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12 Relaxing Sounds from Nature

Are you ready to relax and listen to one of the 12 audio relaxing nature sounds we are sharing with you? Each audio track has around 1 hour and it includes nature sounds like tropical waves, torrential rain & tranquil waterfall. You can listen to these whenever you feel like pausing and refreshing. These nature soundscapes can help you relax and get into a meditative state, where you can let go of fears & worries and just observe what feelings arise when you simply stay still.

Are nature sounds considered meditation?

Yes, these relaxing nature sounds will help you get relaxed and be more present, in the moment. You can simply close your eyes and listen to this nature meditation tracks, and let your imagination drift. If any emotions arise just let them be there and be an observer (don’t judge the emotions). By listening to nature sounds you will be able to relax more after an agitated day. In this post, you will find out the best nature sounds to sleep to for free.

What is the best place to listen to these beautiful natural sounds collection?

You can either listen to these unguided meditation nature sounds to clear your mind, during your busy schedule, or you can listen to them fully focused with eyes closed. It is up to you.

You can listen any time you want to take a little break: in the car, in the office, while you jog, etc. However, if you want to get more than just daily relaxation, I think you should listen to this meditation tracks in a peaceful and quiet place, with your eyes closed. These soundscapes are good if you want to fall asleep faster & easier. Just put them on when you go to bed, and instead of watching TV or any other distraction, simply play these and let yourself drift to sleep. Find the top 12 nature sounds to relax and sleep.

How can i listen to nature sounds on my phone? Is there an app?

We have developed an app which is called MindTastik which contains: guided meditations, sleep meditations, mindfulness practice, and self-help meditations. At this moment you can download the app for free and get access to over 300 guided & unguided meditations. So it will be easier for you to listen to them directly from your phone. Start relaxing today! Feel better, sleep better, and be more mindful about your life with our app. Download MindTastik – Meditation, Mindfulness, Sleep & Relaxation app below:

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Here are the individual audio tracks of nature sounds. Happy relaxation!

1. Tropical Waves relaxation music

autumn in the forest nature sounds
Relax while you imagine you are on a tropical beach. Feel the warm sand, the sun gently beating down on your body and hear the waves lapping at the shore. Imagine your happy place with this tropical wave meditation track and stay in it. For 1 hour you can imagine anything that helps you relax on that beach.

2. Torrential Rain – Nature Sounds Rain

torrential rain nature sounds
Feel the drops of the rain falling on your face. Imagine that this rain washes out all tension in your body, all daily stress & anxiety. The nature of this soundscape is very powerful. Feel the strong wind, the rain, the sound of thunder but don’t be afraid! You are safe and grounded and you can run in the rain or do whatever you imagine it helps you relax more.

3. Woodland Bridleway

The birds are singing… Animals are there aswell. You can hear the trees rustling. It’s time to take a relaxing journey on this peaceful & tranquil woodland bridleway. Leave your worries behind, in this scene, there is no stress and no deadline. Let your imagination play while you relax and block the outside world.

4. The tropical storm natural sound

tropical storm nature sound
The tropical storm is here to relax you. Even though it is not still, you can hear the sound of the thunder and see the lightning. You are either outside and happy that the rain pours over your body, or you are inside a shelter watching peacefully the beautiful nature.

5. Dusk at The Oasis

dusk in the oasis nature sounds
Rest at the oasis after a dusty day in the desert. This may be the trip you imagined in the desert. Imagine being with someone dear to you. The wind relaxes you more and more.

6. Autumn in The Forest soundtrack

autumn in forest nature sounds
The leaves are falling and summer has just left. Gusts whistle through the trees. Feel the wind, feel the leaves, what kind of memories does it bring? Relax and let your imagination help you to find good or bad memories, and start processing them right away.

7. Babbling Brook – Hypnotic sounds of the water falling off the rocks

babbling brook nature sounds
This meditation/hypnosis soundscape has it all. Birds singing, water, and all aspects of a complex nature.

8. Tropical Beach at Sunset – Nature Sounds

tropical beach nature sound
Peace and tranquility are the keys in this soundscape. The sun is down and the creatures of the night start a symphony. The combination of nature sounds from this track makes it a gentle relaxation scenery.

9. Lazy Summer Day – Meditation Nature Sounds

lazy summers day
You can listen to the sound of the bee in the air. It’s really hot outside, a heated summer day. Imagine being on beach and while the sun gently touches you, you sip your favorite cold drink. Enjoy and relax 1 hour of peace & tranquility.

10. Hot Jungle Day – Relaxing Sounds

hot jungle day nature sounds
Relax with tropical sounds of the jungle. Befriend the animals. Feel like the jungle is there to relax you from your busy day at work. The wonderful complexity of nature sounds makes you feel present in the jungle.

11. Tranquil Waterfall Relaxation – Rain Nature Sounds

tranquil waterfall nature sounds
Hear the water falling. Feel it cleansing your body of stress, anxiety, worries. Enjoy the natural sounds while you get to sleep.

12. Log Cabin Fire sounds

log cabin fire nature sounds
Hear The Sound of the Logs Crackle and Spit as They Burn. Stare at the fire as the flames warm you. Let your imagination do the magic and turn this fire sounds into a relaxation source.

Did you enjoy the relaxation of nature sounds?

I hope these soundtracks helped you achieve some peace of mind. You can come back any time to listen as they will be available for FREE on our website.

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