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Dragons’ Den Hypnobirthing in Spotlight: £136,000 Investment

Published on November 19, 2021 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

This article will discuss a positive birth company that was recently featured on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den about Hypnobirthing. The Positive Birth Company is the brainchild of Siobhan Miller, who had her first child in 2014. After she experienced a “relatively difficult” pregnancy and delivery with her first child, Ms. Miller wanted to do what she could to make her second pregnancy and delivery more positive. She recalled that her mother had used hypnosis to manage pain during labor, so she decided to use this technique herself.

The Story Behind This Hypnobirthing Success

Siobhan Miller has contributed a great deal of research into the benefits of using Hypnobirthing techniques. Her company offers pregnancy courses, post-birth workshops for doulas and midwives on how they can incorporate these techniques into their practices, as well as a baby hypnosis package for new parents. She has also published several books on the subject of Hypnobirthing and is now appearing with her company in a popular British television show called Dragons’ Den, which features entrepreneurs who pitch ideas to potential investors.

Although Siobhan Miller appeared before five dragons on this episode, she convinced them and secured the £136,000 (approximately $200,000) investment for her business. What is even more interesting is that Ms. Miller sought out this exposure on TV because it would help bring awareness to Hypnobirthing techniques used by women worldwide for centuries as a way of managing labor pain.

Why Is This Appearance at Dragon’s Den so Important for Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is becoming more popular in Britain and the United States, but it still isn’t widely used. So although Ms. Miller appeared on Dragons’ Den to get financial backing for her business, she also did so because this appearance would give Hypnobirthing even greater visibility within society at large.

As many of you know, notable celebrities used hypnobirthing techniques to manage their deliveries, such as the Duchess of Cambridge and Gwyneth Paltrow. The popularity of these high-profile women has helped spark interest in Hypnobirthing. They show that it is possible for celebrities with hectic schedules and privacy during pregnancy to use hypnosis techniques to reduce pain and anxiety during birth.

As Ms. Miller stated in an interview with Sky News, “What we’re trying to do is normalize birth and make it more accessible for women.” When you consider that about 20% of all births are considered high-risk by medical professionals, maybe the time has come when Hypnobirthing will become a standard part of prenatal education to help women have a positive birth and an empowering one.

This appearance will popularize hypnobirthing, so more women will find out about this practice and use it to have a much calmer pregnancy and birth.

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After hearing about the positive birth company on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, it is easy to see why moms flock to this innovative business. The Positive Birth Company was founded by Siobhan Miller, who had a difficult pregnancy and delivery with her first child in 2014. She turned to hypnosis for pain management during labor after remembering that her mother used this technique when she gave birth years ago. With over 1 million downloads of their app worldwide, you can be sure that more moms will have access to effective tools like these as they prepare for childbirth soon! Have you tried any of these techniques? Download our Hypnobirthing App today!

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