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Mindful eating – Learn how to eat mindfully

Introduction to mindful eating

What is Mindful Eating it’s certainly not mainstream? If it was better understood far more people would adopt this ancient practice as a healthy lifestyle choice. From my personal experience, individuals will be happier, have a stronger connection to the earth, and their wellbeing, health, and vitality will be significantly enhanced. In this article, we will give you some advanced tips in order to enjoy daily mindful eating. Read below and feel free to distribute to others the mindful eating infographics.


mindful eating info graphic which shows rules for a healthy nutrition
Rules of healthy mindful eating. Having healthy nutrition will improve your wellbeing. Conscious healthy eating habits with mindful exercises infographic

Mindful eating or eating mindfully is a philosophy traditionally practiced by many spiritual paths and religious groups. More recently It is practiced in alternative communities and retreat and meditation centers and by conscious individuals. In essence, what it means: food is grown or raised with mindful awareness, then prepared and eaten in mindful silence. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to eat mindfully and enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle.

Preparation to eat a healthy mindful meal

Living with the knowledge that all food has consciousness, those practicing mindful eating consciously prepare themselves and their food before eating. Hands and faces should be washed, appropriate clean clothing worn, and those involved in the preparation to meditate for at least fifteen minutes immediately before ‘hands-on’ in the kitchen. All matter has consciousness, and consciousness is affected by emotions. If a helper arrives upset or angry, then it’s essential that they meditate immediately to calm their nerves, to regain their composure, and shift any unconscious thoughts/emotions into ones calmer, quieter and more peaceful. Even to the extent if one feels unbalanced, or is not in their highest consciousness then meditating before any preparation will return them to a place of connection, surrender, and service.

‘Helpers’ at any of the worldwide Vipassana meditation centers volunteer their time to prepare and serve all organic vegetarian meals for those attending Vipassana meditation ‘sits. This is done, so all food maintains the highest frequency as close as possible to the consciousness present before the plants were picked. Helpers also meditate before entering the kitchen, do not talk while working and serve and clean in silence. These subtle efforts are supportive of those attending the meditation sessions as it maintains their calm, meditative progress.

Vegetables and Meat:

Generally speaking, plants have a light, calm consciousness from growing in the earth itself, while meat a lower and heavier consciousness as their preparation involves levels of fear and stress from transport and being herded into unnatural surroundings awaiting slaughter. Their fear or stress releases stress chemicals directly into the body that passes into the meat, and that is digested by the consumer.
Any individual seeking the subtle shifts in consciousness arising from mindful eating can adopt the same philosophy and undertakings whether they are cooking for themselves or for a group of friends.

Conscious awareness / mindful eating:

Maintaining conscious awareness in the area of food preparation and consumption requires a different approach. Here the vibration of the person preparing the food is one dedicated to preserving their highest personal vibration not only in the physical preparation but also in their spiritual and mental development.
All external influences need to be considered. Any conflicting energies that may distract or lower their conscious vibration need to be minimized. For example, loud TV, radios channels or certain music genres have the potential of reducing a person’s consciousness. Unrelated conversations can affect this, as will drugs or smoking, and alcohol.
The same applies to any individual preparing and cooking a meal at home.
Food should be carefully washed and placed in clean containers. The kitchen should be clean and uncluttered, all bench tops wiped. During the time of preparation, cooking and serving the highest levels of conscious awareness be maintained.

Acknowledging the bountiful offerings of Mother Earth as she surrenders some of this bounty up for the enjoyment and nourishment of others. The connection through Mother Earth with the cycles of the moon whose soft light has been part of the growth phases of plants. The same also applies to the growing energy provided by the sun. For the rain that has fallen, for the wind and for the insects that have been part of the whole process.
Appreciation also is given for those involved in the growing, harvesting, packaging and transportation of produce. Along with all workers engaged in the whole food industry for their hard work. To the shopkeepers, fruit growers, and drivers. All can be included in sincere appreciation and gratitude for their respective roles in bringing the food to the table.

Conclusion – Eating mindfully

Now all preparations are complete, and the food is ready to be served. A simple prayer can be offered, or incense lit or fresh flowers bought to the table. All meals should be eaten slowly and chewed thoroughly. Turn off all electronic gadgets, mobile phones, TV, etc. Play some nice relaxing or peaceful music in the background. Eat as if you were sitting in the middle of a forest, and all the food on your plate came from the forest around you. Appreciating every animal and bird, the sounds of the streams, the wind above in the trees, the shafts of mottled light touching the forest floor. All are associated in some way with the nourishment you are placing in your body. Observe the soft energy from all of these elements combining as they move into and throughout your whole body nourishing and revitalizing it and your whole being.

How can meditation help you maintain helpful and mindful eating daily?

benefits of meditation
Benefits of meditation

First of all, please view the benefits of meditation infographic which lists the most important aspects of health which can be improved by practicing meditation. By eating slowly and enjoying the meal in the present moment, you are able to unify the mind and body which translates into improved general health. Alongside the tips presented in this article, you can try the meditation “Eat Slowly” which can be found in our MindTastik mobile app. Eat slowly guided meditation will help you:

  • Be more conscious of the food you are eating
  • Feel calmer when you sit down to eat
  • Help you savor every bit of food in a mindful way
  • Eat less because you allow time to the mind and body to process the food slowly.

If you want to enjoy some mindfulness eating exercises & guided meditations which will help you eat more present, try out our guided meditation app which can be found in both stores by searching: MindTastik.

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