Meditation to live a better life

All our features are created with you in mind

Our wide range of guided meditation, music and brainwaves modulation is specifically designed  for the challenges you face every day.

Specific meditations

From emotional eating to fear of flying, to insomnia, our meditations help you find solutions to your problems

Beyond meditation

We empower you to be mindful: journal any thoughts, feelings or emotions that come up during meditations to give you a greater insight into your internal state and helping to find practical solutions to your problems

Meditations for any level

We offer meditations for beginners as well as for advanced gurus, ranging from 7 minutes to 7 hours

Enhanced affirmations

We offer affirmations to help you let go of your mind’s negative thought patterns. Our affirmations are enhanced with lower frequencies to entrain your brainwaves and reduce stress, releasing blockages and balancing your energy. Achieve the goals you desire!

Improved sleep

We offer a wide range of sleep meditations, relaxing music and soundscapes to help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Ever evolving content

We add new meditations and do updates weekly, so there’s always more to explore

Why MindTastik?

MindTastik understands you. Our wide range of guided meditations deal with the challenges you face every day by moving you into a deeper state of consciousness, where you can let go of negative thought patterns and prime your mind to receive everything you desire.

We help you get your mind right and offer you the tools to tackle the issues that you’re facing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is meditation part of a particular religion?

Although some meditations come from specific traditions, the meditations on MindTastik are not aligned to any particular religion and are compatible with any belief system.

Do you have to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate?

No, for the meditations in the app you can sit in a comfortable chair or lie down.

How often should you meditate?

As often as possible. Don’t be too rigid about it, but if you can get into the habit of meditating every day you’ll notice the benefits in your life after a few months.

MindTastik is the right meditation app for you. Download it today and notice:

  • Challenges that you thought were huge, become manageable, when you change negative thought patterns
  • Your levels of confidence, self esteem and well-being will increase
  • You’ll sleep better and feel ready to take on whatever lies ahead
  • ✓ You’ll practice a new level of well-being
  • ✓ You’ll overcome your fears
  • ✓ You’ll change negative thought patterns
  • ✓ You’ll learn how to meditate
  • ✓ You’llhave a better quality of sleep
  • ✓ You’ll develop healthier habits
  • ✓ You’ll live a better life

Some of the areas that our meditations cover include: substance abuse & addiction, teenage issues, anxiety & stress management, self-esteem & confidence, depression, self-help & personal development, phobias & fears, love & relationships, relaxation & stress relief, insomnia, women’s health
weight loss & eating disorders.

Improved Productivity 90%
Goals Realization 95%


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A personal MindTastik meditation guide to live a better live.

The MindTastik app will help you to deal with stress and anxiety and develop healthier habits through our targeted daily meditations. This overview video will take you through the main features of the app.


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Whether you’re struggling with a specific challenge, looking to achieve a goal, or just wanting to invite more peace and calm into your life, MindTastik can help you.