meditation for hapiness and success
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Meditations for Happiness, Calm, and Success

Published on April 16, 2019 – Last Updated on December 2, 2022

meditation for hapiness and success
young woman meditation in a yoga pose on the tropical beach for calm happiness and success

Meditations for Happiness, Calm, and Success

Meditation is a word that gets thrown around a lot without a complete understanding of the term. When most people conjure an image of meditation, they think of a silent room, a person on a pillow in a cross-legged position, hours of quiet and deep processing. However, meditation can be as simple as focusing on a positive phrase while sitting on a bus for five minutes. It doesn’t have to be official in any way. Most people start meditating to solve their internal problems and for happiness, calm, peace, and success.

When one assumes that meditation has to follow a specific set of rules and there is an inherent right and wrong to the technique, they whittle down the possible meditation practitioners to a small handful. Anyone can meditate. You can meditate, and you can benefit in areas of happiness, calm, and success.

To meditate, select a phrase, word, image, or thought and focus on it or repeat it for a while. This can be for 60 seconds or 60 minutes; the amount of time should not be of concern. Remove stigmas from experience and expect nothing in particular. This is low pressure, and you have nothing to lose.

Meditations for Happiness

To grow in happiness, meditate on positive affirmations such as “I am whole; I am complete.” Or focus on the word “happiness” or “gratitude.” You can repeat these words over and over in your mind or out loud. Repeat them, so they are internalized. You are planting a seed of thought, and with each repetition, it grows.

Focusing on an image (real or imaginary) is another way to meditate for happiness. Picture your happy place. Perhaps a beautiful nature scene of mountains, green, forest, or pastures. Try to describe the colors, smells, textures, and emotions of being there. Connect with this place in your mind.

Anchoring your meditation to an object, such as a stone, can also be helpful. Hold the stone while you meditate. Concentrate on how it feels. Imagine light coming from the rock that passes through your body, and relax each body part as the light travels through it. This stone can be carried with you throughout the day as a reminder of your positive meditation.

Meditations for Calm

To increase your calm and control over your body and reactions, meditate on positive affirmations, such as “Love in every cell of my body, peace in every cell of my body, awareness in every cell of my body, and so be it.” Then, recite the words slowly and reflect on their meaning.

Other calming affirmations for meditation include “I am safe; all is well,” “I am peaceful, calm, and centered,” and “I am centered and quiet.”

Breathing meditation is another way to calm your body. Try inhaling for a count of three and exhaling for a count of three. Then, only focus on your breath. Diaphragmatic breathing triggers your vagus nerve and tells your body to relax; this will happen automatically if you take time to breathe deeply. This can be done anywhere, any time.

Meditations for Success

You can employ the Law of Attraction for success when it comes to meditations. Put thoughts out into the universe that you want to become a reality, such as “Wealth will come to me,” “I am successful,” or “Opportunities will manifest.”

This is the opposite of what you may be thinking if you are not experiencing success. Instead, it is likely your thoughts focus on the negative. But based on the Law of Attraction, what you think is what becomes a reality, so take time to meditate on the positive and envision success for yourself. But, of course, you must see it first to become a reality.

Also, consider what success means to you, as the definition varies from person to person. For example, is success a happy marriage, a promotion, an amount in your bank account, a baby, finishing a degree, etc.? Finally, define your success and meditate on it.

Meditation Dos and Don’ts

The point of meditation is to focus your mind and body on positivity rather than negativity. This strengthens those positive-thought pathways in your brain and makes it easier to achieve positivity at other times in the day. However, it is pretty normal to have negative and distracting thoughts creep into your mind when you meditate. This does not mean you are doing it wrong; it means you need meditation. Keep trying. Did you like reading this helpful meditation guide? Leave your comment below.

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