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Our vision is to help every mind blossom. We help people live a better life by teaching them how to meditate. Our unique approach to meditation makes it easy for anyone to learn, and our online software make it convenient for people to practice anywhere, anytime.


We want to make it easy for people to meditate and improve their mental health. For the world to evolve and face daily challenges easier, we need more people to be more aware, in control, and happy, and that is what we aim to do with MindTastik.

Meditation will not solve all of life’s difficulties, but it makes dealing with them simpler. Modern science, fortunately, shares our opinion.

At MindTastik, we want to help people prime their subconscious negative thinking patterns in order to help them achieve their goals and overcome day-to-day mental challenges. So whether you are struggling with low self-confidence, anxiety, stress, or insomnia, our deep meditations and mindfulness tasks will help you achieve greater clarity and peace of mind.

The unique meditations are carefully designed to target specific aspects of your mind and provide you with the tools you need to achieve greater mental wellbeing.

Join us for an experience that is as rewarding and life-changing. Some of the best meditation teachers lead our diverse yet straightforward classes, all while being easy enough so you can do them on your own time without feeling too overwhelmed or frustrated!

With the MindTastik Meditation App, you can experience any guided meditation that suits your needs and preferences. You’ll be able to find something suitable for whatever time or place in which it might suit you best, whether this is at home on a lazy afternoon with some light reading before bed -or- while traveling abroad without access/ WiFi!

Meditation is a great way to cope with anxiety, confidence, or insomnia. We have thought of all different types so you can find one that works for your problems!

You can start growing with empowering life-changing habits with the help of our app today.


MindTastik Meditation was founded in 2019 by an IT developer (turned into a meditation enthusiast) and an investor who had just discovered mindfulness.

Meditation had already been around for centuries, but it was only in the past few decades that scientists began to study its effects on the brain and body. They found that meditation can help with various mental and physical health conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.

The founders of MindTastik Meditation saw the potential of meditation to help people live happier, healthier lives, and they wanted to make it as easy and accessible as possible. So they created an app that is simple to follow and can be done anywhere, anytime.

What really sets MindTastik apart from other meditation apps is its focus on providing in-depth meditations tailored to each user’s needs. In addition, users get access to mindfulness tasks that help them fully integrate the experience of meditation into their day-to-day lives. So whether you are struggling with anxiety, insomnia, work stress, or any other mental health issue, MindTastik can help you find the tools and support you need to achieve greater wellbeing.

MindTastik is part of ATN Marketing. 
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(CCH) is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and (CAC) a Certified Addictions Counselor



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