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Guided meditation for addiction & substance abuse

Published on November 5, 2019 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Guided meditation for addiction is a proven methodology to help cure destructive habits and substance abuse. How? Let’s find out.

Some consider addiction a state of consciousness. However, traditional medicine considers it a type of brain disorder, evidenced by “compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.” 

Addictions are almost always the result of stress and traumas that have not been dealt with at their root. The point of addiction is to mask pain and pursue pleasure. The end of meditation exposes obvious pain and gives access to happiness that has no downside. This is why meditation is an effective way to face and overcome addiction. It turns your mind into your greatest ally. 

Not surprisingly, many people live with the pressure and expense of at least one addiction, if not several. While looking for a way to cope with the pains and fears we face in life, some fall into an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything else to substitute as a kind of reward for something else essential that is missing. 

Guided meditation for addiction reduces stress and, therefore, reduces the temptation to lean on something external that comes with negative consequences, like an addiction. The practice of meditation and living mindfully creates a restful awareness that helps you notice and pay much closer attention to things inside and around you.

Over time, guided meditation for addiction puts space between you and the impulse to smoke (a desire to breathe deeply) or the urge to abuse substances (a desire for connection). In that space is your chance to choose freedom. Again, and again. You find the strength to select differently with every ‘test’ that comes your way. You discover yourself more potent than the old craving for a rush or hit. Yes, the repeated practice of meditation can produce such liberating results. It paves a path to physical and mental freedom.

Cravings and urges that once kept you trapped in unwanted behavior can finally leave you free to enjoy the valid reward of mental peace and freedom. We have designed several audio meditations that support you in releasing your dependence on anything harmful. Can you imagine how great it will be to feel calm and confident, naturally?

And whenever pressure starts to build, internally or externally, you do not have to respond like a powerless victim to addiction. Instead, see yourself strong, able to carry out your will.  

Mindfulness brings you greater control over your emotions. It helps you make the choices that create a life you look forward to living. With the guided power of your mind, freedom from addiction is possible! Our audio meditations reinforce your commitment to your recovery. And once that process has started, relapse is prevented because you will learn to groom and prepare your mind to maintain sobriety. Any of these meditations are a powerful supplement to all treatment programs.

If you’ve read this far, it’s probably because you are ready for the gentle and practical support of our audios. With them, you are well-prepared to stay on your chosen path of freedom from addiction.

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