Women’s health meditation & mindfulness

Women’s health meditation and mindfulness. One of the most natural of all human processes is also one of the least understood, and most feared. How did we come to feel so disconnected from our own feminine physicality? How did our miraculous ability to REPRODUCE LIFE, come to make us feel more squeamish than powerful? Most mothers-to-be are filled with horror about the birthing process because painful, traumatic births have become the norm. 

But that is not natural. 

Nor is the well-known fear-tension-pain (FTP) cycle normally. FTP blocks oxytocin and endorphins, which are hormones the body generates to relieve pain and arouse pleasure and well-being — two mental states nearly removed from the typical birthing process. Instead, panicked mothers signal the release of adrenaline, which decreases blood flow and increases discomfort. FTP greatly upsets a birthing mother’s bio-chemistry, while relaxation and meditation restore it.

womens health meditation mindfulness

Hypno-Birthing Approaches Labor And Delivery Positively

Mothers can actually experience their birth and feel the passage of their babies, as the practice of hypnobirthing often eliminates the need for epidurals, and other unnatural painkillers. Our audio meditations empower you by showing you:

  • Three effective breathing techniques for calm and relaxing labor.
  • How to create natural anesthesia and numb your body with your mind. 
  • How to prepare your birth partner to be comfortable and supportive.
  • The best breastfeeding and bonding practices.
  • How to deal with postpartum depression.
  • How to manage the overwhelm of being a new mother.

The language used in birthing culture also makes a big difference in how things are perceived and, therefore, experienced. Consider the difference between “pushing the baby out,” and “breathing the baby down.” Or “contractions,” versus “surges.” The words we use matter. The practice of hypnobirthing uses a high level of awareness and does not seek to numb or dumb things down, artificially.

Even the bodily position of the mom-to-be can be adjusted for much greater comfort by working with gravity (by squatting or on hands and knees), rather than working against it (by lying on the back, with feet up, which is only comfortable for the medical team.)

Can you envision not just the mother’s calm, but also the initial, peaceful “setting” a new baby will enjoy as s/he enters this life gently and naturally, free of trauma? How a baby is born, affects the rest of its life.

Hypno-birthing brings nature back to the birthing experience, by placing the needs of mothers and babies, above the traditions of medical establishments.

Many women enjoy a calm, positive, fear-free birth. This is because both a mother’s body, as well as a baby journeying out of its mother, knows what to do innately.  Women’s health meditation & mindfulness can help ease the process.

Mothers and babies have had these strong natal instincts all along, but they’re often minimized in the medical specialty of obstetrics. Our special set of audio meditations focuses on the two most important people in the birthing room: mom and baby. It is nearly revolutionary to decide ahead of time that your baby will begin its life with ease and grace, but it is within your power to decide just that.

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