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Stress relief meditation and Relaxation

Published on November 5, 2019 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Modern life has normalized chronic stress. Even though it is the ultimate leading cause of human death, pressure is still worn proudly, like a badge of honor. It is an enemy to well-being and should be called out as such. On the other hand, relaxation is an emotional state of low tension. Stress relief meditation is to make something less compact or dense. It means to loosen, open, and stretch out. It is an absence of anger, anxiety, or fear, which should be cultivated as often as possible to create a new, sustainable norm.

Our sympathetic nervous system spends far too much time triggered in a fight-flight-or-freeze stress response. As a result, many cortisol and other stress hormones are regularly released throughout our bodies for non-threatening reasons like traffic, debt, or deadlines. Meditation is a healing response to stress that retrains our neural pathways and calms our internal state — both emotionally and physiologically.

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The Healing Power Of Sound – Stress Relief Meditation

Most meditation forms use an object of focus, like guided visualization or controlled breath. And to help you develop a mindfulness practice, our audio meditations use sound as a form of focused awareness:

  • Ocean Waves and Seagulls – Close your eyes, and allow rhythmic ocean waves to carry away any tension you may feel. You can also imagine the waters gently holding you, as you rest weightlessly on your back. You are renewed by the sounds of the saltwater.
  • East Indian Flute Music – The beautiful bansari bamboo flute transports you to another time and place. The influence of music is a powerful one, and this unique form has deeply relaxed countless listeners for thousands of years. It is widely depicted in ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain temple paintings, and its sound is almost synonymous with meditation.
  • Tibetan Bowls, Rain and Thunder – Rain is both cleansing and calming to hear. Nature’s shower. Let your worries be washed away, additionally, with the ancient, vibrational sound of Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Create Your Personal Inner Sanctuary – This guided audio may be the best self-defense against stress, as it makes you the ultimate, and central location of inner peace. No matter where you are, or what challenge you may face, once you know how to access your internal safe-space, you will always have a refuge.

Medical students are known to maintain higher stress levels than non-medical students. Therefore, a group of them was tested. The results showed that “10-20 minutes of daily mindfulness meditation for 30 days, using a mobile phone application, decreased perceived stress and improved well-being for (the students).” 

Our mental and physical health requires that we regularly access states of relaxation. Fortunately, earbuds paired with our audio meditations are all you need to shift from stressed to serene enjoyably. By allowing your body to relax, you make it more resilient to stress and protect it from related illnesses. Because stress is so widespread, it is best to adopt stress relief as a lifestyle. Every day, set aside time to expand yourself and your senses.

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