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Positive Pregnancy Affirmations For a Calm Pregnancy and Birth

Published on January 10, 2022 – Last Updated on October 6, 2022

Are you pregnant and feeling anxious about the upcoming birth? Are you looking for ways to relax and stay positive throughout your pregnancy? If so, then positive pregnancy affirmations may be just what you need! Affirmations are short, positive statements that you can repeat to yourself to help change your mindset and calm your nerves. This blog post will discuss some of the benefits of using affirmations during pregnancy, and we’ll provide a list of positive pregnancy affirmations to get you started.

positive pregnancy affirmations
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What is an affirmation, and how can it help you during pregnancy and birth?

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself in order to change your mindset and achieve the desired goal you set. They can be used during any time in your life, but they can be beneficial during pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy is a time of significant change and transformation, and affirmations can help you to stay positive and relaxed throughout the process. Birth is also a time of great change and can be accompanied by feelings of fear or anxiety. Affirmations can help you face your fears head-on and maintain positive thinking during labor.

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How do affirmations for pregnant women work?

The confirmation of the fact of existence takes place through neuroplasticity or “neuroplasticity.” This can be achieved by reorganizing brain cells, a mechanism of changes in neurons. In the same way, the affirmations for pregnancy can help a person overcome the negative and sabotage thoughts. Think of affirmation as a mental exercise. When a person says an affirmation, they are actually trying to convince themselves that they already possess what it is that is being affirmed.

When pregnant, her body responds to the growing fetus, and hunger hormones increase. The brain of the woman undergoing pregnancy begins to send signals of satisfaction after eating even small portions of food. This brings joy, and the woman does not think about food for long. But, as we know, women during pregnancy do not feel so good, and at the same time, you can already hear complaints: “I’m hungry,” “I can not sleep,” etc.

In this case, the woman has to use affirmations as a response to herself. She needs to repeat several times in her mind: “I am full,” “My weight is normal,” etc.

In some cases, women have problems with edema during pregnancy, and they feel very tired. In this situation, it is helpful for a pregnant woman to say the following affirmation: “My body is perfectly hydrated and all organs of my bodywork as usual.” You can also say affirmations about what you want to achieve soon, for example: “I am calm and confident,” “I manage easily and effectively with all tasks,” or “I feel good right now.”

Why do affirmations for pregnancy work?

pregnancy affirmations

There are several reasons why affirmations for pregnancy work. First, when you repeat positive words to yourself, you are actually convincing your brain that you already have what it is you are affirming. This can help to reduce negative thoughts and fears that may be causing you anxiety. Second, the affirmation itself helps stimulate neuroplasticity – the reorganization of brain cells. This can help to override any negative or sabotaging thoughts that may be keeping you from experiencing a calm and cheerful pregnancy.

Finally, when you use affirmations during pregnancy, you are setting the tone for a positive birth experience. Birth is a time of great change and can be accompanied by fear or anxiety. Affirmations can help you face your fears head-on and maintain positive feelings during labor.

affirmations for pregnancy

How do I start using positive affirmations?

The use of affirmations for pregnancy can vary widely. In pregnant circumstances, affirmations can encourage a positive mood and help calm your mood. Generally, the affirmation is appropriate to your learning style. The more senses you use, the deeper you get in your thinking. Is it logical for you to record your own affirmative thoughts to hear them regularly? Those that like visual learning should probably write their own affirmation and review it every night. Which methods will work for me will still have to be consistent for their effectiveness.

What are the most common pregnancy fears and worries?

When you feel the fear of changes that happen in your bodies and what will come next, it can feel incredibly scary to yourself. This feeling may be triggered in part by misconceptions. Sometimes those feelings arise from a negative experience. It can also be helpful if pregnant women know that negative emotions can fade away and that there is support if necessary.

The use of birth affirmations can help to reduce the fear of pregnancy. In addition, positive thoughts and healthy lifestyles will help overcome fears, anxieties, and stress.

healthy baby pregnancy affirmations

Affirmations should reflect what you want to get out of your pregnancy. For example, “I know I can give birth easily,” or “I am calm and confident.” You can record your affirmation on an MP3 player or smartphone. Some women like to read their affirmations daily (one example is “I trust the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth”).

Skepticism about positive affirmations during pregnancy is not worth it – they really work! The more you believe in your thoughts, the more your subconscious mind will be on your side.

Tell me the best way to reduce anxiety during pregnancy?

Pregnancy affirmations help to reduce negative self-talk. When you say positive phrases, your pregnant body releases anxiety and fear to focus on developing an attractive child. Having a baby requires mental stability to ensure optimum functioning of the body. Positive pregnancy affirmations will prevent negative thoughts. Repetition is good for improving your self-awareness and preparing for the emotional changes you’re experiencing.

Why are positive affirmations important during pregnancy?

beautiful birth

Using positive energy during your pregnancy can help you cope more efficiently and more confidently with life changes. For example, one minute, you have a chance at birth, and a minute later, you feel terrified. Often people who experience emotions do not understand what they’re feeling.

Pregnancy affirmations can be used to improve mood and reduce stress. They should also help you keep your focus on the goal. Doing this will help you get rid of negative thoughts and gain confidence in what is going on in your life.

20 Positive Affirmations for a Healthy Pregnancy

pregnancy affirmations negative feelings
  1. I am healthy and strong.
  2. I love my baby. Her smile is the best reward in all of this parenting stuff, and I get to see it every day as we grow closer with each passing minute!
  3. I trust my pregnant body to do what is best for my baby and me.
  4. I am open to the changes happening in my body during pregnancy.
  5. My baby is developing typically and will be born healthy, whole, and safe.
  6. I release all fears and doubts about my ability to have a healthy pregnancy.
  7. As I expect positive results, I see them happening now.
  8. I am confident that I will have a safe and easy pregnancy.
  9. I am excited to experience all the changes happening in my body during pregnancy.
  10. My mind is calm and focused on the good things in life.
  11. I am confident that he/or she will arrive at exactly the perfect moment!
  12. I am grateful for this incredible gift of life that is growing inside me.
  13. My baby’s birth will be fearless.
  14. I have all the support I need to have a healthy and positive pregnancy.
  15. I am calm and confident about the changes happening in my body during pregnancy.
  16. My baby and I are excited for this new chapter in our lives together as he arrives soon!
  17. I accept all the changes happening in my body during pregnancy.
  18. I know I can give birth easily.
  19. The journey to motherhood has only just begun.
  20. I love the changes happening in my body during pregnancy.
  21. My body’s clock determines the time of or her arrival;
  22. Your love for me is constantly growing, just like mine for you.
  23. I deserve to be healthy and happy!

12 Positive Affirmations for Labour and Delivery

safe birth - positive affirmations for pregnancy
  1. Birth is a normal, natural process that I am so excited to go through.
  2. My healthy baby will be born into the world healthy and ready for his/her first impression of life outside their mother’s womb!
  3. We experience each contraction together as part of this beautiful journey towards family, love, and life.
  4. I am grateful to be able to bring my healthy baby into this world with (Name) by my side. I know they are there for me no matter what.
  5. My body is strong enough and can handle this process amazingly well!
  6. I love the strength that is beginning to grow inside of me!
  7. The labor process is strengthening me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  8. I embrace each contraction, knowing that our journey has arrived at this moment of transition.
  9. I welcome labor’s new sensations and pleasures with great excitement and energy!
  10. My body knows exactly what to do at each step during childbirth, so I can focus on relaxing and opening up!
  11. I give my body complete permission to give birth to my baby because it knows how.
  12. Birth is an amazing process that I am ready to experience with (Name) by my side!

Pregnant Body Positive Affirmations

pregnant body is beautiful
  • My pregnancy is a miracle.
  • I welcome the changes in my body.
  • My baby’s growth brings me joy.
  • I am ready to embrace this new role.
  • I will love and support myself during my journey into motherhood.
  • Being pregnant is an opportunity for me to learn, grow and transform.
  • I will set healthy boundaries with others to protect my baby and me.
  • Being pregnant is an opportunity for me to learn, grow and transform.
  • I am proud of my body!
  • I will treat myself with kindness.
positive affirmations for pregnancy for mothers to be
  • My baby is happiest when I am happiest.
  • I will be mindful of my choices, knowing they affect my baby and me.
  • I will feel no physical discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • My body will relax during this journey.
  • I will try to have only positive thoughts.
  • I will be a dedicated and loving mother.
  • My body will relax during this journey.
  • I enjoy a beautiful pregnant body.
  • My mental health is vital, and I will have a peaceful pregnancy.
  • I love my pregnant body!

Affirmations For The Baby Inside

  • We are safe.
  • I am here for my baby.
  • My baby can relax now.
  • My baby knows I will not abandon them.
  • The abuse has ended, and we can heal now.
  • My baby is my priority, and they know that now.
  • I won’t let anyone hurt my baby again, and they know that now.
  • The abuse has ended, and we can heal now.
  • The past is over, and my baby doesn’t have to relive it anymore.
  • My baby can be born happy and safe now.
overcome fear and inner peace
  • Baby senses that I am feeling positive and happy now.
  • The baby feels loved and secure now.
  • Baby loves the positive sounds of my voice.
  • Growing baby feels calm and relaxed in my tummy.
  • I am my baby’s perfect mother!
  • I will love my baby unconditionally.
  • The baby’s birth will be the best experience I will ever feel.
  • I will have a safe birth.
  • The baby’s birth will be the best experience I will ever feel.

Affirmations For New Moms

  • Being a new mom is an adjustment, but it’s not that hard.
  • I am more than capable of taking care of my baby.
  • My body is made to have babies. So I am doing what I am supposed to do right now.
  • An essential job in the world is raising a child well.
  • I will be a good mother.
  • Being a mom is worth it.
morning sickness pregnancy affirmations
  • I can do this.
  • I am doing it right now.
  • Being a mom is worth it.
  • Maybe I’m not perfect, but no one ever was when they were learning something new.
  • This is new for me, but I can handle it.

Positive Affirmations For Breastfeeding

  • My baby is getting all the nutrition he/she needs from my breast milk.
  • I know that breastfeeding has many benefits, and I will try it.
  • I will nurse my baby every 2-4 hours on-demand.
  • We can always use formula if breastfeeding does not work out, and that’s okay too!
  • Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with my baby.
  • I am the perfect mother for my little one!
deep breath simply relax safely delivering affirmations

Positive Self-Help Affirmations

  • Every day in every way, I am getting stronger and better.
  • I can handle this no matter what.
  • My body is strong and healthy.
  • I am a winner!
  • I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy, Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • I am responsible for my own happiness.
  • I maintain a positive mindset daily.
beautiful baby pregnancy experience

Create your Own Self Affirmation

To get you started writing your own affirmations, consider using words like the following:

  • I am.
  • I feel.
  • I know.
  • I believe.
  • My baby is.
  • My body is open.
  • My body knows.
  • My heart is.
  • My labor is.
  • My mind is open.

Final thoughts on using pregnancy affirmations to reduce fear and stress

Using positive affirmations can be an excellent way to reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy and childbirth. Using these tools regularly is essential for your new mother and her family. Choose the positive pregnancy affirmation that resonates with you. Then, ensure the correct affirmation for your needs is the right choice.

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