Moldavite is a mysterious green stone that has been used for centuries to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. The name Moldavite comes from the town of Moldauthein in Germany, where this type of gemstone was discovered in 1787. For thousands of years before then, it was thought by many people that these green stones were pieces of stars or planets that had fallen to Earth.

– These stones are often associated with natural disasters such as meteors and earthquakes because they can be found near impact sites like meteorites craters.

– They are also sometimes called “star stones” because some think they came from outer space.

What is Moldavite Stone?

Moldavite is a kind of natural glass that formed when an asteroid or meteorite hit Earth. Moldavites were created during the impact of a giant meteor about 15 to 17 million years ago in what today is known as the Czech Republic and Germany. It was ejected from within our planet’s crust, after which it traveled through space until reaching its final destination, Earth.

When the meteorite penetrated our atmosphere and crashed into what is now known as Moldova (Romania) it caused an explosive heat wave that turned native rocks of sandstone, limestone, and granite into moldavite glass. This type of natural glass was scattered over a large area surrounding this site in Germany where it can be found today.

Moldavite is green in color thanks to the presence of iron oxide (a mineral composed of oxygen and metal atoms). This means that it can be found all over this region where sufficient amounts of limestone, sandstone, or granite are present. It also makes these stones easy to distinguish from other types because they often contain small inclusions of quartz, pyrite, or lepidocrocite.

The moldavite crystals have healing properties that can be used for physical and spiritual healing. The stone is often worn by people who are interested in connecting with their higher self or taking part in meditation sessions because it helps them feel closer to nature. It is also considered a powerful tool that can help one stay focused on achieving specific goals.


Moldavite gemstone stimulates change & transformation

– Some go so far as to say that Moldavite can give you telekinetic abilities, making it easy for you to move objects with your mind!

– It is believed by some people that just wearing a piece of this stone will help protect against negative energies and have a balancing effect on your aura.

– Moldavite is also associated with astral travel because it can be used as a “bridge” between Earth and the rest of the universe, helping you to feel more connected to everything around you.

There are many different legends about this mysterious stone from outer space, but one thing is for certain: it’s a stone that is associated with many special powers and gifts.

Every person looking to grow spiritually should consider getting one of these stones as soon as possible! People who have Moldavite will often say that they can feel the energy coming from their pendants or other pieces of jewelry, making them feel much more connected to the universe around them.

Moldavite benefits spirituality with metaphysical properties

raw moldavite

Moldavite was sent in time at the earth for spiritual awakening and evolution. It facilitates a strong clear direct connection from the individual soul to the ultimate spiritual reality. It has the ability to connect with Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers and draw in the earth plane the thought patterns and light vibrations that are most beneficial for ascension and illumination. In addition, it assists at the connection between negative auras and entanglement and can help to unwind from unhealthy attachments and relationships. It presents an understanding of the essential unity of all life and our responsibility to view our planet as a whole being in need of love and empathy.

What does Moldavite do?

– It can help bring about an understanding of the spiritual qualities within each person, and how to achieve balance.

– Moldavite is special because it helps us become open to new information that will lead us on our path towards enlightenment. This stone has helped many people realize their full potential as human beings, giving them a better sense of direction in their lives.

– It can also help you to become more aware of your spiritual purpose, giving you the motivation that you need in order to achieve all of your goals!

Moldavite stone helps us open up our chakras and be receptive to new information. This leads us on our life path towards enlightenment.

Moldavite is the stone of initiation. It initiates you into knowledge and awareness that will lead to your path towards enlightenment.

It can assist with astral travel, telepathy, dream recall and help remove negative auras from objects or people. Furthermore, it assists at removing negativity from one’s self by means of grounding excess energies through the feet which then helps to purify the entire aura.

Moldavite stone has metaphysical properties and it is a great healing tool that should be handled with care and respect as it will energetically clear any body system or organ of disharmony, disease, or illness. It can also assist in white blood cell count balance by increasing healthy T-cell production in the bone marrow.

Use for meditation: Highly Protective

Meditation is recognized as helping with stress relief. During meditation, the mind changes from the beta waves to the slower Alpha waves. Combining an isochronic green amazing transformation crystal with isochronic colors is helpful as it’s an energy-intensive high-energy stone. As you begin the meditation, you will find that psychic capacities amplify and find peace. Using the patterns encourages these parts of the brain to be in contact with new movements created, as it encourages them to respond to new steps introduced by the new rhythm in meditation. This Amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex are believed to have an important influence in developing any psychic capacity.

Meditation with Moldavite

Meditating with Moldavite may produce a powerful visionary state, out of body travels, merging with light, or other phenomena. Put it into the hand, on your heart, third eye the crown chakra, or any chakra which feels right. It assists to quiet the mind and allows for a faster flow to resonance between the vibrations transmitted by the stone. Musical or visual imagery further enhances the experience. Grounding during meditation as Hematite or musky quartz during or following meditation assists in reducing its effects.

List the healing benefits of Moldavite

moldavite jewelry

Moldavite is a powerful stone that can help to clear negative energy from past situations and assist those who want to uncover emotions/feelings which keep them stuck in the present. They can find whatever it is putting them in an unhappy past. It assists you to cross time by helping people learn there’s another way of connecting with their past lives. It is also used to clear up negative energy from past situations and remove unwanted baggage. Healing experts use this gemstone to help people learn about themselves, uncover whatever emotions are keeping them stuck in the present so they can move forward. This stone helps you discover your spiritual purpose by giving you the motivation that will lead you towards achieving all of your goals. Moldavite is a rare stone that has the ability to work with people on an emotional level. It’s also known as a spiritual catalyst and can help you discover your life purpose by giving you the motivation that will lead you towards achieving all of your goals.

Moldavite’s intense vibration helps to heighten the energetic impact of other stones when worn together.

A couple of Things You Need To Know About Moldavite Before You Buy

How do I buy Moldavite online?

You need to understand how this gem is made when you’re purchasing online. Moldavite has several different grades. At the bottom of the rung, the regular grade pieces are commonly much darker and heavily saturated. I know some complex techniques and machines but you can quickly find the truth in gemstones. . Chinese manufacturers have made enormous work to create similar etchings with much natural weight. The refractive index measure represents the difference between the speed of light in the Moldavite gemstone and the speed in a constant vacuum. It is important to look at the characteristics of imitation versus natural Moldavites below is a list to help you look at.

Why is it so expensive?

The major Moldavite is found in sediments dating back to the Upper Miocene when craters were broken down. Much left of it remains heavily buried in the Earth and can only be found in small areas along with the impact of craters. This requires careful and extensive means of removal which leads to a high cost. Larger pieces are difficult to come by because this makes even supposedly small pieces of gemstones more expensive. Often counterfeiters try to produce an appearance of more natural surfaces on imitation parts. The latter lead to a growing demand among spiritually focused practitioners about its therapeutic effects. What results from that situation? The Moldavite price rises, which makes it difficult for people to afford the stone.

How can you spot a fake moldavite?

Fake moldavite crystals are very popular in the Czech Republic where stones form naturally. Its mossy appearance is often highlighted by internal swirls or bubbles. The key to getting genuine moldavite pieces and not well-manufactured counterfeits is to examine the texture as well as the abundant bubbles you see. You can also look for a shiny or somewhat wet appearance which is a characteristic of authentic pieces but not fake pieces. Any faceted stones which do not have inclusions or bubbles and appear like clean or flawless glass are very conceivably fake. Any faces and face stone without bubble and inclusion are likely fake, too.

The fake moldavite stones are made in China. It is also produced by fusing sand with a combination of chemicals such as feldspar and/or nepheline syenite to form the moldavite-like glass material. The real stone has an index refractive that measures around ¬Æ’Ÿ = .89 while fake moldavite stones measure around .88. It is important to remember that the index refractive of luxni stones such as moldavite can vary depending on your location and other factors because they are natural gemstones, not man-made materials.

The key here is really looking at the texture and bubbles you see in a piece of Moldavite before buying it.

The color energy of Moldavite

moldavite crystal

Moldavite is a major source of life within the earth – that is born, developed, and created in it. It is a powerful help in cultivating any young family or new business venture. Lighter Green crystals encourage spiritual development and a renewed dedication to a higher cause. Those with darker hues are associated with the power of physical development and health, as well as transporting the safe. Moldavites assist in keeping things going at a fast pace and with confidence.

How can it help you?

There are many benefits to applying Moldavite. Use it for meditation alone or with other crystals. The chakras contain energy in all the chakras including the third eye. It also helps to enhance the vibration in other stones with which it is associated. So utilizing them will give an improved effect. Meditation is generally an excellent habit for everyone and combining strong stones could greatly beneficial. In particular, you may choose to use it for discovering how to be psychic meditation is another way in which you can start on this path. This is a great way to start on this path.

Moldavite can be used for many different types of spiritual purposes, the most important being the enhancement of psychic ability and clairvoyance. Eastern philosophy has long held that Moldavite enhances one’s life force energy or Chi which brings with it good luck in love as well as in your profession.

Here are some ideas of how to use Moldavite in Meditation:

-Moldavite has the ability to assist in relieving stress and increasing vitality when placed on specific pressure points connected with our energy channels. It is particularly helpful for those who have exhausted their physical, mental, or emotional resources through chronic illness, depression, overwork, or emotional stress.

-Place Moldavite on the Heart Chakra to enhance self-love, compassion, and empathy for others as well as your own sense of purpose in life. It is also helpful with clearing away any negative emotions associated with past hurts helping you move forward positively.

-Moldavite can help empower one to become more centered, grounded, and emotionally stable. Use Moldavite with other stones to enhance their abilities.

-Moldavite is said to be an excellent tool for working on the Third Eye Chakra which opens up psychic vision and enhances multidimensional consciousness enabling one to access information beyond our five senses. It can also aid in past life regression and opening the Akashic Records.

-Use Moldavite to enhance dream work, astral travel, or lucid dreaming by holding your stone while resting on a pillow or placing it under your bed at night. The vibration of this Green Glass Tektite is said to help you reach other realms in your sleep state where much information can be gleaned.

-Carry or hold a piece of Moldavite in your pocket to attract good luck, particularly when participating in sports competitions and gambling activities. It is also helpful with improving one’s chances of succeeding at business ventures especially those that are new or risky. If you feel stuck regarding any path you have chosen for yourself, placing this crystal on your Third Eye Chakra can help you to see the situation with greater clarity.

-If one has difficulties letting go of old negative patterns or behaviors, Moldavite is said to have a very strong vibration for transmuting these energies into more positive aspects thus removing blockages that are holding us back from evolving spiritually and emotionally. It’s a great stone for those who are on a spiritual path but tend to get off track every now and then.

The metaphysical properties of moldavite gemstone

The moldavite crystal is known as the “Stone of Transformation”. It is a powerful stone that will assist you in updating and upgrading your mind, body, and spirit. It is also known as a healing crystal and can help you in your spiritual transformation and self-healing.

The moldavite healing properties are believed to help in the following conditions:

– It is said to be helpful for depression and anxiety.

-It helps with eliminating addictions.

-It assists in bringing about physical transformation.

-Moldavite can be used for dream recall and astral travel, and it is also helpful for recalling past lives.

-It helps to balance and strengthen the chakras (crown chakras, earth chakra, or heart chakra) and clears the aura of any negative energy.

-Moldavite is a very powerful crystal that can be used for protection against negative energies, entities, and attachments.

Moldavite: Effects & Dangers

The effects of wearing moldavite are believed to be similar to those experienced when using other strong healing crystals like Herkimer diamond or quartz. It is said that this stone can emit high energy levels that can be felt by those who are sensitive to these frequencies. The healing properties of wearing moldavite are seen immediately after the first time you use it.

The dangers of moldavite are rare. It is believed that this stone should only be used by those who have experience with other healing crystals as it can amplify energies. It is advised that you keep this stone away from electromagnetic fields as it can be affected by them and cause the effects to become unpredictable.

Moldavite Birthstone

Moldavite is a natural birthstone for Sagittarius, Virgo, and Scorpio.

There are various means of finding an appropriate birthstone. The traditional identifies the list first. Another way is finding your natural gems by the color wheel of life. Eventually, some people use the traditional zodiacs – stones.

Wear moldavite if you want to benefit from the metaphysical healing properties of this crystal. The meaning of this holy grail stone is that it can help with emotional balance and transformation.

Buy Moldavite Online

As we have previously stated, you should take caution against fake moldavite. When you buy moldavite, make sure that the seller is reputable and trustworthy. You can research online or ask a trusted friend for advice when purchasing your stone from somewhere unknown.

Types of Moldavite Jewelry:

moldavite necklace
  1. Moldavite Stone for Heart Chakra
  2. Moldavite Crystal Necklace
  3. Real Moldavite Necklace for Emotional Healing Powers
  4. Moldavite Pendant with Powerful Healing Properties
  5. Moldavite Jewelry Chips

Where to buy real moldavite:

A great place to start is the quantum stones store which provides both moldavite crystal and raw moldavite. The moldavite cost varies from store to store and can change on a daily basis. Make sure that the moldavite price is reasonable and falls within your budget range.

When you buy moldavite, it is important to remember that this stone works best when paired with other healing crystals like Herkimer diamond or quartz as they all emit high energy levels.

We will update our list of stores selling moldavite amulets, regular grade moldavite, or natural forms of raw beautiful stone.

moldavite ring

How to activate Moldavite?

Moldavite is a natural crystal and it needs to be cleansed and charged with intention before you can use its healing properties. This is done by charging the stone with UV light or placing it near a quartz crystal cluster for 10 hours straight.

Moldavite is known to amplify the energies of other crystals and it can be used in combination with various healing stones like kyanite, selenite, jasper, amethyst, or obsidian.

Conclusion: Moldavite Healing Properties & Its Physical Healing Powers

Moldavite is a stone that can be used in meditation to help you find enlightenment. This gemstone has been known for centuries as an “enlightenment” mineral, but it’s also been recently discovered by scientists and researchers who have begun using the term “transformation” instead of enlightenment when describing its effects on people. You may want to look into this powerful rock if you’re looking for change or transformation in your life because moldavite provides metaphysical properties with healing benefits that are sure to support whatever journey you choose to take.  If you need some ideas about how best to use the power of moldavite, we recommend downloading our MindTastik Meditation App.

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