The Gift to Hypnobirthing App Moms

We need your opinion about the Hypnobirthing app, so please head over to and go to Ratings & Reviews. Tap on 5 stars and write about your experience using our app. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT REVIEW Afterward, just hit us an email at: with your review name and we will be offering you 3 eBooks […]

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Relaxing music with nature sounds concept

Relaxing Music: This Body Will Thank You

There is nothing better than nice, relaxing music to help you sleep. The right type of music can slow your heart rate and breathing, easing the process of falling asleep and staying asleep. Relaxing music triggers changes to the body that mimics a sleepy state. Slow or classical tunes are more relaxing than upbeat songs […]

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top view of paper figure in form of person with chakras in lotus pose, aroma sticks and colorful

Chakra Affirmations: The importance of balance in the chakras

When we think about the chakra affirmations, our attention is usually drawn to those seven spinning energy centers at the base of our spine. What we may not realize is that there are also four other major chakras in the human body. These secondary chakra pairs exist on either side of the head and they […]

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Pregnancy and motherhood concept

Hypnobabies: The Easiest and Safest Way to Deliver Your Baby Naturally

Hypnobabies is the easiest way to deliver your baby naturally. In the past, women have been told that childbirth is a painful experience and that they should do what doctors tell them to in order to get through it. However, many women are now realizing how empowering it can be when they give birth naturally. […]

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stop smoking hypnosis

Stop Smoking Meditation: How to Quit Smoking

If you are trying to stop smoking, stop wasting time and money on the other methods that failed. Quit Smoking Meditation will help you stop smoking with hypnosis because let’s admit it… The reason for a smoker’s life is hidden inside his subconscious mind. Perhaps you’ve attempted to encourage yourself by tallying up the money […]

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Pregnant woman doing yoga meditation on the beach - Maternity and healthy lifestyle concept

Hypnobirthing: 22 Questions Answered

Do you have questions about hypnobirthing? Do you want to know is it right for you, has anyone tried it before, or what are the most common questions people ask. If so then this is the article for you! We will address these points and more in order to give pregnant women all of the […]

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