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What Is The Best Time To Meditate?

In the fast-paced world of today, people seldom get time to self-reflect or pay attention to their soul and body. The busyness of today’s lives accompanied by the eagerness to succeed in no time has made their living rushed, and unenjoyable. And further, the hurried pace existence of people now makes them more prone to complications as unresolved mental issues, traumas, stress, tensions, and unsufferable ordeals. Find out which is the best time to meditate contingent on your goals below.

People rarely get time to sit and ponder over how they wanted to spend their day and how it actually turned out to be. There is much less time to have a conversation with one’s own self that allows a person to understand their mind on a greater level. Lack of introspection added with the absence of emotional care and increased lifestyle disturbances, any person loses their self-awareness and falls into a state where they neglect to understand their own feelings and thoughts.

Is there a specific time to meditate? Does it affect the results?

the perfect time to meditate
Young woman meditating on the top of the mountain in sunrise time

The tautness in feelings and emotions turn into issues and matters that create a lifestyle unfit and unhealthy. Without a doubt, all the strain negatively results in physical conditions, that despite well-provided care, do not come under control. Following this is more mental anguish induced by a distressed body and hence an unbreakable cycle of unhealthy body and unfit mind.

A troubled body can not hold a mind that is fit to make reasonable choices and aware decisions. Hence, life is spent unknowingly in a continued state of suffering and misery. As popularly known – A healthy body serves as a seat for a healthy mind. Therefore it is unavoidably necessary to take care of your thoughts that will undoubtedly help you resolve most of your physical conditions.

But what can one do to have a mind that is ample enough to help you attain a life as smooth-going as a dream? The simple answer is to meditate. The process of meditation or today known as the practice of doing mindfulness is a tradition rooting back to centuries. Holding a respected position in various cultures, the art of meditation refers to the ability to have an unwavering hold upon one’s thoughts. The hold is such intense that even a passing thought is not allowed to disrupt the stillness of the brain.

Meditation, the answer to a healthy lifestyle

According to the National Center Of Complementary And Integrative Health, Meditation is a mind and body practice that has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being.

The tradition of meditation has several ways to practice it. You could –

  • try blocking out all thoughts
  • harvest positive thoughts
  • focus on goals
  • repeat gratitude for the things you have
  • recite mantras
  • exercise physically to divert attention from worries
  • do meditation yoga

But the basic point of trying all these is to succeed in a state where your mind enters a region of serenity and composure. The aim is, hence, to reach such a place of Zen that you get a wholesome thought environment. And, also to rest your mind from the continuous buzzing and whirling of contemplations and reflections.

However, a question that evidently arises in the minds of beginner meditators is when is the best time to meditate. Based on your preferences, routines, and choices, there may be more than a single best meditation time.

When is the best time to meditate?

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Expert time management – time stops when you start practicing meditation

The time that proves to be the best time to meditate for you may need not be as good for someone else. It depends mostly on when you feel the most connected to yourself. A good time to meditate is when you are capable of blocking the impossibly lengthy chain of thoughts.

But if you want to know about the best time to meditate for you, in detail, the following are a few mediation time sets that are sure to work for you.

●     Meditation in the morning

Now, you sure must know that a good night’s sleep helps everybody to refreshen up and makes them ready for the new day and its adventures. Therefore, the best time of day to meditate when you are not as much absorbed in workings of the day is the morning. Not only are you fresh at that moment but also what makes the morning the best time to meditate is the fact that it is much quieter and peaceful than the rest of the day. Hence, it becomes easier to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Why set your meditation timing in the morning?

According to the journal, Neuropsychopharmacology Report, Stress is easier to cope with, in the morning.

As stress is lower, the thoughts do not cloud your mind. You have a clear canvas, to begin with as you are just woken-up fresh from a good sleep. Following this is that you find it easier to make a connection with your soul and also to practice mindfulness. The study makes it clear that the morning is the best time to meditate.

If you do not feel rested even after sleeping, or if you have not been having a good sleep lately, you can try guided meditation with the MindTastik app. The app helps you soothe and also serves you with various different options, from which you can choose the one best for you, or even more, and make the most of your day. The cool, calm background and the guided tips are amazing to meditate too!

●     Meditation in the evening

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You can choose your own meditation time by setting up notifications on our mindfulness app

Now, if you do not even have time to grab a decent lunch in the morning and rush to your workplace, school, or college every day, it is evident that you may not have time in the morning to meditate. To compensate this, you can shift your meditation time to evenings. If you do it properly, even evenings can turn to be the best time of the day to meditate!

As you have already read, mornings are a time when stress is not as intense as the rest of the day. By contrast, it is apparent that evenings have a sharp rise in the amount of stress and anxiety in people.

Most of the people are busy these days. Upon the end of the day, when they find themselves lacking a good communication partner or reflect upon their need for support and concern from near ones, people find themselves at a place where they want to share their achievements and failures of the day.

Even if this is not the problem, the simple elevation of problems during the course of the day, rise in work expectations or any other happening, causes more fluctuations in moods and also result in higher stress levels. Hence, to calm a troubled mind at the end of the day, the evenings tend to be a better choice.

All you have to do is – seat yourself at a place where you will not be disturbed, become aware of your feelings, and let the disrupted mood subside. When you consciously pay attention to your thoughts, you realize that you can control them in a better way. Therefore, you can divert your thoughts from their anxious condition to a more positive one. Furthermore, when you set your meditation time in the evening, you prepare a clean slate of consciousness to take to bed, and hence, sleep better.

Meditate before or after a workout: the best time to meditate for gym enthusiasts

If none of the above works for you, you can opt for this one, which, when paired with your physical exercise, allows you more strength and energy to have a good workout.

A research conducted by Web of Science, Pub-Med, and SPORTDiscus shows that stress has a negative effect on physical activity, which means that physical activity under stress become more laborious. The person may reluctantly indulge in any physical activity if they do not cease doing it at all.

Hence, stress negatively influences your workout routine and basically hinders the process of it. But if you keep aside a few moments for your meditation time before you meditate, you will realize that the practice surprisingly provides you more zest and zeal to indulge in physical activity and exercise.

Meditation before a workout

The best time to meditate for you if your workout is before you begin your physical exercise. Put yourself at and ease and allow yourself some time to calm your senses. Now, though you can meditate by blocking all thoughts completely, you can also do the same thing by cultivating the thoughts that will help you work out even better.

Repeat your goals in your mind again and again, or plainly think about the end result you want to attain. Make a mantra out of it. Soon you will realize that your muscles have re-energized despite the tautness that you felt before the meditation and hence can start your exercise and profit more than you ever could.

Is Mediation after a workout the best time to meditate?

Opposed to meditation before a workout, where you have been reading your muscles for the activity, now you meditate to soothe your hyperactive muscle and bring your senses back to a resting stage. The practice helps you even out your breath and hence provides you time to gather yourself after the strenuous activity before you carry on with your day.

Breathe out slowly and pay attention to your breathing cycle. Doing this will help you get relaxed and also break the chain of wearing out thoughts by meditating. You can hence, meditate before or after a workout, or do both and it will automatically become the best time to meditate for you.    

Summing Up

Meditation is a practice which anyone and everyone can include in their day-to-day lives and profit from without spending a dime. The practice helps you get a cleaner body and a clearer mind. If you still are not sure about when is the best time to meditate, just remember that any time with MindTastik is the best time to meditate! Enjoy your guided meditation!

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