Meditation; the not-so-secret key to success

Check out the benefits of the meditation infographic What’s it meditation all about? Meditation has sometimes received some bad press, often assumed that you have to do it cross-legged on the floor in a loose white cotton shirt, spending hours ‘omm’ing your way to inner peace. Now, for some people, that’s how they meditate and […]

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learn how to focus using meditation

Meditation for Creativity and Focus

Do you ever envy those people who can think of ideas at the spur of the moment? They offer up creative solutions and you wonder how in the world did they come up with that idea?  Everyone has the ability to be creative. It’s just a matter of tapping into your imagination and allowing yourself to […]

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learn how to beat insomnia in a few easy steps

How Meditation For Insomnia Can Help You Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things for our health, yet sometimes it eludes us. In fact, insomnia is becoming an epidemic. Statistic draws a grim picture of just how many people are affected by insomnia: 1 in 4 adults can develop insomnia (That equals about 60 million Americans)In the UK approximately 16 million (31%) say […]

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Relieve anxiety and fear with meditation

Using Meditation To Lower Anxiety Levels

Many people, although they experience anxiety, go undiagnosed. People have a tendency to brush off their symptoms because it seems like they are always feeling anxious. However, anxiety disorders can completely inhibit one’s life and make it difficult to do even daily tasks. The National Institute of Mental Health said: Because of their tendency to avoid doctors […]

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beginner's way to start a meditation

How to Start Meditation For Improved Mental Health

Ah, meditation. The one word that everyone keeps telling you is the answer to your problems. Meditation for improved mental health. Feeling anxious? Try meditation. Trouble sleeping? Try meditation. Back pain? Try meditation. Just got rejected? Try meditation! If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard some variation of the above. And you’re either thinking one […]

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