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A Guide to Meditation: Connecting, Destressing, Energizing

How the simple act of taking time for yourself to meditate can not only improve your day but your life as a whole. Find out more about meditation by downloading our FREE meditation app from iOS or Android, searching : MindTastik. Enter your phone number to download our meditation app for FREE Stressed? Overworked? Need […]

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Meditation for your well-being & personal growth

Forrest of meditation- well being and personal growth Meditation is a practice that is used to achieve greater mastery of the activities of the mind so that it ceases its usual background chatter and becomes absolutely quiet and peaceful. Read below to find out how important it is to make a daily habit of meditation […]

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meditation for hapiness and success

Meditations for Happiness, Calm, and Success

young woman meditation in a yoga pose on the tropical beach for calm happiness and success Meditations for Happiness, Calm, and Success Meditation is a word that gets thrown around a lot without a full understanding of the term. When most people conjure an image of meditation, they think of a silent room, a person […]

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Mindful eating & healthy diet

Mindful eating – Learn how to eat mindfully

Introduction to mindful eating What is Mindful Eating it’s certainly not mainstream? If it was better understood far more people would adopt this ancient practice as a healthy lifestyle choice. From my personal experience, individuals will be happier, have a stronger connection to the earth, and their wellbeing, health, and vitality will be significantly enhanced. […]

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