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Hypnobabies: The Easiest and Safest Way to Deliver Your Baby Naturally

Published on October 19, 2021 – Last Updated on May 9, 2022

Hypnobabies are the easiest way to deliver your baby naturally. In the past, women have been told that childbirth is a painful experience and that they should do what doctors tell them to in order to get through it.

However, many women now realize how empowering it can be when they give birth naturally. The truth is that with Hypnobabies, you will have an easier time giving birth by inducing a deep state of relaxation so your body can work more efficiently. You’ll also be able to breathe deeply and use guided imagery to help manage pain levels. This means you will need fewer drugs or other medical interventions during labor! In addition, because hypnosis has been shown to reduce stress hormones like cortisol which cause inflammation in the body – this method may even help to have fewer complications from developing.

What is Hypnobabies?

Hypnobabies is a childbirth education program that was created in 1991. It uses hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques to help you relax during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery. Hypnobabies (also called Hypno anesthesia) involves the use of scripts for your relaxation sessions (both daily birth affirmations as well as unique birthing day recordings) which are used along with attending the weekly natural childbirth classes led by an instructor who teaches other expectant moms like yourself how to do self-hypnosis on their own while pregnant or when they’re in labor at home or even while giving birth.

This makes it easy because there isn’t any additional preparation needed; all you need is access to some headphones! The best part about using hypnosis for pain control during labor is that it’s actually a very natural thing. When you are in hypnosis, your brain waves slow down to the Theta level, which means that you will be able to access all of the power and wisdom within yourself when doing self-hypnosis or even when under hypnosis by an instructor who knows how to help a Hypno mom go into deep trance states where she can experience powerful birth sensations without having to suffer through any painful contractions at all!

Hypnobabies method is a comprehensive childbirth education program that complements Gerald Kein’s Painless Childbirth method. It also teaches Hypnobabies parents hypnosis so they may enter it, deepen it on their own, and remain mobile throughout labor.

The numerous advantages of Hypnobabies

This method uses prenatal education sessions along with self-hypnosis techniques before labor begins, so they become familiar with what their bodies are doing at each stage of childbirth. In addition, they learn deep relaxation methods to help them manage contractions while visualizing themselves giving birth in a calm state without fear or anxiety. Both increase the production of stress hormones that inhibit dilation and effacement – the thinning of the cervix and uterus to prepare for birth.

The amazing benefits of using Guided Imagery

  1. It helps with stress and anxiety during pregnancy
  2. Hypnobabies teaches new parents tricks to manage fear
  3. Parents are more prepared for childbirth with Hypnobabies
  4. It reduces the time spent in labor
  5. The method helps parents to be relaxed and present for their children’s birth.
  6. Hypnosis is an effective way of managing pain during childbirth.
  7. Women see improvements in blood pressure, anxiety levels, stress hormones, breathing patterns, and fetal heart rate after using this technique.

As a side note, we recommend creating a hypnobabies workbook to track your progress for the entire pregnancy and birth experience. You can also download our free birth plan, which you can print out and have ready for labor & birth.

Do Hypnobabies Really Work??

Hypnobabies is a unique approach to childbirth that has helped many expecting mothers learn hypnosis techniques for pain management during labor.

Hypnobabies offers a variety of resources to help expectant mothers learn how to use this method for painless childbirth. Expecting moms can choose from digital or physical program options that allow them access to instructional videos and audio tracks as well as online forums where they can share their experiences with other Hypno-Moms. Parents who want the very best prenatal preparation possible should consider investing in one of these comprehensive programs and see if it is right for them.

There are many types of hypnobabies classes available today (private and group classes); however, there has never been anything like hypnosis training specifically designed to prepare parents for natural birth without drugs. This type of educational experience sets those using the hypnobirthing techniques taught by giving moms confidence before going into labor so that they know they can achieve painless childbirth.

Expectant parents need to remember that every woman’s experience in giving birth will be different; however, the hypnosis tracks can help mothers feel more confident about their ability to give birth without using drugs of any kind. This type of self-awareness and positive approach may make all the difference during labor time!

When Should I Start Hypnobabies?

It’s okay if the idea of doing hypnosis sounds intimidating or even impossible at first; there are many ways to become comfortable with it and get great results! Here are some tips for getting started:

When Should I Start Hypnobabies? When you feel ready—don’t force yourself before then. You never know when your labor will begin, so don’t worry about holding off on starting until later in pregnancy (or after the baby arrives). A lot of Hypno moms start practicing while they still have several months left of pregnancy because it helps them feel better prepared for a comfortable birth, but no matter how far along you are, trust that Hypnobabies will be there for you when it’s the time!

Should I continue the complete childbirth education? If you have already started using the CDs, even just once in a while or with one track, that is great—keep going until your baby arrives. Unfortunately, some Hypno moms start practicing during pregnancy but then put it aside after their baby is born because they are busy caring for an infant and don’t want to add anything else to their plate. But if this sounds appealing to you, definitely go back to doing some conditioning throughout your postpartum period so that practice can help get things off on the right foot before labor begins again!

Use of Childbirth Hypnosis

The birthing process is full of anticipation, excitement, and trepidation for both partners. Of course, it is something that most couples look forward to, but there are some who worry about the pain involved with childbirth. It can be not easy when trying to decide whether or not you should use hypnosis during childbirth. Hopefully, this guide will help give you a better idea of using hypnosis during childbirth would benefit your birthing time.

The simple relaxation techniques will help you focus on your breathing and release the stress building up. For example, this will help you make you deeply relaxed during childbirth, allowing for a smoother process with less pain involved. It is also good because it can be used even if there are complications or other factors in play, such as previous issues or a history of mental illness within the family.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hypnotherapy Techniques During Pregnancy?

Hypnotherapy techniques are used during pregnancy to help women cope with labor pains. It has been proven that hypnosis is more effective than medication for pain management because it helps the brain block distractions and focuses on relaxation, reducing stress on your body. In addition, hypnosis can reduce anxiety related to childbirth by helping you stay relaxed throughout the delivery process.

The simple relaxation techniques used in hypnosis can be very effective for women who are going through a difficult labor. If you prefer to use natural pain management techniques during your delivery, hypnosis can be a great option to try. Women who have undergone hypnotherapy techniques during pregnancy often note that they were able to get through labor more easily and without medication, which is something you may want if you are uncomfortable with the side effects of anesthesia or pain medications.

Hypnobirthing vs Hypnobabies

hypnobabies app

The Hypnobirthing process is the original approach to pain-free birth. This technique was developed by Marie Mongan, an American nurse who had gone through three traumatic births and wanted to help other women avoid what she’d experienced. So she created a class for her students in 1981 that emphasized education about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting; relaxation techniques; self-hypnosis exercises; breathing training; nutrition advice; and information on labor stages (including ways of coping with contractions).

Hypnobabies are similar but not identical! The primary difference between these two methods is their origin stories. While Hypnobirthing came from one woman’s personal experience leading to success at homebirths using hypnosis only, HypnoBabies was developed by a certified hypnotherapist with extensive training in childbirth education. In addition, HypnoBabies is designed to be used at home. However, it’s still an American method because its creator attended medical school and practiced as a nurse-midwife for over thirty years before starting the company!

The differences between the two methods are highlighted by the way they are taught. The Hypnobirthing class is primarily taught at home with a “mother-taught” instructor teaching through video, books, CDs, and DVDs. This method is more interactive because it allows women to practice their relaxation and childbirth management skills. A certified hypnotherapist teaches the Hypnobabies class, which trains teachers to give classes in hospitals, birth centers, doulas’ homes, and private residences. It teaches women how to have an atmosphere that feels safe and familiar during labor so that they can use relaxation without being distracted.

Does Hypnobabies Really Work?


Hypnobabies is the best option for pregnant women looking to have a natural childbirth! Not only are you practicing your hypnosis techniques, but Hypno-Doulas provide support and encouragement through every step of the process. They help new mamas feel confident and empowered as they embark on their journey into motherhood. The result is happier mothers who will naturally form an unbreakable bond with their babies. It’s no wonder why so many expecting moms choose this method; it truly works!

Hypnobabies App

Currently, there is no Hypnobabies app; however, you may try our Hypnobirthing App.

It includes a variety of tools for pregnancy and birth, including:

-The Hypnobirthing audio collection course is in an easy-to-use format that you can play on your phone.

-Pregnancy meditation audios that help you stay calm, relaxed, and confident throughout your pregnancy – even during those tough times!

-A custom hypnosis session aimed specifically for childbirth guides you through a powerful visualization of your ideal birth.

-Music selections from our HypnoBirth collection

Download Hypnobirthing App Android

Download Hypnobirthing App iOS

The Complete Childbirth Education Course for Your Baby’s Birth

Pregnancy & Childbirth Education Classes are offered inside Hypnobirthing Calm Birth App, downloaded from HERE. The courses cover an array of topics, including the importance of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes during pregnancy; breathing techniques for labor; coping skills to reduce fear; stages and process of childbirth (including pain management); preparing for partners’ support in birth plan creation; breastfeeding basics; baby care information like diapering, bathing and swaddling as well as understanding sleep cycles, crying patterns, etc.; infant CPR training is provided by certified instructors with many years experience working with children. We know it can be overwhelming thinking about this course, but we’re here to help! Not only does taking a Pregnancy & Childbirth Education Class prepare you mentally, physically, and emotionally, it also gives you a solid foundation for your new and exciting journey into motherhood.

Teach Hypnobabies Birth Partners

Here are some ways that you can help your hypnobabies birth partner. Teach them these techniques and encourage their participation throughout labor.

Teach your birth partner how to keep pressure on the back of the head with their palm while using two fingers (either thumb & index finger or pointer & middle finger) for light touch massage near the base of the skull on either side by gently gliding up along each side of the neck behind ears toward hairline at least once per contraction. Use a quick-flick motion as this will release oxytocin through scalp veins, speeding contractions keeping the baby descending nicely. Have them “help” during practice sessions, so they know what feels good/not too hard/too light for you.

The Hypno birth partners are an essential part of your birthing team! They can help with laboring positions massage techniques, and they are a source of encouragement. In addition, your partner is an integral part of the Hypno-Doula experience as their support helps you to stay relaxed throughout labor – even when things get tough!

birth partner

The HypnoBabies vs. Hypnobirthing Conclusion

The HypnoBabies vs. Hypnobirthing debate is not an easy one to answer, but it’s clear that both methods have merit and are worth trying out for yourself if you’re pregnant or know someone who is. Both of these childbirth education courses offer a different take on the same goal: empowering women during labor so they can feel confident in their ability to birth without fear. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want help with this decision!

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