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Best Hypnobirthing Books: Find The Best Books for Pregnancy in 2023

Published on January 17, 2022 – Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Are you looking for the best hypnobirthing book to help you through your pregnancy? If so, you’re in luck! We’ll share our picks for the best books available in this post. We’ll also provide a brief overview of Hypnobirthing and how it can benefit you and your baby. So, whether you’re a first-time mom or a veteran parent-to-be, read on for insights into this popular childbirth preparation method.

What Makes A Great Hypnobirthing Book

It’s essential that the book you choose resonates with you and speaks to your needs as a mother-to-be. After all, this is an intimate process; it’s not just about reading words on a page. The very act of reading these texts will connect you intimately with both yourself and your baby.

Make sure they’re written by someone who understands what makes each woman unique! For example, if you feel like pregnancy has left you feeling anxious or frightened, look for a book that explicitly addresses those feelings. If fear isn’t an issue for you, but boredom is, find something else instead! It’s essential that you choose a book about the right fit for your personality and feelings.

As well as this, look out for those written by authors who can share their own experiences of Hypnobirthing with the intended audience. For example, if you feel like you could do with some encouragement and good vibes coming from someone who truly understands Hypnobirthing, then look for authors who are also hypnobirthing mums.

Choosing The Best Hypnobirthing Books For a Natural Birth

When choosing the best hypnobirthing book for you, it’s essential to consider a few things. Firstly, think about what you’re looking for in a book. What are your concerns and fears surrounding childbirth? Are you looking for a book that will specifically address these issues or one that will offer a more general overview of the hypnobirthing process?

hypnobirthing book

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a method of preparing for the birth of your baby. If you are feeling anxious or fearful about labor, it’s an excellent way to reduce this stress and take control over how your delivery goes.

The idea behind Hypnobirthing is that you learn how to relax fully by using self-hypnosis techniques. By using these techniques during labor, you can avoid feeling the type of pain and discomfort that comes from tensing up.

In 1913 Dr. Grantly Dick Read witnessed what he believed to be an unprecedented event – the delivery of his pregnant patient who experienced no pain whatsoever due to her ability to relax through each contraction and deliver their child successfully! Dick-Read’s central idea was that fear was closely related to pain, and with relaxation, women could avoid pain through childbirth.

Marie Mongan Giving Birth Naturally Painless Solution

Marie Mongan’s third child was a delivery that she would never forget. From the moment of conception until reaching full term, it felt like everything went smoothly for this hypnobirthing mother. Yet, she wanted more than anything else in life to avoid any pain or discomfort during labor with her next baby girl!

Using techniques such as breathing exercises and visualization techniques alongside relaxation strategies made alluring sense at first – but what did you know? It turns out there are scientific reasons behind why these methods work.

Word of this new method reached many women who wanted to experience its benefits. While Marie was helping these women enjoy their pregnancies, she decided to write her book about this new method called Hypnobirthing.

Marie Mongan’s books are now available through the world’s leading publishers.

Hypnobirthing App with Breathing Techniques Included

hypnobirthing app the natural birth process

With technology changing so quickly and apps being introduced for every occasion, it is now easier than ever to use hypnosis during pregnancy. Check out our list of the best hypnobirthing apps and pick the one you consider fit for you.

For this reason, we want to present you with the Hypnobirthing Mom app, which will help you learn hypnobirthing techniques for a pain-free birthing experience. Read more about hypnobirthing techniques.

The benefits of using this app:

  • Incredible pain relief techniques for a confident and joyful birthing.
  • Childbirth classes from the comfort of your home.
  • It is an empowering and positive experience with positive thinking and deep relaxation.
  • Take it to the birthing room with you.

Download the hypnobirthing app, which is also available for iOS. Also, be sure to check out our best pregnancy apps post, where we review the most important apps for pregnancy.

What Are The Best Hypnobirthing Books You Should Read in 2022?

  1. A Positive Birth: The Dad’s Guide To Hypnobirthing & Becoming A Confident Birth Partner
  4. Practical ways to make your birth better by Siobhan Miller
  6. The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Marie Louise
  7. The Gentle Parenting Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith
  8. Mindfulness for Mums by Izzy Judd

A Positive Birth: The Dad’s Guide To Hypnobirthing & Becoming A Confident Birth Partner

hypnobirthing book for dads

Dads have a hugely important role during hypnobirthing as birth partners, but all too often don’t know the crucial role they can play and how to become a true birth advocate through hypnobirthing. A Positive Birth is here to help with that and is the first-ever dad-focused book on hypnobirthing.

Written by the dads and writers at DaddiLife, the book looks at the science of birth from a partner’s point of view and understanding of her body, hypnobirthing techniques they can do together, as well as the key decisions around birth planning and being one team throughout the journey.

The book has extensive insight from hypnobirthing experts and has been described by The Royal College of Midwives as “an excellent guide for those preparing to become birth partners. Individuals are unique and every birth is different, but this book provides the information and knowledge essential for a positive birth experience.”

We particularly liked that it has over 20 Hypnobirthing dad interviews whose stories and learnings are placed throughout the book so dads from all kinds of backgrounds can relate. 

HYPNOBIRTHING: The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing founder Marie Mongan

The idea that childbirth should be painful and distressing for both the mother and diaper-changing optional is an outdated notion introduced in modern culture. Unfortunately, this misconception prevents many women from experiencing the calm ecstatic moment it was meant to feel like!

The Mongan Method is a way to free your mind from the fear of giving birth. Women can relax and release tension, which causes pain in their bodies during labor, by using this technique as explained through Maria’s experience with medical information backed up behind it!

This is probably the most popular hypno birthing book, and by applying the piece of advice from inside, you can achieve a confident and joyful delivery.

The Mongan Method book, Hypnobirthing, is available online and through bookstores worldwide.

HYPNOBIRTHING: A Celebration of Life

hypnobirthing the mongan method

With this book, you will learn relaxation and visualization techniques and relaxation exercises that women use worldwide to help them through their pregnancy and childbirth.

You will learn various ways of practicing hypnosis, both for giving birth and coping with the other stages in your life. In addition, this book is explicitly designed to improve your experience, adding another dimension that enables you to enjoy the whole process.

Labor should not be feared, as it is a beautiful and natural process. With the help of HypnoBirthing: A Celebration Of Life by Marie F., you can have an enjoyable pregnancy and labor with minimal pain! 

HypnoBirthing helps expectant parents have smooth labor and delivery by teaching relaxation techniques and visualization exercises that can reduce stress levels before the big event. The plan is also geared towards enabling moms-to feel calm during their contractions, so they don’t need unnecessary pain medication while pregnant women learn how to breathe deeply.

Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better

positive natural birthing process

What if you could have a better birth experience without being in labor? Siobhan, the founder of The Positive Birth Company, debunks common myths about Hypnobirthing and explains how it can make every type of delivery more enjoyable.

A must-read for all expectant mothers, this book will transform your childbirth experience. It demystifies the whole process of Hypnobirthing and makes it relevant not just to a select few but to everyone who wants an alternative birth plan or simply more peace in their lives while they’re pregnant.


This home study course manual is considered one of the best hypnobirthing books available for pregnant women today. Kathryn Clark, an experienced midwife with 30 years’ worth of experience, has written it so that you can prepare yourself in just five weeks.

If birthings come up unexpectedly or certain complications arise during labor while also providing information on all types of birthing methods, including interventions that may need to be used at some point throughout our lives as mothers-to-be!

This hypnobirthing book is perfect for a natural birth, and the outcome is highly encouraging and highly promising for even those mothers who have experienced a lot of problems during labor.

The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

qualified doula hypnobirthing skills

This book is for anyone interested in pregnancy, from the first stages of conceiving all through your maternity leave and beyond. It’ll give you advice on what to expect when it comes a time (or if) something goes wrong-and share insights into how other people manage their pregnancies joyfully!

Here are all the questions you have nagging about pregnancy, birth, and being a new mum answered!

By reading this book, you can have a happy and comfortable pregnancy and intervention-free birth.

The Gentle Parenting Book

Learn simple and gentle techniques that have been used for centuries to connect with your baby. This book is an excellent guide that helps you control how you live your life, making you feel empowered and confident.

The Gentle Parenting Book will show you how to form a supportive partnership with your baby through communication and trust so that both of you are happy!

What is gentle parenting? It’s not a set of rules but rather the opposite – it Embraces parent and child while being mindful of current science psychology trends—the key to gentle parenting: empathy, respect, and understanding boundaries.

Mindfulness for Mums

own experience proven techniques mindfulness

It is a hypnobirthing book for prospective mothers or anyone expecting a baby! In addition, this book is an excellent resource for moms-to-be on the joys, challenges, and realities of bringing home your baby.

It can give you an idea about how to handle yourself in different situations that are crucial to have some preparedness for by helping you become more confident as a parent.

This book is a practical and beautiful guide to self-care for busy parents. It offers easy tips on how you can find calm in the chaos of motherhood, as well as guidance from one mom’s experience with raising her children over many years – it’ll hold your hand through challenging days, both happy ones!

So if you want to achieve a natural birth, this book can help you to have better birth that will pave the way for a positive parenting path.


Hypnobirthing teaches simple techniques to reduce the need for medical intervention in childbirth. The Calm Birth Method shares all you need to know about this technique, guiding you through your pregnancy so you can prepare yourself and your body for a positive experience.

It covers birth ideas birthing positions, pain relief methods, and breathing techniques. This hypnobirthing book is an excellent guide to breathing techniques and the power of positive thinking.

The author, Suzy, is a qualified advanced hypnotherapist. This book provides mothers with all the necessary information to prepare for their labor and birth without fear or worry. It also helps them find relaxation techniques that will empower them not to be overwhelmed by classical pain relief methods such as medicine injection (which can have side effects).

The knowledge sections give practical advice about what exercises one should do before giving birth – breathing deeply, visualizing calm scenes from favorite movies/books while doing these things, and so on.


Katherine’s book will help you have the perfect birthing experience. It includes natural, easy-to-use strategies for reducing stress during labor and ensuring that your newborn is well taken care of in this challenging time after delivery.

It has a lot of helpful information about different breathing techniques that you can use to handle labor pains. This book is also great for dads-to-be because the hypnobirthing methods discussed are beneficial for both mothers and fathers!

Natural childbirth is as much about the dad’s experience as the mom’s; this book is a great guide to help them understand what hypnobirthing techniques can bring. The HypnoBirthing approach described in this book improves physical and emotional well-being by using visualization and self-hypnosis, and it has nothing to do with magic!


mindful hypnobirthing book easier birth plans

Birth preferences can vary. Some women want as natural as possible, and some prefer as little pain as possible – even if they have to rely on medical methods such as epidural injection.

Mindful HypnoBirthing shows you how you can achieve the best delivery experience without too much effort and strain, and most importantly: this method is safe for both mother and baby.

The book also includes different breathing techniques that can help you have a painless delivery to focus on the positive aspects of childbirth instead of being distracted by pain.

Hypnobirthing is a fantastic way to give birth to your baby with confidence and ease. Sophie Fletcher, the author of Mindful Hypnotherapy, provides emotional assistance during pregnancy and physical support at home or in the hospital before, during & after delivery while using mindfulness practices such that you can face what’s ahead confidently!

Positive Birth Experience is the key to this hypnobirthing book. Mindful Hypnobirthing will help you to calm and center during pregnancy. The book provides anecdotes from women who used these techniques and had a positive experience with them, so there is no need for doubts or worries! You can also download soothing hypnosis messages through giving birth, which allows moms to control emotions while feeling relaxed due to too many stirrups.

Conclusion About The Best Hypnobirthing Books

There are several hypnobirthing books available, and all of them have their unique perspectives on the process. In addition, we’ve provided some helpful reviews for you to get started with your research! Whether you’re a first-time mom or veteran parent-to-be, reading about this popular childbirth preparation method can help ease any anxiety that may be lingering in the back of your mind. So which is your favorite book? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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