Hypnobirthing Online UK: Best Apps & Classes for 2021-2022

Hypnobirthing is an old practice of pregnant women that have become very popular in the UK over recent years. Parents are finding online classes, books, and apps to learn about how they can use self-hypnosis during their birthing experiences which results in happy parents & healthy newborns! 

In today's article, we'll discuss all things HypnoBirthing (that’s what people call hypnotherapy for pregnancy) as well as find useful information like where you can study with qualified practitioners near your location or even get certified if needed!

What is hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is a technique to help pregnant women have an easier, more relaxed, and less painful birth. It's not just for those having their first babies; it can also be especially beneficial if you're expecting another child because of all that time spent in labor with your partner as well as any anxieties or stress about the birthing process itself. Hypno-birthers teach relaxation techniques designed around reducing pain during labor which should make moms feel much better since they won't be anxious or stressed out while going through such intense stages like delivery!

Hypnobirthing is a technique that was created in the 1980s by Marie Mongan after she had difficulties getting pregnant and experiencing childbirth. The practice uses self-hypnosis to help women have safer deliveries, without any complications or need for an emergency cesarean section like what happened with her own pregnancies while under Hypno therapy's effect. The technique's popularity grew over the years and is now used by hundreds of thousands of women in Australia, Canada, the UK & the USA.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing

Here are a couple of hypnobirthing benefits for a calmer pregnancy, labor, and birth:

- Reduce pain during labor.

- Have safer deliveries, without any complications or need for an emergency cesarean section like what happened with her own pregnancies while under Hypno therapy's effect.

Emotional benefits:

- Be able to stay in control of the birthing process and have a sense of peace throughout it all.

- Become pregnant while feeling relaxed and at peace with the entire process.

Physical benefits:

- Improve breathing techniques, making it easier to handle pain during labor.

How does hypnobirthing work? Using self-hypnosis for easy childbirth is all about relaxing your mind & body through various relaxation or visualization exercises throughout pregnancy. This is combined with breathing techniques to remain calm and relaxed while going through labor, which should reduce stress levels that can cause complications. In other words: hypnobirthing teaches pregnant women how to have completely painless childbirth without the need for any medication whatsoever!

HypnoBirthing Techniques

The hypnobirthing techniques that are part of this practice are based on relaxation and visualization. You will need to learn how to relax your mind and body through sessions of mediation, breathing techniques, and guided imagery. When you find yourself ready to give birth, the “hypnotherapist” or someone who is trained in hypnobirthing will guide you through the process with the use of visualizations, mantras, affirmations, songs, even meditation songs.

HypnoBirthing is different than Lamaze in that the focus is more on your mental state than it is about physical position or movement. HypnoBirthing teaches pregnant women how to have completely painless childbirth without the need for any medication whatsoever!

Best Hypnobirthing Classes for 2021-2022

hypnobirthing classes

A calm and relaxed pregnancy is what you can expect with hypnobirthing online classes. The course will guide new mothers through different stages of their journey, including labor pain management techniques that help bring down stress levels while giving birth; it also teaches breathing exercises for managing anxiety before contractions set in or if they began!

Moms-to-be who want to have a natural, drug-free birth experience without medical intervention may take advantage of hypnobirthing classes. These courses also guide you through what is expected when giving birth at home or in hospitals and teach deep breathing techniques that can help manage pain during labor as well as make sure mothers give their babies an easy delivery because they're not hooked up to anything! The first 100 000 births since inception prove how effective this approach has been so we know it will work for us too!!!

Check out our hypnobirthing online classes course.

Best Hypnobirthing Apps for 2021-2022

hypnobirthing apps

A new, free mobile app is being introduced to help you through pregnancy childbirth. Hypnobirthing * MOM provides moms with ebooks and other resources like music that they can access on their phone or tablet when it's time for labor- which will make the experience much more enjoyable!  You can check out our article on the best hypnobirthing apps.

Download the best hypnobirthing app:

iOS: hypnobirthing app

Android: hypnobirthing app

Hypnobirthing Affirmations for Labor and Delivery Pain

Here are a couple of pregnancy affirmations you can use during pregnancy , labor and birth.

Discover how to give your baby the most amazing natural delivery at home—without leaving your comfort zone.

It's not always possible to have the kind of home birth that mothers-to-be often dream about. But, there are steps you can take in order for things to go as smoothly and successfully as possible! For starters, it helps greatly if one has established a good relationship with their midwife throughout pregnancy time - especially early on when dealing with inevitable first trimester issues like nausea or vomiting from food allergies etcetera. The more knowledge they gain concerning themselves during this phase means less discomfort later down the line because the mother knows exactly what her provider expects out of her in regards to dietary guidelines and medications.

Conclusion on Hypnobirthing

As the number of new moms continues to increase, so does hypnobirthing's popularity in the UK. Many parents are finding these courses online or through books and apps which provide information on how they can use self-hypnosis during their birthing process for a happy outcome with healthy infants! If you're interested in learning more about this fantastic technique that has been proven safe by experts then check out our classes now or download one of many available mobile applications today.


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