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Crystals for Taurus: Best 10 Healing Gemstones

Published on January 10, 2022 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Crystals have been used for healing purposes since ancient times. Each crystal has its own unique properties that can help with different ailments or issues. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best 10 Taurus crystals. These crystals are known to help with grounding, strengthening the will, and promoting calmness and peace. If you are a Taurus person looking for some relief from your troubles, then read on to find out which crystals can help you the most!

Taurus Energy

Taurus people are known for being brash and stubborn but can also be calm when things get stressful. They have strong energy, so they might want to consider these crystals that balance out their personality traits in order not to make life difficult on themselves too much! In Greek mythology, Tauruses were Zeus himself who disguised as bull-headed animals because he wanted Feinanoitas (the daughter) Europa’s hand scarves from Tyre (a Phoenician Princess). There’s no pun intended here either; pay attention next time you see one walking around with his head stuck firmly between two wide apart horns!

Taurus Zodiac Information:

Date Period: April 20 to May 20

Sign: Bull

Element: Earth

Sign Quality: Fixed

Planetary Ruler: Venus

People who are born under the sign of Taurus are said to be reliable, determined, and practical. They are also known for being stubborn and resistant to change. This is because Taurus is an Earth sign, and Earth signs are associated with stability and resistance to change. Taurus people will often feel overwhelmed and even immobilized when faced with too much change at once.

They need time to process, adjust, and resist doing so before they feel ready. Balanced with the need for stability is the Taurean’s love of pleasure and luxury – feelings that can instill a sense of immediate gratification.

They are the ultimate family-oriented cat. They love to cuddle up with their humans and take part in all of your adventures, whether it’s playing video games or going on trips together!

Top 10 Taurus Crystals

Which are the best crystals for Taurus?

  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Tiger’s Eye
  3. Clear Quartz
  4. Lapis Lazuli
  5. Emerald
  6. Rhodonite
  7. Malachite
  8. Selenite
  9. Blue Kyanite
  10. Moldavite

There are a lot of different crystals for Taurus that people can use to help them with their issues. We have chosen 10 of the best Taurus healing crystals that you might want to try out in the list below. Let’s take a look at some of their unique properties and how you can use them to help improve your everyday Taurus life.

Rose Quartz – A Taurus Birthstone

rose quartz

There are many reasons why people in the Taurus zodiac sign should use Rose Quartz. For starters, this crystal is known to help establish lasting love relationships and provide harmony within those partnerships – something that matters a lot for these individuals who want nothing more than stability when it comes down to their partners’ happiness or satisfaction with them!

Not only will you create positive feelings between yourself, a partner, and family members as well friends & coworkers, so make sure they know how much each person cares by gifting them some beautiful rose quartz jewelry today!

Rose quartz is also known to help with treating depression, feelings of unworthiness, and an overall sense of self-love. In addition, this crystal has a strong ability to open up the heart chakra in order to promote unconditional love for oneself – something that Taurus individuals are sure to benefit from it!

Rose Quartz is a mineral that promotes harmonious relationships. This makes it perfect for those with Taurus personalities, as they are peaceful and enjoy working out their issues in person instead of fighting or arguing publicly. The healing properties focus on aligning the Heart Chakra, which brings balance to all areas of life– including how you interact socially!

Tiger’s Eye – Release Negative Energy

tiger's eye

The Tiger Eye crystal is an excellent stone for Taurus people, as they prioritize financial success above all. The gem has been known to generate good luck in work and projects; it also helps with intelligence and courage when overcoming obstacles on your journey towards achieving those goals.

This makes the Tiger Eye a great choice if you’re looking outwards rather than just focusing inwardly as other crystals might do – especially ones related to AB negative healers such as Amethyst or Smokey Quartz, which both have their own unique set of benefits too!

Clear Quartz – Improve your Positive Energy

clear quartz taurus

Clear Quartz is a stone that can be used for many things, from warding off negative energy, balancing the mind/body connection, and dissipating unwanted energies. It’s also great at boosting mental acuity by improving memory function or focusing on what you want in life–whether it’s clarity about your future plans or just knowing who your true friends are! You can use it whenever you feel negative or down in any way because this crystal will raise your vibrations.

Clear Quartz is also known for relieving pain, inflammation, and stress related to the body–something that Taurus individuals must take advantage of if they ever want to live their best life with no regrets hanging over their heads!

Lapis Lazuli – a Taurus Crystal for Emotional Healing

lapis lazuli taurus

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that helps to heal both the body and mind. It has been used for centuries as an aid in meditation, communication between people of different cultures (especially those who are shy), self-confidence building among Taurus natives who need it most since they usually have low confidence levels due to their reserved personalities. Lapislazuly also balances external factors such as individuals’ thoughts on themselves with internal feelings about oneself, creating harmony within one’s personal environment, making life easier because stress can no longer accumulate over time without potential consequences!

Emerald – One Of The Right Crystals for Abundance and Money

emerald crystal for taurus

The crystal clear emerald is the perfect stone for Taurus as it brings abundance and success in business. The zodiac sign of money, prosperity, wealth – par excellence-receives this gift from nature to help them achieve their financial goals quickly!

This gemstone eliminates any negativity detrimental to your projects or company’s flourishing, filling space instead of positive emitting energy, attracting more good fortune than ever before.

Taurus people are stereotypically known to be the best at making money–something that no other astrological sign can compete with. But, with a crystal as strong as emerald, there’s no telling what you could accomplish if you put your mind to it!

Rhodonite – The Healing Crystal for Taurus Energy

Rhodonite stones have a lot in common with their rose-colored cousins, rhodochrosite. They can be used to help heal past emotional trauma and feel grounded no matter what’s going on around you when it’s time for some self-care!

This crystal also assists during healing processes by balancing out anger or resentment while working towards building new relationships again after they’ve been broken off due to too much tension built up inside us over the years, maybe even decades at times. We might like to use them as meditation crystals because there are many recorded instances where people were able to reconnect through deep thoughts while looking into one’s heart.

Malachite – A Generally Calm Healing Stone

Taurus is a powerful sign for many reasons. Still, one of the most important characteristics that set them apart from other Zodiac signs can be found in their ability to navigate difficult situations with grace and dignity. As such, crystals like malachite are ideal because they help eliminate negative energies accumulated over time which would otherwise hold back opportunities or limit success due to fear being overcome by sadness when faced adversity.

Malachite is one of the best crystals for Taurus because it promotes a sense of calm and inner peace that’s easily achievable with just a few minutes in your zone with this stone. This intense relationship between an individual and malachite can be referred to as a symbiosis where both partners benefit from each other without realizing how they do it!

Selenite – The Healing Crystals for Taurus Zodiac

selenite taurus crystal

Selenite crystals are all about cleaning, clearing, and healing. They give off energies that allow you to purify yourself as well as make space for new beginnings by calming down any confusion on your path towards success, whether in work or personal life- especially if it is a bit foggy currently!

The crystal has been named after the Greek moon goddess Selene because she was said to have used this stone during nighttime rituals, among other things such as driving away evil spirits according to those ancient Greeks who discovered them first before anyone else did (and still do).

Blue Kyanite – Healing Stones for Emotions

Blue Kyanite is the perfect crystal for the Taurus personality. It balances individuals’ seven chakras in ideal harmony, causing them to reach a high spiritual state and evolve internally with calmness and harmony as their virtue of choice!

The healing property of blue kyanites allows those born under this sign to connect deeply on both an emotional level and spiritually by giving off an energy that creates balance within oneself – physically, emotionally & mentally.

This particular kind offers meditation sessions that will allow you time away from distractions, so deep relaxation can take place, leaving one feeling refreshed afterward if not necessarily changed dramatically but certainly more at ease about themselves overall.

Moldavite – Chakra Opener for Taurus


Moldavite is a powerful stone that will open up your chakras. It’s beneficial for those with the Taurus sign, resonating primarily at Heart and Third Eye Chakras but affecting all parts of our being, including in physical form, by opening it up to healing energies from within us! This crystal is exceptional at unblocking your creative potential and convincing you that it’s time for a change.

Choosing the right crystals for the Taurus zodiac sign

The Taurus zodiac sign is one that’s filled with many different crystals. Every crystal has its unique properties, so it pays to try them all! 

We’re individual beings, after all – there shouldn’t be any stressful pressure when deciding on which stone will work best for you; take time and see what resonates at first glance or during meditation sessions!

Conclusion on The Best Crystals for Taurus

On a final note, we’d like to wish everyone with Taurus personalities and traits a wonderful week filled with positive vibes and good energy from the universe! If you would like some more advice regarding getting started with your crystal collection or anything else related, please don’t hesitate to contact us over at Cosmic Gifts online store. We’ve got some beautiful rose quartz and tiger’s eyepieces for everyone at wholesale prices, so you’ll be sure to look the part as a Taurus with our crystals!

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