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15 Best ChatGPT Apps For Mobile You Can’t Miss in 2024!

Published on January 16, 2023 – Last Updated on April 28, 2024

ChatGPT on your phone? You bet! This article is your guide to the best ChatGPT apps out there. These apps put the power of this amazing AI in your pocket – whether you’re on Android or iPhone. Get ready to write incredible stories, whip up awesome articles, and maybe even nail that homework assignment. 😉

But finding the best apps can be a headache. Tons of them claim to use ChatGPT, but most are stuck with older models. So, I did the research for you and found two absolute gems fueled by the latest GPT-4 tech. Think lightning-fast responses and results that’ll blow your mind!

Discovering it: What is ChatGPT?

I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT, and it’s seriously impressive. Forget those clunky chatbots of the past – OpenAI and Sam Altman have built something special. It’s powered by crazy-advanced AI that can hold surprisingly natural conversations.

Think of it like this: ChatGPT is a learning machine. I feed it tons of text, and it studies patterns like how we use words and form sentences. With a little extra guidance, it gets better and better at responding in a way that feels human.

The coolest part? It’s super easy to use! Just type in a question or a request, and bam – you get a thoughtful response. To get the most out of it, be clear with your prompts. The more details you provide, the more helpful ChatGPT can be.

How does this work? Think of ChatGPT as a brilliant student. I feed it a ton of text to learn from, and it improves its text-generation skills with some supervision. The key to getting the most out of ChatGPT is to create a fantastic prompt—the more specific you are, the more insightful the responses will be.

Why is this so cool? ChatGPT’s brilliance is in its adaptability. It can help with a wide range of issues. Whether you require a brilliant tale concept or a description of a complex topic, ChatGPT can be your ever-improving buddy.

The Launch of ChatGPT on Mobile

ChatGPT is now on your phone! Both Android and iOS have apps, and I’ll tell you, it’s like having a super-smart assistant in your pocket. I use it for everything, including quick responses, email drafting, and brainstorming. The official app even supports voice input, mimicking the web version. Read more: Rizz GPT & Rizz App.

Embracing ChatGPT App on Android

Android users (like me!) were lucky on July 25, 2023, when the official ChatGPT app arrived on our smartphones. This demonstrates how OpenAI is making this incredible AI available to more people.

ChatGPT App for iOS: My Companion

The iOS app is amazing. It’s free, syncs your conversation history across devices, and you can even talk to it via Whisper! As a ChatGPT Plus user, I like the increased speed and early access to exciting new features.

The Quest for the Official ChatGPT Apps Alternatives

While I enjoy ChatGPT, I occasionally need something else. It may struggle to keep up with the latest news or create visuals. Because it was trained on data from 2023, it misses out on very recent occurrences. Furthermore, until its integration with DALL-E 3, graphics were not a strong strength. However, giving it instructions to generate visuals is a significant step forward!

Overcoming Limitations: ChatGPT at Capacity

I occasionally receive the “ChatGPT at capacity” notice, especially at peak hours. That’s when I started exploring alternative choices. I also wanted it to function better with voice commands on my phone, which inspired me to create better tools for hands-free use. Read more about connecting ChatGPT to the internet.

15 Best Chat GPT apps for Android and iOS App Store

Ready to test the power of ChatGPT on the go? The realm of AI chatbots is brimming with fascinating opportunities. From slick interfaces to lightning-fast responses, there’s a ChatGPT app for everyone. Want to speak with historical figures? Need in-depth research assistance? The choice is yours!

Each AI app adds something unique to the table. So, prepare to research and discover the best ChatGPT software for Android or iOS that meets your requirements and budget. Let’s dig in and find the best AI chatbot buddy! Here are the top ChatGPT apps to try in 2024:

  1. AI Chat PowerBrain AI Chatbot & Assistant App
  2. The Official app of ChatGPT App for iOS and Android
  3. Write.INFO
  4. Smart: AI Email Generator
  5. PICT・AI Photo Generator・AI Art
  6. AI Chatbot: AI Chat Smith 4
  7. AI Chat – Assistant & Chatbot
  8. Chat & Ask with RoboAI Bot
  9. Google Bard AI – Google Gemini Advanced
  10. Bing AI
  11. Genie – AI Chatbot Assistant
  12. ChatOn – AI Chat Bot Assistant
  13. Frank: AI Chat Assistant
  14. Nova AI Chat AI
  15. Perplexity AI

1. AI Chat PowerBrain AI Chatbot & Assistant App

ChatGPT Apps

Discover the power of AI in your pocket! I’ve been using the AI Chat & Chatbot Assistant Plus app, and it’s seriously impressive. It’s like having a super-smart assistant that can help with everything from writing to conversation. For only $39.99 per year, you receive fantastic AI powered by ChatGPT Apps API: GPT-3 and GPT-4.

Think of it as your own personal AI assistant. This application adapts to your needs. It proposes ideas, improves your communication skills, and teaches you how to be most helpful to yourself!

Features I love:

  • Chat in any language. It supports more than 140 languages, making it ideal for anyone who works or communicates with people all over the world.
  • Make it your own! Change the way the AI communicates, writes, and uses languages.

What I use it for:

  • Enhance my writing: Need a short essay or a creative social media post? This app has your back.
  • Becoming a coding expert helps me understand code and even identify errors!
  • It works everywhere: I use it on both my Android phone and iPad, and it syncs flawlessly.
  • The finest ChatGPT experience: The smartphone version of ChatGPT feels even smarter, providing thorough replies that sound natural.

Ready to try it? Search for PowerBRAIN AI and take your communication to the next level!

Meet the AI App that’s more than just a chatbot!

I’ve been playing around with the AI-powered Chatbot Assistant app, and it’s way more fun than I expected. Sure, it answers questions and writes stuff for me like other AI apps, but there’s a whole other level here:

  • Professional language practice: This app is the ideal discussion partner if you need to brush up on your Spanish.
  • Brainstorming buddy: Feeling stuck with a project? It generates ideas to get the creative juices flowing.
  • My own psychic? (Well, kind of) It even makes amusing daily horoscopes just for fun!

Get chatty with AI characters, AI Agency! The coolest thing is speaking with AI representations of famous people like Einstein, Elon Musk, and others. It’s a little strange but surprisingly enjoyable. Beyond your phone, they also have a web version! It converts text into spoken words, transcribes audio, and even includes a website builder. (All are powered by chatbots. (Me, for all of you tech nerds out there.)

My verdict: If you’re looking for a practical and unique AI program, this one is worth investigating!

Here are the download details for the AI Chat Powered by ChatGPT: Download Apple iOS: AI Chat = Download Google Play Store Android: Chat AI.

Scan the QR code to download the AI Chat App

2. The Official app: Official Chat GPT App for iOS and Android

official ChatGPT App

Prepare for ChatGPT on the go! The official ChatGPT app has arrived on iOS and is everything you’ve dreamed of. OpenAI created this free app that brings the power of ChatGPT directly to your phone. Expect comprehensive responses, creative ideas, and personalized advice whenever necessary!

Why you will enjoy the ChatGPT app:

Designed for you: The user-friendly UI makes navigation simple, even if you’re new to AI chatbots.

Never lose a discussion. Your conversation history is synced between devices, so you can always continue where you left off.

Talk it out: Whisper integration allows you to use voice commands for a more streamlined chat experience.

What sets it apart:

  • Harness the power of GPT-4: The app provides access to OpenAI’s most recent and advanced AI model. ChatGPT Plus users also gain early access to new features and receive lightning-fast responses.
  • A team that cares. OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, is always working to improve the application. They listen to consumers to make things safer and more enjoyable!

Get Inspired with the Official ChatGPT App! (Out Now on iOS)

The wait is ended! OpenAI’s Chat AI app is now available for iOS users in more than 100 countries. Consider it your AI-powered creative and learning sidekick. Need assistance with brainstorming, writing assignments, or researching new topics? This dynamic AI-powered chatbot offers something for everyone.

What’s in it for you:

  • GPT-4 Power: Leverage OpenAI’s most recent AI developments for faster, more thorough responses.
  • Safety and Innovation: OpenAI sets high criteria for responsible AI development to ensure a safe and pleasant user experience.
  • Coming Soon: Plugins and a toolkit will enable integrations with other mobile apps, and the official Android app is on its way!

Official ChatGPT Mobile App for iOS is a free app:

The official ChatGPT Android App:

3. Write.INFO: One of The Best ChatGPT Apps for Writing ai assistant & image generation

Discover the power of AI in content production with, your all-in-one suite for creating, sharing, and benefiting from your work. Dive into a world where text, pictures, code, and conversations come to life with ease, all from a dashboard intended for your convenience.

Embarking on a Creative Expedition:

  • Multilingual proficiency with natural language processing: crosses language barriers by generating content in various languages. Whether you use ChatGPT or GPT-4, you can converse globally.
  • Revolutionary AI Search Capabilities: Our AI-powered search engine provides rapid, accurate results for your searches, improving your whole creative process.
  • Voice Commands and Visual Innovations: Enhance your content with voice inputs and our AI Image Generator, which creates stunning images for free.
  • Tailored Content Creation: Get infinite customization with templates and prompts for a variety of niches, including blogging, e-commerce, and more.
  • Streamlined Support System: Keep your operations running smoothly by using an effective dashboard to manage support tickets and ensure client satisfaction.

Professional Content Crafting with

For marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs, AI is ready. From interesting blog posts to social media updates and captivating advertisements, here’s what distinguishes us:

  • Inspirational Blogging: Unleash a limitless supply of blog post ideas and openers that will capture readers from the first word.
  • Effortless Writing and Editing: Use our AI Writer to overcome writer’s block and the Grammar Correction tool to improve your work.
  • Visual and video creativity: Enhance your content with AI-generated pictures and interesting video explanations for sites like YouTube.
  • is a formidable rival to Jasper AI. Its more comprehensive suite excels in content production and monetization.

Your Adventure:

Starting your journey with AI Write and GPT-4 is straightforward:

  1. Set the direction of your material and adjust the settings.
  2. Provide basic brand or product details, and watch the AI unveil its magic.
  3. Review, tweak, or download your creations in moments, ready to dazzle online.

Join the Community:

Join the community of satisfied users like Peline Jan, Tom Daniel, and Eric Sanchez, who have altered their content strategies with us. provides a smooth experience adapted to your financial and creative demands, including customizable pricing and safe transactions.

4. Smart: AI Email Generator

I’m obsessed with Smart AI Email Writer! It’s like having an AI assistant in my pocket, ready to help me manage my inbox. This software has me covered whether I need a speedy response or a carefully prepared professional email. The Magic AI Email tool is astounding; it transforms my sloppy notes into flawless replies!

I enjoy it: This software is more than a writing tool. It’s my go-to for anything email-related. Need to sound friendly or formal? It adapts to my style! Worried about typos? The AI proofreader captures everything. The templates and tips also help me stay organized and save a lot of time.

You can download Smart for iOS: AI Email Generator & Android: AI Email Generator.

5. PICT・AI Photo Generator・AI Art

Dive into the future of image generation with Pict.AI, a mobile app that turns your thoughts into engaging visuals. This AI-powered platform allows users to easily create photos, combining user-friendliness with powerful technology. Pict AI Image Generator requires no artistic skill—only your imagination and a few touches on your device.

Pict. AI Art Generator stands out for its diverse set of capabilities, which allow for limitless exploration of various artistic styles, from detailed sketches to lifelike pictures. It’s intended for both art enthusiasts and casual users, with adjustable choices for creating individual artwork, avatars, and wallpapers. Furthermore, the program promotes community ties, allowing users to share their artwork and be inspired by others.

Beginning your artistic journey with Pict. AI Image Generator is simple. Download the app to unlock the ability to create magnificent AI artwork. Whether you want to improve your digital presence with distinctive avatars or find inspiration through recommended prompts, Pict.AI provides an unsurpassed user experience in the field of AI image generation.

Download for iOS: AI Art Generator
Download for Android: AI Art Generator

6. AI Chatbot: AI Chat Smith 4 Virtual Assistant

Prepare for AI that simplifies your life! I’m obsessed with AI Chat Smith; it’s the perfect AI buddy. Need help with your homework or a quick email draft? This software provides lightning-fast responses and even allows me to chat with it hands-free. Think of it as your personal AI assistant powered by the same technology as ChatGPT!

Why you will adore it: Chat Smith isn’t just an AI chatbot. It’s a go-to tool for everything from generating new ideas to solving complex arithmetic issues. I also use it to compose better emails and translate languages on the fly.

7. AI Chat – Assistant & Chatbot

Discover the future of digital discussion with AI Chat—Assistant & Chatbot, a game-changing tool that harnesses the power of an Open Advanced AI language model. This app aims to provide a unique chatbot experience by effortlessly integrating interaction, entertainment, and educational material. Whether you want to learn about new topics, get answers to critical concerns, or have a lively conversation, AI Chat creates an amazing human-like environment thanks to its sophisticated AI technology.

Chat AI is more than just an AI chatbot; it’s a flexible friend ready to help you with various activities. This chatbot can do everything from writing essays and emails to translating languages, completing assignments, rewording texts, and even developing business ideas. Its powerful AI model was built.

8. Chat & Ask with RoboAI Bot

RoboAI, the AI Chatbot Assistant that simplifies the power of ChatGPT for everyday usage, introduces you to the world of advanced AI. RoboAI stands out as a top pick among ChatGPT competitors by exploiting the powerful capabilities of GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo API, which provide intuitive shortcuts across a wide range of categories. This AI tool is more than just an application; it’s a portal to increased productivity and creativity and is available for immediate download from the app store.

RoboAI alters how you engage with artificial intelligence. RoboAI provides information on whether you’re looking to improve your writing style, stay up to date on current events, or engage in in-depth discussions about your interests. Its numerous features allow you to generate text, code, translate languages, compose articles, react to emails, and even write beautiful verses and melodies. RoboAI provides shortcuts for social networking, travel, education, health, and other topics, ensuring that your questions are answered quickly and properly. Add RoboAI as a widget to your device and experience the ease of having a sophisticated AI chatbot by your side, making every activity more pleasurable and efficient with the most recent artificial intelligence technology.

9. Google Bard AI – Google Gemini Advanced

Introducing Gemini by Google: Your AI-Powered Productivity Partner

Gemini is Google’s exciting new AI tool to streamline your work and unleash creativity. Powered by LaMDA, the same technology behind Bard, Gemini delivers high-quality responses and intelligent assistance across a range of tasks.

More Than Just Text Generation

Gemini is your AI assistant for anything from writing emails to doing academic assignments. It can even help you write code or understand complex Excel calculations! Best of all, Gemini Extensions integrates seamlessly with Google services such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, and YouTube, making it a powerful force multiplier for your workflows.

Why Gemini?

  • Boost Your Efficiency: Gemini helps you get things done faster, leaving you more time to focus on what matters.
  • Tap Into Google’s AI Power: Experience the cutting-edge LaMDA technology that sets Gemini apart.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: From brainstorming ideas to writing compelling content, Gemini is your go-to AI collaborator.

10. Bing AI Chatbot – AI ChatGPT App

I’ve been experimenting with the new Bing, and it’s truly blowing my mind! It’s much more than simply a search engine now. With ChatGPT-4 built in, it’s like having a super-intelligent research helper at my fingertips.

Forget about getting lists of websites. Bing understands my questions and provides extensive responses; sometimes, it feels like a fascinating discussion! I’ve used it to prepare for job interviews, generate ideas for social media posts, and settle minor disagreements with pals.

Why I’m excited about the new Bing:

  • It’s like getting the best ChatGPT app update: Bing uses the newest AI developments to provide me with ever more informative responses.
  • Real-time information: Bing searches the web for the most recent news and data, which is ideal for research.
  • It feels more human: The way it generates words occasionally makes me forget I’m speaking to a machine!

If you’re looking for a strong ChatGPT replacement or a way to make web searches more enjoyable and informative, the new Bing is worth checking out on the App Store.

11. Genie – AI Chatbot Assistant Powered by Chat GPT App

Genie ai chatbot apps

Let me introduce you to Genie, my game-changing personal assistant from AppNation, who has radically changed the way I engage with digital technology. With the strength of GPT-3, GPT-4, and ChatGPT under its hood, Genie has swiftly become a staple of my daily digital routine, amassing a global community of over 10 million people, including myself.

Genie stands out from the crowd of chatGPT apps by transforming how we interact, learn, and achieve our goals. Genie has been my go-to source for insights and support, whether motivated by curiosity or seeking specialized counsel. It’s not just another software on the App Store and Play Store; for me, Genie is an all-encompassing solution that easily fits into my life, increasing my productivity and creativity.

When I dive into Genie’s offerings, I’m greeted with features straight out of a futuristic blog post: an AI-powered engine based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence, an interface so user-friendly it feels like second nature, multimedia integration that brings my queries to life, and voice response support that makes engaging conversations as simple as speaking to a friend. Whether I’m writing a blog post, interacting on social media, or launching a chat for a quick brainstorm, Genie’s ability to facilitate interesting interactions is unparalleled. It’s not just the technology; it’s how Genie personalizes and intuitively handles every engagement, bridging the gap between AI and human connection.

12. ChatOn – AI Chat Bot Assistant built on Chat GPT Apps

ChatOn ai assistant chatgpt apps

ChatOn, now improved with GPT-4, stands out among AI chatbots by providing a seamless, human-like engagement experience. It’s a versatile helper that caters to a wide range of users, from copywriters looking for the perfect phrase to students doing assignments, and it has established itself as a top pick among chatGPT competitors.

What makes ChatOn unique? Its revolutionary image-to-text technology converts photos into descriptive text, and multilingual support removes linguistic obstacles. ChatOn provides expert support to those who are struggling with math calculations or coding. ChatOn’s features provide quick answers, help you improve your writing, and encourage creativity. It’s more than simply an app in the app store; it’s your portal to intuitive interaction, unique access to sophisticated capabilities, and engagement in several languages.

Starting with ChatOn is simple. It is free with optional upgrades and promises an intuitive UI for a simple but strong user experience. Dive into the future of open chat by downloading ChatOn, a partner for anything from job interviews to academic assistance.

Starting your ChatOn journey is a breeze. With optional in-app purchases, this free AI chatbot provides a number of basic capabilities to help you get started. Its easy user interface ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to take full advantage of its features without difficulty.

13. Frank: AI Chat Assistant built on Chat GPT App

frank ai chat assistant chatgpt apps

Step into the future with Frank AI, the smartphone app that is transforming the AI industry. Inspired by OpenAI’s GPT-3, Frank provides a seamless, ad-free mobile experience, setting a new benchmark in the field of Chat GPT apps with its breakthrough capabilities.

Frank’s main features include ad-free search, which allows for distraction-free exploration, as well as a powerful combination of text and image generation tools that push the limits of content creation. The Frank AI keyboard plugin simplifies every contact, which includes a spelling checker and voice responses. Frank adjusts to your demands in real-time, saving you time and increasing productivity, whether it’s generating human-like writings, making amazing photos, or offering quick, tailored responses for open-chat discussions and job interviews.

Are you ready to join millions of other users on an AI-driven adventure? Frank AI, available in over 100 languages, provides a straightforward user experience for Android users, enticing them to explore a world of limitless possibilities early on. Whether you’re writing an essay, scripting for YouTube, or balancing multiple chores, Frank AI is your go-to source for precise information and immediate assistance.

14. Nova AI App Powered by ChatGPT Apps & GPT-4

Embark on a voyage to the cutting edge of AI technology with Nova AI, the mobile app that is altering the field of conversation GPT applications. Nova AI distinguishes itself as a superior chatGPT alternative by incorporating GPT-3, ChatGPT Apps, and GPT-4, which are intended to emulate the richness and intelligence of interactions with a knowledgeable partner.

The Nova AI app distinguishes itself with its novel features:

  • Nova’s advanced speech-to-text technology improves content production by allowing you to explain your thoughts and queries easily.
  • Multilingual Support: With the capacity to converse in over 140 languages, Nova AI distinguishes itself as a genuinely global chat GPT software that caters to a broad audience worldwide.
  • Unified Experience Across Devices: Nova AI’s convenience extends to cross-device compatibility, allowing you to retain a uniform and seamless conversation flow regardless of the device being utilized.

Nova AI, available in the app store and providing real-time data, is intended to save time and increase productivity for its millions of users worldwide. Whether you want to compose essays, engage in open chat AI, or learn about the enormous capabilities of AI chat apps, Nova AI is your gateway to a sophisticated, intelligent mobile app experience.

15. Perplexity AI – ChatGPT Apps

I’m in love with Perplexity; it takes Google to a new level! It’s the app I turn to quickly when I need accurate, detailed answers. Consider it a powerful search engine that cuts through the online clutter. Furthermore, it incorporates AI intelligence from OpenAI and Anthropic, making the comments quite perceptive.

Why I love Perplexity:

  • Ask anything and receive fantastic responses: Perplexity goes deep to discover the most relevant information, whether I type a question or utilize voice search.
  • It keeps me learning: I can expand on replies for more context, and the community questions are always intriguing.
  • Sources matter: They cite everything, so I know the material is reliable.
  • My knowledge sidekick: The Library function saves my searches— It’s like having my own private research archive!

Download Perplexity if you’re tired of endless scrolling and want a smarter way to find the info you need. Your brain will thank you!

Download the Chat GPT apps on your mobile

The universe of AI is now at your fingertips! Whether you’re using Android or iOS, a ChatGPT-powered app is ready to change how you work and create. Don’t miss out on the excitement; choose the app that best meets your needs and begin exploring the incredible possibilities. Do you want some inspiration? Check out the 110+ examples to see what other people are doing using ChatGPT. The only limit is your creativity, so get out there and create!

What’s the best ChatGPT app for iOS?

The best Chat GPT app for iOS is Chat AI Chatbot Assistant Plus. You can download it here.

What are the best ChatGPT apps for Android?

The best Chat GPT app for Android users is AI Chat Plus Chatbot Assistant. You can download it here. You can find a list of ChatGPT alternatives for Android.

References: Top 15 GPT-3 Chatbots: Talk with AI, ask questions (March 19, 2023)

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