moldavite starborn stone of transformation

Moldavite Starborn Stone of Transformation

Published on February 16, 2022 – Last Updated on February 17, 2022

Moldavite is a gemstone of green to olive-green color named after its first found location in the Moldau Valley of Bohemia. It is a tektite, meaning that it is a natural glass formed by the impact of a meteor.

Moldavite is prized for its exceptional clarity, beauty, and energy. Some believe that it is one of the most spiritual stones available and that it can help facilitate transformation and ascension. If you’re drawn to this unique stone, here’s what you need to know about Moldavite!

Spiritual Evolution Book by Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner

The authors look at Moldavite properties as both an awakener and a spiritual evolution accelerator, with the goal of assisting readers in gaining a better understanding of its uses. It also has many other uses, including healing or amplifying energy fields with light for those who wish it so badly enough!

Moldavite is sometimes called the Starborn Stone as it is believed to hold the knowledge of our connection to extraterrestrial beings and other universes. It was created by a meteor strike approximately 15 million years ago, which impacted Earth at such a high velocity that it turned to liquid upon impact and then cooled into the glass. This powerful stone holds within it the memory of the meteor’s journey through space and its travels in deep space. This extraordinary stone was formed with extraterrestrial properties unlike any other as it cooled.


In This Book, The Authors Explore Moldavite

In this book, the authors explore the healing energy and mythic dimensions of Moldavite. Moldavite is a star-born stone that has the power to transform lives. It is said that those who carry or wear Moldavite are touched by the stars and can tap into its cosmic energy. Moldavite can help you release your fears, limitations, and negative energy and awaken your inner power and potential.

By using Moldavite, you can achieve transformation and communication with your higher self. The book offers a practical guideline for Moldavite energy which anyone can use at any time.

The first chapters cover the general knowledge known about Moldavite, including its metaphysical properties. Then, the authors describe their personal experiences with Moldavite, why this crystal is so powerful, and what energies it releases. It also reveals how to use Moldavite to enhance your life and the energy of a group how it affects your dreams and spiritual growth.

The book also comprises practical exercises for clear communication with the subconscious mind while journeying in meditative states. Finally, it talks about forming a personal relationship with Moldavite, using it as a tool on your life path towards your full potential.

Through real-life examples and practical exercises, this book guides the readers into an understanding of how Moldavite helps you discover who you are, where you are going in life—and why.

Scientific and Mythic Dimensions of Moldavite

Despite the many myths and legends around Moldavite, there is some scientific evidence to back up some of its claimed benefits. For example, research has shown that Moldavite can help to raise consciousness and stimulate intuition. It has also been found to have positive effects on the brain, including increasing alpha brain wave activity and helping to improve mental clarity. Additionally, Moldavite has high levels of natural energy. Therefore, healers and others with strong intuitive abilities often use it to help them focus, balance and direct the flow of their personal energy for maximum benefits.

Moldavite is not only beautiful; it has also been found to have positive effects on consciousness, brain activity, and intuition. And there is no doubt that its striking appearance is an excellent benefit in attracting attention to any jewelry it is used for. Here are some of its most prominent benefits:

– Enhance awareness & lucid dreaming

– Its striking appearance helps to draw attention to your jewelry collection

– Raises consciousness & makes you more intuitive

– Enhances brain activity, including the increase of alpha brain waves

Conclusion on Moldavite Starborn Stone By Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner

This book describes the moldavite properties, history, and metaphysical and physical properties precisely. Furthermore, the authors provide the best way how to use Moldavite for you. After reading this book, you will learn about Moldavite star-born stone more than you knew before. This book is not only about the understanding of the properties of Moldavite, but it also guides us on how we can mutually benefit from Moldavite.

You can buy the Moldavite Starborn Stone of Transformation by Robert Simmons & Kathy Warner on Amazon.

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