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Free Morning Meditation to Start Your Day

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Strain have almost become constant in today’s world. No being, either working, studying, or simply thriving, is excluded from these psychic concerns. Ranging from every small, little discomfort to big blown matters, people tend to lose their cool. Overthinking, post worry, distress has made a permanent home in the lives of the people of today. In this article, we will discuss how a simple 5 minute morning meditation, can benefit you immensely on your day-to-day challenges and habits.

The most affected are those who come in contact with the busy lifestyle of the modern-day world. Try out our free guided morning meditation which can be found in our MindTastik app, and start your day refreshed and ready for new challenges. If you enjoyed our first-morning meditation, please continue reading this article and you will find another one for you.

Even if this is not the case, which means if you are not much concerned with the hustle nowadays, still the human brain is made that when stimulated negatively, it tends to get discomforted and irritable. You may feel trapped or not heard based on situations that have been accumulating over time, or your dread is the result of something that happened lately. Despite the reasons for mental anguish and pain, the result is that all these make life distasteful, unpleasant, and unhealthy.

Moreover, it need not be distress that is blocking your path to a sound mind. Just anything that makes you feel disconnected can make you feel anxious. Needless to say, everything that affects your mind adversely takes a toll on your body and feelings. You may start procrastinating, having eating disorders, self-harming yearnings, etc.

But what can help soothe a brain that is hyper-tense?

morning meditation on the beach
Early morning meditations to start your day in just 10 minutes

There are several ways to bring a frustrated mind back to normal, but if they are physical, they are not truly effective or healing. Medications and pills only put you in a state of numbness that does not truly relieve you from your trauma and does not calm your mind. It does not even have to be the result of some happening. Barely anything that disturbs you counts on the list. Furthermore, synthetic things to cure impulses will have unfriendly effects on your body.

However, why not try the brain’s inbuilt tendency to calm itself? And that is what you can do when you bring in the power of meditation. Meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, all these terms are used to refer to a process where you bring yourself in a state of Zen and let the negative energy flow out.

 Now, there are several ways to meditate. But only what matters is to bring yourself at ease. Because -- a healthy mind clearly influences a healthy body, it should be your priority to aid your thoughts to where you feel the most at peace.

The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality revealed that meditation interventions reduce multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.

What is the best time to meditate?

There is no time when you can practice the salubrious art of meditation, but there are some times when you are most at ease and can thus easily regulate your thought spirals. Hence, the best time to meditate is in the morning.

Why Morning Meditation?

daily meditation in nature
With our app you get access to free morning meditations, meditation for daily problems and much more.

Morning meditation is something that not only helps you alleviate your mood but also directly impacts a positive influence on your soul. The time is fit to bring about a sense of ‘divinity’ and also unity with something all-powerful and in the state of nirvana.

Morning meditation is also suitable because the early wee hours are more peaceful and serene than the whole day can ever be. The hustle-bustle free hours help you merge in ‘oneness’ better than any other time. Additionally, when awakening from sleep, you are more at ease with your mind and body, and therefore can practice mindfulness more beneficially. Hence, you can incorporate ‘wake-up meditation’ into your morning routine.

How to practice Morning Meditation?

There is no clear and cut manual when your mental health is concerned. What works for you is what is best for you. Similar is the morning meditation. You only need to find a way that fits for you and begin practicing it.

But it can be a bit difficult to find what fits if you are new to meditation. Therefore, the following are some free meditations to help you begin your day with a smile on your face and freshness in your thoughts.

Free Morning Meditations:

Guided Morning Meditation

a beautiful landscape in the morning
A good morning starts with a tranquil peace of mind. Start meditating with our app and have access to beautiful nature pictures which helps you relax and enjoy daily in the morning.

Beginners usually find it difficult to connect themselves with the ‘energy’ that is talked about in traditional meditation practices. But the hardship can be overcome if you begin practicing with Guided Meditation.

An easy way to begin morning guided meditation is by trying our Mindtastik app. It helps you to customize your morning meditation based on your preferences. You can choose from meditation playlists to thoughtful quotes that help you find your true peaceful inner self. Consequently, by including guided morning meditation into your daily routine, you begin your day with a renewed zeal towards life.

In research conducted by the American Psychosomatic Society, it was found that in people who meditated regularly, measurable changes were noted in the areas of the brain responsible for positive thoughts and optimism.

Time-controlled morning meditation

As said earlier, the hectic lifestyle of today barely allows any time for self-preservation and wholesomeness. But this can be overcome when you bring about a routine in yourself which you follow to the dot. Even a few moments of tranquility experienced by the mind can help you manage the goings of day.

Then wonder how much ten (10) whole minutes can do for your serenity and saneness. A 10-minute morning meditation will not only do the wonders that morning meditation proves to do but will help your brain to be disciplined, and contained in but a few clock minute-hand spins.

But, if unfortunately taking out 10-minute morning meditation is too much to ask for, then you certainly and inescapably should take out not more than 5 minutes. A 5-minute morning meditation will be as good as a 10 minute one if you truly let yourself be at ease and allow the brain to come still and quiet. Your 5-minute morning meditation routine will act as an exercise for your brain where your mind learns to be healthy and achieve the ‘stillness’ that will power you up with zest throughout your day.

Positive Musical Morning Meditation

Attaining the quite that your mind longs for need not be practiced only in a silent atmosphere. Your ever bubbling and extremely tiring thought processes can be kept in check when you place yourself in surroundings that pull out the negative energy from you, and music can effectively do this for you.

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has written records that say, music positively impacts the endocrine system and stress response, which hence proves to be beneficial for a healthy state of mind.

When you combine music with meditation, you get the best of both worlds. All you need to do is begin your playlist and achieve Zen. But, if you are struggling to pick a playlist to meditate to, you can always opt for the ones available in our Mindtastik app.

Wake-up Meditation

Research sited by the American Psychological Association points that if Americans are allowed to have an extra 60-90 minutes of sleep, they can be happier, healthier, and safer. The studies clearly indicate a good night’s sleep improves brain response, stress management, and memory. Furthermore, when you combine your freshly awaken mind after a sound sleep with meditation, the benefits of your hearty sleep will be multiplied over.

So, on the days when you feel rested and fresh, try having a wake-up morning meditation session that will lock in the feeling of calm, which you can use throughout your busy days. All you need to do is train yourself not to immediately think about stressful situations when you wake-up and instead practice mindfulness. The wake-up meditation will give you a boost from the beginning of the day to the end.

10 Minute Morning Meditation and Exercise

early meditation
The posture of the morning meditations is not necessary for a yoga posture. Relax and meditate however you feel in order to have a healthy mind & body connection.

Though the traditional meditation practices require you to sit still and meditate, a combined exercise-cum-meditation session can help you have a healthy body and a sound mind.

You can do Yoga or even other exercises, and at the same time deeply indulge in yourself, block out unnecessary thoughts, and have some quality ‘me time’ to help you with mental anguish.

Even while exercising at a treadmill or in a gym, you can follow a regime where you free yourself of all thoughts and contemplations. What’s better than removing toxins from both body and soul?! After all, a healthy body is the seat for a healthy mind!

Wholesome Guided Morning Meditation

With a good morning meditation routine, you can not only deal with stress, depression, and psyche related problems but also instill positive feelings like those of responsibility, compassion, etc. To do the positive morning meditation, you can think about all the things you are grateful for. Incorporate gratitude and thankfulness into your thought spiral. Eventually, you will see that the positive morning meditation provides you a whole new light to view the world.

Studies by Frontiers in Psychology show that mindfulness meditation contributes to a more coherent and healthy sense of self and identity when considering aspects such as a sense of responsibility, authenticity, compassion, self-acceptance, and character.

Another research by the Journal of Addictive Diseases shows that meditation can also help people who have addictive dependencies like that on alcohol, and improve personal traits.

The positive morning meditation

Also, Positive morning meditation can be done exclusively by those people who find it rather difficult to block out thoughts. They can change their thought train to positive feelings and hence benefit.

Meditation is a practice being followed for centuries. It has an influential place in certain cultures and traditions. Its beauty lies in the fact that though being carried out through centuries, the practice has not lost its hold and even today continues to serve people struggling with several mental issues.

When you meditate, you get a feeling of ‘wholesomeness’ which may not be felt immediately but comes into light over time. So, take some time to show some love to your brain. Meditate and live on!

If you are ready to start practicing meditation, it hasn’t been easier. Download our guided meditation app and how to find inner peace, life balance and how to improve yourself.

If you are a mother or pregnant women, we have created a special meditation page called hypnobirthing. Make sure to check it out!

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