on March 14, 2023 – Last Updated on April 30, 2024

GPT-4 is HERE. Most essential bits you need to know:

  • Multimodal: API accepts images as inputs to generate captions & analyses.
  • GPT-4 scores 90th percentile on BAR exam!!! And 99th percentile with a vision for Biology Olympiad! Its reasoning capabilities are far more advanced than ChatGPT.
  • Twenty-five thousand words context: allows full documents to fit within a single prompt.
  • More creative & collaborative: generate, edit, and iterate with users on writing tasks.
  • Many partners are already testing out GPT-4: Duolingo, Be My Eyes, Stripe, Morgan Stanley, Khan Academy …, and even the Government of Iceland!

ChatGPT 4: The Latest Language Model from OpenAI

OpenAI has done it again with the release of ChatGPT 4, the most advanced language model yet. After months of speculation, the rumors have finally been confirmed, and it looks like GPT-4 has lived up to the hype. This new language model is a significant improvement over its predecessor, GPT-3.5, and offers a range of features that make it an exciting tool for language processing.

ChatGPT 4 App

The release of ChatGPT 4 has led to the development of new apps that leverage its capabilities. One such app is the ChatGPT 4 app, which allows users to access GPT-4’s features directly from their mobile device. With the ChatGPT 4 app, users can generate creative content, interact with web links, and receive feedback based on images. Download:
Apple & iPAD iOS Platform: Chat AI App
Android Google Play Platform: Chat AI App

  • 📈 it is incredible
  • 👀 it is multimodal (can see)
  • 😮 it is on trend w.r.t. scaling laws
  • 🔥 it is deployed on ChatGPT Plus:
  • 📺 watch the developer demo live stream at 1 pm


As of now, there are two ways to access GPT-4. The first is through Bing Chat, where Microsoft has been using GPT-4 to enhance the chatbot’s capabilities. However, some features, such as visual input, are still missing from Bing Chat, which limits its full potential. The second way to access GPT-4 is to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, which offers the full range of GPT-4 features. The upgrade is a paid subscription service that costs $20 and can be accessed by clicking on “Upgrade to Plus” in the sidebar of ChatGPT.

How to use GPT-4

Using GPT-4 is identical to using ChatGPT Plus with GPT-3.5. It’s more capable than ChatGPT and allows users to fine-tune a dataset to get tailored results that match their needs. One of the significant advantages of GPT-4 is its ability to generate creative content. It can create and collaborate with users on creative projects such as music, screenplays, and technical writing. It can even learn a user’s writing style to generate content that matches their tone and voice.

What’s new in GPT-4?

According to OpenAI, GPT-4 is more advanced than its predecessor in three key areas: creativity, visual input, and longer context. In terms of creativity, GPT-4 is much better at creating and collaborating on creative projects. It can process up to 25,000 words of text from the user and even interact with web links. This feature is particularly useful for creating long-form content and extended conversations.

GPT-4 can also receive images as a basis for interaction, making it a more versatile tool for visual input. It can generate responses based on the images, providing users with more accurate and useful feedback. OpenAI claims that GPT-4 is significantly safer to use than the previous generation. It can reportedly produce 40% more factual responses and is 82% less likely to respond to requests for disallowed content.


While GPT-4 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, its capabilities still have limitations. For example, GPT-4’s language skills are limited to English, and it may not perform as well in other languages. Additionally, some of the more advanced features of GPT-4 are only available through ChatGPT Plus, which is a paid subscription service.

Does Bing Chat use GPT-4?

Yes, Bing Chat uses GPT-4 to enhance its chatbot’s capabilities. However, some features, such as visual input, are still missing from Bing Chat, which limits its full potential.


In conclusion, ChatGPT 4 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering users a range of advanced features that make it an exciting tool for language processing. Its improved capabilities

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