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5 Reasons to Get Outside More This Year

Published on September 11, 2022 – Last Updated on September 11, 2022

When someone poses the question, “why not go outside?” What is your initial response? If it’s not a “hell yes!” here are a few reasons to get outside more this year:

Because nature is beautiful

If you’re looking for a reason to get outside, the easiest choice would be how beautiful it is out there. Whether you live in Texas or reside in Colorado, nature always brings its charm, regardless of your location. When traveling by car, it’s a good idea to look up local laws before your trip; who knows, there could be different seatbelt laws in each state.

If the only reason you get outside is because of the beauty to be found out there, that’s as good a reason as any. Plus, if you love your social media networks, there will be plenty of opportunities for photos when you spend time in the great outdoors. Nature sure is always photogenic. 

Because outdoor sports are fun

Another great reason to spend more time outside is the many fun sports that are played out there. From a game of pick-up basketball at the park to soccer with your friends, there are plenty of fun sports to enjoy on a great day. You could also look online for local leagues to join if you don’t know anyone in your city. It’s also a great way to make friends.

Make sure to bring along soft coolers in the summer so you can stay hydrated while spending time outside. Time with friends plus nature and sunshine? What could be better?

Because it’s good to get sunshine

Do you know how people talk about seasonal depression? It’s kind of a real thing. Sunshine can do wonders for our mood, so even if getting outside means just sitting or meditating in the sun or meditating for a bit, that’s always a good idea.

However, make sure you put on sunscreen beforehand and on especially hot days, bring some water in a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. When the days are sunny, take advantage of them so you can get your vitamin D and keep that mood feeling great.

Because nature can be healing

Whether you’re having a hard time financially or going through personal challenges, try to make more time to get outside in nature. There’s just something soothing about spending time outside that can help you feel better than ever.

While it may feel like you’re not doing anything to fix the problems, you may find that you feel a lot more peace of mind after time spent in the great outdoors. You can always ask a friend to join you on a hike or a run in nature so that you get emotional support while enjoying the beauty found in nature. Whether you live near mountains or the sea or simply near green spaces and lakes, take time to bask in the beauty found in nature.

Because movement is good for us

Another reason to spend time outside is that movement is great for our health. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or simply move your body; getting outside and more active is a great reason to spend time outdoors.

While you could go to a gym and spend time running on a treadmill when the weather is nice, why not take your workout outside? Sticking with your exercise routine is important, but doing it outside is even better!

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In Conclusion

Prioritize getting outside in nature. When it comes to your health and your happiness, time spent outdoors can be worthwhile. From movement, such as mountain biking or running, outside to simply taking some time to soak in the sun, don’t spend your days indoors. There’s too much beauty out there!

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