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Self-esteem & confidence meditation & mindfulness

Published on November 5, 2019 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

How much positive regard or self-love do you think you have? Unfortunately, life does not make most people feel great about themselves. The majority, it seems, are socialized for self-doubt and to seek expertise and affirmation outside of oneself. Self-esteem & confidence meditation could help.

Then, a significant part of one’s adult life is spent learning to be comfortable in one’s skin. Meditation is a literal lifesaver when learning how to accept and trust yourself. Not enough is said about our relationship with ourselves of all the relationship books, courses, and workshops. Meditation is one of the best ways to develop a healthy and mature relationship with yourself.

Self-esteem & confidence meditation
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Confidence means “to have full trust.” Have you ever seen someone with complete trust in themselves? It’s rare and irresistible when someone is not sorry for being. But is that trait reserved for actors and celebrities? Of course not!

Fortunately, meditation can help any person raise how they think about themselves. Self-esteem and self-confidence are vital to many aspects of our lives, including:

  • Socializing:  The very act of relating is hindered for many because of social anxiety, introversion, and shyness. Mindful meditation steadies and readies you to engage with others as your true and comfortable self.
  • Interviewing:  One-third of our life is typically spent working, yet many dread their work-life. Job satisfaction is important to health and happiness. So, can you see how possessing the confidence to interview well is necessary? Our audio meditation is designed to support you give your best interview, ever.
  • Public speaking: This skill is actually feared more than death! That’s how much humans dislike feeling vulnerable to judgment and criticism. Yet, public speaking is often required of us at work, and in school. No need to run, hide, or avoid the task. Our audio meditation will build you up with such poise and confidence, you may end up looking forward to your speech!
  • Dating:  The lack of confidence and self-esteem stops some from initiating a date, and also stops others from accepting one. Feeling insecure about our appearance or abilities is unappealing. Mindful meditation brings to surface the root cause of whatever self-worth issues may be interfering with dating and romance. 
  • Selling:  Selling is the same thing as exchanging — giving one thing, and receiving another. In this sense, we all sell, all the time. If we’re honest, we constantly seek ways to persuade others to be in agreement with our plans and hopes. That’s selling, and a mindful approach yields much greater success.

The word ‘esteem’ originally came from ‘estimate’ in Latin. It had to do with appraising and determining the value of something. Do you esteem yourself worthy of inner peace, great relationships, fulfilling work, and more? Our audio meditations support you in becoming fully aware of just how lovable and powerful you are.

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