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Love and Relationship Meditation

Published on November 5, 2019 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

How we relate to others reflects how we relate to ourselves. And without the kind of self-awareness that relationship meditation develops, many peoples’ relationships with themselves could be considered abusive! 

Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) will never substitute love and relationships. As impressive as machines and computer systems are, they still can’t out-perform the human nervous system or emotional life.

There is an exceptional quality of organic life that just can’t be artificially manufactured. That quality is love, and we long for it the moment we leave our mother’s womb (<— link to birthing audio). 

Studies have shown that social media often causes even more excellent isolation and lack of connection. So why does it have the opposite effect?

Are you in the habit of talking to yourself in supportive and uplifting ways? Do you cheer for your dreams? If not, how likely is it that you would be able to give this (desirable and attractive) experience to others? Our audio meditations prepare you for deep and authentic connection, first with yourself and then with others.

  • Attract Love – An interesting “side effect” of relationship meditation is increased charm! Stressful and uptight dispositions are so common, that the poised and peaceful person stands out brightly in a crowd. The essence of charisma is an alluring and secure presence, not an insecure and neurotic one. Be ready on the inside, for the love you say you want. This way, when it comes, you won’t sabotage it with mindless choices and acts.
  • Be More Social – Your reasons for dreading or avoiding the company of others have possibly protected you from hurt or humiliation. But they also ‘protect’ you from the joy of connection and relation. Grow your social confidence, and feel free and light in all situations.
  • Dating Confidence – There is a simple ‘trick’ to dating with ease and confidence. It is deep self-acceptance. When you approve of who you are (with the aid of meditation), nervousness dissolves, and your energy can then be spent on helping others feel more comfortable! Imagine the positive effect this rare ability will have on your dating life.
  • Overcome Loneliness – Many people feel anxious with their own company, so actually avoid spending time by themselves. That avoidance is what really drives loneliness. Meditation exposes that, and replaces it with an appreciation for stillness and solitude. ‘Loneliness’ is pessimistic interpretation of chance to better understand and love yourself.
  • Rebuild Trust – Betrayal is so painful, it causes many people to emotionally shut down, and go through life more like an unfeeling robot, than a resilient human. That is a little like dying prematurely. Our audio meditation revives your ability to (first) trust yourself, to choose other trustworthy people to be a part of your life.

Relationships are a huge part of our human experience. They not only influence how we feel about our life, but they add meaning and value to them. Relationship meditation can help us fulfill more of our social and romantic potential.

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