12 Relaxing Nature Sounds

Nature soundscapes

Are you ready to relax and listen to one of the 12 audio relaxing nature sounds we share with you? Each audio track has around 1 hour, and it includes nature sounds like tropical waves, torrential rain & a tranquil waterfall. You can listen to these whenever you feel like pausing and refreshing. These nature […]

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Meditation for weight loss, eating disorders & mindfulness

Food is as essential to life as water and breathing. Most of our socialization is either organized around food or, at the very least, food plays a big part in most human gatherings. Meditation for weight loss and eating disorders can help you maintain a healthy eating habit. Perhaps due to our zeal for eating, obesity […]

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Love and Relationship Meditation

How we relate to others reflects how we relate to ourselves. And without the kind of self-awareness that relationship meditation develops, many peoples’ relationships with themselves could be considered abusive!  Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) will never substitute love and relationships. As impressive as machines and computer systems are, they still can’t out-perform the human […]

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Personal Development Meditation and Self Help

Personal Development Life Coaching Session at Home

Personal development is a term that has been thrown around for years, but it can come with many different meanings. This article will discuss the most critical aspects of personal development and how you can use them to improve yourself as an individual. Personal Development is a broad term that encompasses all those things which […]

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Self-esteem & confidence meditation & mindfulness

How much positive regard or self-love do you think you have? Unfortunately, life does not make most people feel great about themselves. The majority, it seems, are socialized for self-doubt and to seek expertise and affirmation outside of oneself. Self-esteem & confidence meditation could help. Then, a significant part of one’s adult life is spent […]

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Teenager Meditation and Mindfulness

Do you or your loved one going through teenage issues? If yes, Teenager meditation could help make the situation better. Every phase of life comes with unique challenges. However, the teenage years might be considered one of the more difficult phases because hormonal activity causes all kinds of physiological changes like: a deepened voice, growth […]

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Guided meditation for addiction & substance abuse

Guided meditation for addiction is a proven methodology to help cure destructive habits and substance abuse. How? Let’s find out. Some consider addiction a state of consciousness. However, traditional medicine considers it a type of brain disorder, evidenced by “compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.”  Addictions are almost always the result of stress […]

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