Birth affirmations and a birth guide can be an effective complement to your birth toolkit. How do I develop good mental habits that will help me cope with the contraction and endure the labor process better? You perceive what birth would seem linked to your actual birth experience. If you expected the birth to be scary in real life you would have the most difficult traumatic experience. But if you alter the story about birth by preparing one’s body and mind and expecting it to be a positive experience – which will also be difficult – you can now have a better birth experience. You’ll be easier at dealing with your contraction and labor pain.

So where do affirmations come in? Birth affirmations are positive words that you speak frequently, both out loud and to yourself. This can be done during pregnancy or after.

It is interesting that our body knows how to ease the birth experience if we let it. If we just learn how to align ourselves with this process and expect some pain but not too much – it will be easier.

The use of affirmations during pregnancy and during birth is based on the belief that repeating affirmation frequently, it creates a positive inner dialogue that helps to build self-confidence. In turn, your strong sense of self can help you have a more enjoyable experience with labor contractions. This feeling is something you both feel and believe before the big day.

By repeating positive words many times, the mind will then identify itself with these words, and they become believable to you. You begin to believe that the birth experience will be much easier than expected because if something feels so real it must be true!

What are birth affirmations?

Birth affirmations are a positive representation of how you are and your birth process. They remind you of one truth that can help you achieve the goal of a successful birth experience. They may replace a common belief or myth about birth with a more realistic statement. Using birth affirmations helps you be bold and pursue what you want. It helps you feel confident your dream for your life will come true. Lastly, they let you give yourself the commitment to make decisions that will always best serve you through your entire fetus pregnancy. It’s not just your birth experience that gets you feeling overwhelmed. Many mums are curious to try.

With birth affirmations, you can teach your pregnant body to accept positive self-talk while developing a healthy baby with a positive mindset.

In fact, one study, published in 2016, concluded that Neuroplasticity is the brain’s capacity to change and adapt throughout life, which suggests that affirmations are very effective.

How do I use birth affirmations in the birth process?

I use some affirmations every day because it gives you new perspectives. Since your thoughts control your actions it really takes effect to change your thinking and behavior as your thoughts change in your mind. You will have an emotional connection to whatever experience you try creating – and this will help manifest the situation in a reality. Do try this trick for your birth affirmations. When you do the steps mentioned above, you get more from your affirmations than what you just read. You can learn more by reading the affirmations in their entirety. You are going to get more results when you use it.

With positive affirmations, you can simply relax and count on your body’s natural ability to manage pain during pregnancy which will translate into a safe birth.

Can Birth Affirmations Help During Labor? And How?

If you’ve had a birth you don’t know whether it would happen during his or her second or subsequent pregnancy. The affirmations of birth prepare you for birthing both in an emotional and physically challenging way. They can also make a huge difference during pregnancy and help you right after birth. All my births had different outcomes and I say this not as someone who has thoroughly researched the topic, although I have, but as a mother of several young children. So birth affirmations help us keep our mental and emotional preconditions as healthy as possible.

In order to have a positive birth experience, you should make a daily habit of positive statements ( or birth mantras) that will help you during labor and delivery. Deep breathing exercises are exactly what you need during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Once the time for labor and delivery comes you will feel your baby closer in the perfect position and you can increase your ability to give birth.

Birth Affirmations For Dealing With Pain

Throughout pregnancy, women will experience different kinds of discomfort. These range from feeling like intense exercise up to uncontrollable, unstoppable pain. Things like baby positioning to the right in your chest, waist flexibility, and others might actually change the way your body needs to work to push a toddler or girl into your body. In my new birth secrets/training program, you may learn how to reduce or even control pain at your first birth. And now, affirmations to help with labor pain: “Ride the wave.” I can do this because I am doing it. Babies always come. I welcome surges.

Positive birth affirmations can empower you during labor

positive birth affirmations

Birth affirmations are positive terms or statements about birth repeated often with confidence to challenge any negative thoughts you may have about birth. These are statements you use for yourself regularly to remind yourself about your body’s incredible capacity to deliver your newborn. The process of giving birth is not an anxiety that our body wants you to overcome but rather a challenging task which our bodies do. The affirmations can help to remind yourself that giving birth is a challenge that the body can overcome rather than fear is a challenge to overcome they say.

Why are birth affirmations important?

Pregnant women don’t know that their bodies naturally have a pain management system that should turn ON during birth. Some of us are not able to obtain pain relief today. Not because the body isn’t there but because women need to experience emotional states to thrive in abundance. Pain doesn’t exist either. At birth fears and panic attacks are very common. These emotions result in cortisone which interferes with the body’s natural pain relievers. Awakenings of birth, strong. Does a healthy mind mean having a less painful birth?

Positive Birth Affirmations for Childbirth

A list of positive birth affirmances can be one of the best tools to guide your child during their birth years. Doing positive thoughts repeatedly during labor can increase your strength. There are many ways you can prepare for childbirth but there are many other ways to prepare for labor, including affirmations and lists of positive thoughts to help prepare for the birth process.

Natural Birth Affirmations

Some parents want a young child in life as their grandparents did naturally and with no relief. Natural birth has many advantages to choose from. Here are several natural child affirmations:

My body is ready for my child.

I am open-minded to ways of birth.

My body is designed for natural childbirth.

Positive affirmation can help you focus on what you want during the time of pregnancy and delivery especially when there are so many distractions around you. The idea of birth affirmations can be very far from your mind at this point, but it is important to deal with such things.

Positive thoughts create positive energy and you need a lot of it when having a child. This is one of the most difficult times in your life and giving birth becomes even more difficult than it already is. This may be the time you do’s and don’ts, sleep deprivation, and many other things you can experience.

Having a child becomes even more difficult when this happens. It will make labor and delivery much easier if they can focus on what they want instead of what they do not want. Making a list of positives and repeating them throughout the process may be a good idea to help you focus on what you want your child’s birth experience to be instead of focusing on the pain or any other temporary discomfort.

Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies Incorporate Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations into Meditation

pregnancy meditation

Hypnobirthing is one of the best ways to prepare for childbirth. This includes positive affirmation throughout the course. Birth affirmations are also included in meditation, which can be an effective way to use hypnosis for childbirth and pregnancy relaxation. Some parents may feel uncomfortable using baby voices during labor or delivery, but you will find that hearing your voice is soothing and relaxing. Pregnancy and birth affirmations can be used to help you through childbirth.

You can check our hypnobirthing app post where you can download the best hypnobirthing app, or subscribe for the calm pregnancy course.

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Baby’s Birth Affirmations for an Epidural Birth

Even if you’re going to have an epidural you’ll still feel pain during labor. Writing a birth affirmation list will also help calm you down and help you feel confident during a pregnancy. Sometimes epidurals won’t work, sometimes your contractions can regress so rapidly that the anesthesiologist can’t go in with you. You want to prepare for anything you don’t happen during pregnancy: Sometimes you wait a few minutes before the doctors will take you into the. Sometimes the anesthesiologists leave before they’re even in bed. Waiting a while before the doctor arrives on time means not having a baby.

I am in control.

I choose to be at peace with my epidural birth.

Pushing is a natural part of childbirth, it’s not something I need to worry about if I’ve prepared for this situation ahead of time.

My epidurals are fully effective and will be there when I need them most.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to give birth without pain when needed.

Free printable birth affirmations

This is a free printable birth affirmation list so you can look at it during your child’s birth. You can either print the affirmation cards or simply save the digital copy on a phone for simple reference. You can download the downloads of my free birth affirmations here. If you were dealing with labor or delivery you might look for free print-outs.

Positive Birth Affirmations

This was the day we had to wait.

This is all one sacrifice

I am planning on making it out of love for my baby.

In most cases, the ability to be born is a blessing.

The pain of an hour delivers the beauty of a lifetime.

I had the strength I didn’t know existed.

We can get it done.

Nothing is permanent but this has to also pass.

All storms are calm.

I trust my body and my child.

I am required for it.

It’s not scary you’re there.

What are some positive birth affirmations to use? 

If you are able to talk to your subconscious mind through positive affirmations and birth mantras, when the delivery date comes you will feel ready without any fear or anxiety. Basically, you can learn to relax through affirmations.

I can do everything.

I can manage pain during pregnancy.

Nothing is permanent but this has to also pass.

All storms are calm.

I trust my body and my child.

It’s not scary you’re there.

What happens in my body is amazing.

My child is healthy.

As you can see, these are simple to remember and utilize during childbirth. Try adding other positive birth affirmations so your partner can have a list of mantras for both parents to use during labor or delivery. It could be the difference between being scared or being excited about your baby’s arrival

Here are 30 powerful birth affirmations which you can apply either during pregnancy and labor

  1. My body is ready for my child.
  2. I am open-minded to ways of birth.
  3. My body is designed for natural childbirth.
  4. No medication is strong enough to make me forget how wonderful this feels.
  5. Every contraction takes me closer to meeting my child.
  6. I am open and eager to experience anything and everything about labor and birth.
  7. My body knows how to give birth.
  8. Everything that happens is perfect.  
  9. I am allowing myself to trust my body
  10. Birth is a wonderful way of bringing life into this world
  11. Childbirth is an opportunity for me to tune into the wisdom of my body
  12. I am strong
  13. I appreciate all that my body does for me
  14. Every contraction is making it easier for my baby to arrive
  15. Labor may be challenging but it’s also an opportunity for growth
  16. My child will come out healthy and safe
  17. I trust in the process of birth
  18. Birth is a miracle I am not afraid to experience
  19. Childbirth doesn’t have to be scary; it can be empowering
  20. I can do this
  21. This is the most powerful moment of my life
  22. My body knows exactly what to do
  23. It’s time for my child to arrive
  24. I don’t have to do anything; my body is designed to give birth
  25. I have the strength to get through this
  26. Inhale love, exhale tension
  27. I allow myself to begin the process of childbirth
  28. Labor doesn’t scare me anymore
  29. I am excited about meeting my child
  30. Every contraction brings my baby closer

Birth Affirmations Conclusion:

I hope you found a few birth affirmations that might provide you with strength on the big day if you are expecting your baby’s birth. While writing them down reminded me of those hours I spent in labor with my kids, and while they were tough, there is nothing greater than childbirth. Hopefully, mama; you’ve got this.

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