morning meditation app

Free Morning Meditation to Start Your Day

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Strain have almost become constant in today’s world. No being, either working, studying, or simply thriving, is excluded from these psychic concerns. Ranging from every small, little discomfort to big blown matters, people tend to lose their cool. Overthinking, post worry, distress has made a permanent home in the lives […]

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Nature soundscapes

12 Relaxing Natural Sounds

Are you ready to relax and listen to one of the 12 audio tracks we are sharing with you? Each audio track has around 1 hour and it includes nature sounds like tropical waves, torrential rain & tranquil waterfall. You can listen to these whenever you feel like pausing and refreshing. These nature soundscapes can […]

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Weight loss and eating disorders meditation & mindfulness

Food is as essential to life as water and breathing. Most of our socialization is either organized around food or, at the very least, food plays a big part of most human gatherings.  Perhaps as a result of our zeal for eating, obesity and eating disorders both reveal our relationship with food needs quite a […]

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Women’s health meditation & mindfulness

One of the most natural of all human processes is also one of the least understood, and most feared. How did we come to feel so disconnected from our own feminine physicality? How did our miraculous ability to REPRODUCE LIFE, come to make us feel more squeamish, than powerful? Most mothers-to-be are filled with horror […]

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Insomnia meditation & mindfulness

Imagine having a very important call scheduled, and you intended to have that call using your cell phone. Would you start the call with a lowly charged cell battery? Or if you had a 400-mile road trip, would you start that journey with with a low tank of gas? Sounds silly, right? Well, why do […]

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Relaxation & stress relief meditation

Modern life has normalized chronic stress. Even though it is the ultimate leading cause of human death, stress is still worn proudly, like a badge of honor. It is an enemy to well-being, and should be called out as such. Relaxation, on the other hand, is an emotional state of low tension. To relax is […]

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