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40 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Best Way Announce Your Pregnancy

Published on November 22, 2021 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Are you looking for creative ways to announce your pregnancy? There are so many creative pregnancy announcement ideas out there. Some people choose a cute way to tell their partner they’re expecting, while others decide on something more traditional, like sending out an announcement card. Which one will you choose? When it comes to sharing your news, the options are endless. It’s important to think about what matters most to you and how you want your pregnancy to be announced before making a final decision. This blog post will share 40 creative ways of announcing your pregnancy.

You can use our list as inspiration or pick one idea from it and go with it. It doesn’t matter how you do it. What matters is that you make sure everyone knows about this amazing journey ahead of you! And if some people don’t get the hint right away, feel free to send them a link to this blog post so they can see all these great ideas too!

When is the best time to announce your pregnancy?

pregnancy announcement ideas

When is the best time announcement of pregnancy depends on who will hear it? Partners, family members, and close friends usually know before anyone else, with early-onset being among those first in line for telling their news while others may wait until at least 13 weeks along. Of course, the reason behind this decision varies depending on many factors, such as how far along with someone already was when they found out about having a baby or what kind of risk there might be if something goes wrong during delivery that causes miscarriage. Still, one thing becomes clear – most women feel more comfortable sharing their good tidings once past the ten/eleventh week, which makes sense since odds reduce even further after thirteens come around.

Generally, the majority of women share their news with family first before anyone else. This tends to happen around week thirteen or fourteen, which gives them enough time to make sure everyone knows about it and prepare for an upcoming baby shower (if any).

How to announce your pregnancy?

In order to have the best possible pregnancy announcement, there are certain things you need to consider:

Who are you telling?

A surprise pregnancy announcement to your partner is likely a way different than an announcement involving anyone else.

When should the world find out about this little one on its way, and how soon will that happen for those who want it now or later?

As tempting as announcing yourself, at first sight, it may seem like something people might dream up because there’s no other option left (or perhaps they’re hoping their significant other won’t mind), waiting until 2nd trimester starts has proven successful in reducing risks involved with miscarriages.

Do you wish to be in charge of who knows about your pregnancy?

If you do, don’t post an exciting or creative pregnancy announcement on Facebook or other social media.

What is the quality of your pregnancy announcement concept?

Do you want to use a simple, creative photo? Or will your concept need ordering accessories and hiring a photographer or video editor?

Is the style of your pregnancy announcement in keeping with your own personality?

You won’t want a fluffy and cute pregnancy announcement if you’re a serious or stuffy person.

The perfect pregnancy announcement is out there, but it may be challenging to find. This list of creative and innovative ideas will give you some inspiration for your own amazing announcements!

fun pregnancy announcement ideas

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The movie poster fun

You may buy film templates for pregnancy announcement movie photographs. Take a photograph of your own, create a tagline, and finish it off with your baby’s due date.

Funny pregnancy announcements

This pregnancy announcement idea involves a book and an ultrasound picture.

Baby announcement big news

This one should be used to announce pregnancy with family and friends that love humor.

Twin pregnancy announcement

This one is the top funny pregnancy announcement. It involves a positive pregnancy test and lots of humor for twin pregnancy announcement ideas.

Exciting news announcement ideas with scratch cards

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Baby shoes new baby

A cute and original way to deliver the wonderful news of a first baby.

Mystique way to announce pregnancy

Using some bananas, you can cryptically deliver the pregnancy news.

Sports fan: baby announcement

If the new parents or future grandparents are sports fans, this is the fun way for the big announcement. But, of course, this applies to friends as well, and it’s not limited to family members.

Mathematic way to announce pregnancy

Have fun with mathematics, and don’t forget to include the youngest child or the big sister into the equation.

Cuter laundry, baby socks, baby shoes

This pregnancy announcement idea is simple and spots on!

Letter board , new baby and second pregnancy announcement

This one is niche-related and helps with the gender reveal and due date.

Kitchen announcement ideas

If you are passionate about baking, or the kitchen in general, you can include an ultrasound photo from the first trimester.

The adventure begins

You can create a pregnancy announcement card with a lovely message written with the due date included.

Puzzle pregnancy reveal for family and friends

You can create a puzzle using a pregnancy announcement photo. To customize it furthermore, add a due date or a pregnancy test to deliver the big news in your personal style.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Creative ideas for photographers

The big brother adds a new mystique photographer to the family.

Milk, milk, baby!

Use your favorite brands for creative pregnancy announcement ideas. But, of course, if you want to reveal the due date or name, that’s fine too!

Big, big family

Take the entire family to announce pregnancy: the big brother and the dog should be included!

Sitting on a tree K I S S I N G

This one is both a funny and creative pregnancy announcement photo.

A bun in the oven

It would be best if you had passion, ultrasound photos, and creativity to announce a pregnancy. You can swap the ultrasound picture with a positive pregnancy test. Feel free to create your own perfect & funny pregnancy announcement.

Emergency backup

This pregnancy announcement card delivers big news to family and friends.

Why am I doing this?

Another cryptic way for pregnancy announcements. Sit back and wait for questions without using baby items.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Celebrity announcement ideas

If you are lucky enough, you can deliver the good news to the whole world on a message board. Otherwise, use Cameo to hire a celebrity to make the pregnancy announcement for you.

The cup pregnancy announcements

Ideally, it would help if you used it on your husband to announce the pregnancy. Otherwise, this could be a fun way to deliver exciting news to grandparents to be.

A simple session of family photographs

Announce pregnancy with style—pregnancy announcement card.

A pair of new shoes for dad? Or just baby shoes?

Use the baby shoes, a pregnancy test (an ultrasound photo can be a great addition as well), and delivery the pregnancy announcement.

Please don’t look at the letter board!

This is a surprise pregnancy announcement, as long as he doesn’t cheat!


Merge your hobby with an ultrasound pic of your growing family to deliver the best pregnancy announcement.

We love movies

Use the ultrasound pic with a movie for a little baby.

Pregnancy Announcements with Pets

A relevant book and a relevant dog

These announcement ideas are my favorite in the first trimester.

The whole family is expecting

If the dog is the big sister, is he the only child at the moment?

Guardian big brother dog

Combine a dog with letter boards, and the announcement ideas will come naturally.

The cat is waiting for a baby

The baby needs to know who is close family to him. So make sure to order your funny cat t-shirts to make the photoshoot more professional.

Pregnancy Ideas with Siblings

Eviction notice

The baby onesie.

We need a new president in the house

The baby needs to know who will be the new president. This pregnancy announcement works for family and friends as well.

Older kids are happy

There is a bun in the oven, and no one is happier than the big brother. So when someone is happy, he should express his feelings with cool pregnancy announcement ideas.

Chalk drawing

You need time to develop pregnancy announcements that are fun to watch.

We need a bigger house probably

Pregnancy announcement with the whole family.

Balloons and siblings

Great pregnancy announcement ideas with balloons.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Christmas is a time for family and a great opportunity to have fun with your siblings while delivering the pregnancy announcement.

Christmas bun in the oven

The best gift for future grandmas

Grandma will love pregnancy announcements during Christmas. Who doesn’t love more presents?

Jingle Bells

Pregnancy announcements are better during holidays and perfect during Christmas.

Snowflake is on the way

Pregnancy announcement ideas are growing with a snowflake!

Cool T-Shirt pregnancy announcement

Christmas pregnancy announcement blurred

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Q&A

Q: What are some pregnancy announcement ideas?

A: There are many creative ways to announce that you’re expecting a baby. Some of the most popular include an ultrasound photo, a photoshoot, candy bars, and a personalized video message.

Q: When should I make a pregnancy announcement?

A: The first trimester is a great time to share the news with your friends and family because hormonal changes have not yet affected your appearance. However, if you can’t wait until then, there’s no rule that says you have to wait until the first trimester.

Q: What kind of photos are best for a pregnancy announcement?

A: Pregnancy announcements can be whatever you want them to be. The most popular way is still with an ultrasound photo, but there are lots of other fun options too! For example, you could try out maternity outfits, family photoshoots, or anything else that shows your unique personality and style.

Q: How do I announce my pregnancy on social media?

A: Once you have decided how to make your announcement, the next step is deciding where! You can share it on any of your favorite social networks or choose just one place if that’s easier. If you are not sure which platform will garner the most attention, try testing out a few options by posting to each of your networks at different times. You can also try creating a short video and sharing it on YouTube!


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration and helped to spark your creativity. If there are any other creative pregnancy announcement ideas out there that we haven’t shared with you, please share them in the comments below! We want to hear from all of our readers so we can create a list of 100+ ways to announce your pregnancy.

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