covid 2019 meditation calm

Coronavirus meditation: a mindful approach to stay calm

There has been a very challenging week for everybody worldwide due to the COVID-19 becoming pandemic. Fear spread all over the globe and many countries took drastic measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Read below and find out how is meditation helping during covid 19. As the COVID 2019 spreads, we are actively […]

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kid practicing meditation

Meditation for Kids: Benefits & Guide

There is a great deal of information about meditation and how good it is for you.  But did you know, meditation is also great for kids?  Meditation can help your children live a calmer more centered life.  Kids and Stress: What is it and how our meditations for kids will help yours? In today’s world […]

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beginner's guide to meditation

Beginners Meditation Guide to Practice

If you are just getting starting with meditation or wondering what it’s all about, Stick around.  We’re going to talk about meditation for beginners. You will learn the basic tips & tricks on how to start your meditation practice. The History of Meditation Despite what you may have heard, mindful meditation is not about religion or […]

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Gratitude and joy

How To Practice Gratitude : a mindfulness meditation guide

When you are going through a difficult time, gratitude is the last thing you think of.  Being grateful, however, is one of the keys to being happy.  Happiness is ultimately what everyone seeks. There’s more to gratitude than being thankful for than getting the things you want out of life.  You may even have everything […]

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Meditation; the not-so-secret key to success

What’s it meditation all about? Check out the benefits of meditation infographic Meditation has sometimes received some bad press, often assumed that you have to do it cross-legged on the floor in a loose white cotton shirt, spending hours ‘omm’ing your way to inner peace. Now, for some people, that’s how they meditate and most […]

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learn how to focus using meditation

Meditation for Creativity and Focus

Do you ever envy those people who can think of ideas at the spur of the moment?  They offer up creative solutions and you wonder how in the world did they come up with that idea?  You may watch your children play and wonder how their imagination takes over and they believe they are Spiderman […]

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