Living Mindfully – A step-by-step guide for a better living

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To be mindful means to live in the moment – the moment of “NOW”. The “NOW” is your Reality, your Power and your Truth, which cuts you free from the entrapments of time. It is the hub of deep peace and opportunities, elusive in the outside world. This is the eternal moment that ever was, is and has been. Your past and future are just illusions of time. They are the entrapments that prevent your soul from enjoying true spiritual freedom.

You know not what opportunities you miss as you wander lost and afraid in the wasteland of your past. NOW is the core of your peace and opportunities. When you are focused at the moment, the past and future fade away. You thus set yourself free from needless worries and sorrows.

With every passing moment you are creating your tomorrows through your words, deeds and thoughts.   Your future is built upon the foundation-stones of the “NOW”. What you do in the “NOW” is critically important in determining your joys and sorrows of tomorrow’s. It is what you do today that creates a template upon which your future is constructed. Therefore, it is in order that you make the choices that are conducive for a brighter future.

Living mindfully means being consciously aware of your thoughts, habits, and actions in your daily life. Use your conscious-awareness to monitor your mental activities. When the mind strays into the shady haunts of the past, it trails in the sordid remnants of the bygone days, which create a dismal gloom over the sunshine of the “NOW”, and prevents you from availing the abundance energies that are ever pouring down on you.

You need to put your mind under vigilance twenty-four, seven.

The moment you catch a negative thought sneaking into your mind, you need to stop it right dead in its tracks and replace it immediately with that which makes you happy and peaceful. Your conscious-awareness acts as a sentry, preventing the intrusion of the offensive thoughts from gaining unlawful entry into your being. Persistent vigilance accompanied by will-power can ultimately fine-tune your mind so that it will automatically filter out the negative thoughts while allowing only those which are for the highest good for you and for others.

You can make your life happy and peaceful by choosing to live in the peace of your present moment instead of dwelling on your past traumatic situations. You are in charge of your own peace and happiness. It is how you choose to live and how you perceive life that decides the state of your being-ness.

A healthy, well-focused mind is a deterrent to all negative thoughts.

It is thus essential to keep your mind healthfully engaged. and the results of which are ever worthy of your effort. Be aware of your present moment in anything you do. Apply mindfulness in every routine task which is normally done mechanically while your mind is on hundred different things of no importance.

Your mind is a sharp weapon that can empower any situation or task when you use it constructively with authority and focus.

Let us take a couple of examples where you can transform these routine tasks into healthful, wholesome acts.

A simple, daily task of taking a shower can be sublimated by applying your mind to it.

Imagine the water as the Universal golden liquid Light pouring down on you from your shower-head. Intend that the Light is cleansing your body, mind, and soul. Visualize the soap as a cosmic scrubber. As you scrub your body, think that you are scrubbing away all impurities embedded in your auric-field. Intend that you are being purified. This is raising your vibrational frequency and your entire being is thrilling with radiant health and vitality. 

At the end of your shower affirm that you are clean and healthy both inside and outside.

With regular practice, you will indeed begin to feel healthier and stronger than ever before.

Similarly, when preparing your food in the kitchen. Be conscious of your thoughts. Anger, frustration and other negative emotions emit toxins that can virtually poison your food and adversely affect those partaking of it at the subtle levels of their beings.

Therefore, spiritualize this daily task with good cheer. Think of health, nourishment, love, peace, strength and so on while preparing and handling food. These little mind-games, as silly as it may sound, are indeed powerful enough to magnify the nutritional value of your food.

When you are completely at one with your work, you do not feel the tedium of even the most monotonous of all jobs like cleaning the house or weeding your garden. You get so absorbed in the work that you lose track of time and become oblivious to fatigue and ennui. The end-result of such concentrated labor is indeed gratifying and noteworthy.

It is good practice to keep your mind engaged in constructive activities; it helps to drive away from the errant thoughts. Mindfulness helps to strengthen your power of concentration and keeps your mind sharp and bright. Practice mindfulness in every waking moment for greater well-being and empowerment.

Program your mind with positive affirmations. Some affirmations that you can use to enrich your life are:

  • I am mindful of this Moment
  • My mind is always focused and alert
  • I am happy and peaceful this very Moment
  • This Moment is all I have to live for
  • I choose to be happy in life
  • I am always attracting wonderful situations in my life
  • I allow myself to flow peacefully with the tide of Life

These powerful statements are conducive to enhancing your mindfulness.

A further view: What Is Mindfulness?

Golden opportunities come knocking on your door, and you can avail of these only when you are “at home” at the moment to answer the door. Your NOW is that magical moment where all your goals and dreams are realized. Therefore, let every thought, word, and deed be worthy of God’s Love, and you will create wondrous tomorrows for yourself.

Ah, Mindfulness. The very word seems to conjure up images of serenely calm monks in long robes walking single-file up curling granite steps on a high mountaintop. But mindfulness is not about separating yourself off from the world in cosmic contemplation. Quite the opposite. Mindfulness is about being calmly, fully, non-judgmentally engaged in every moment of your life.

Is Mindfulness a Meditation?

Certainly, there are links between mindfulness and meditation. Both involve techniques for strengthening and enhancing the mind. But where meditation is generally thought of as a time-bounded activity with a beginning and end, with mindfulness the aim is to always be in this state. It is a way of life rather than an action one takes at a given time.

You can mindfully perform a meditation.

You can also mindfully eat a meal, walk down a garden path, and engage in conversation with a loved one. Mindfulness is always present when you open yourself to it.

What Does Non-Judgmental Mean?

A core concept of mindfulness is that it is non-judgmental. It is open and observing. Things are always happening around us, above us, below us, and to us. Things happen within us. The one constant in our world is changing. Even when it might seem as if nothing is changing, in truth everything is changing. The seasons are moving. Our bodies are aging. The planet takes one more rotation.

Whatever moments come to us, they are fleeting and temporary. They, too, will pass.

Sometimes we can get caught up in a loop of judging our thoughts and emotions. We decide one situation is “bad” while another one is “good”. But in the end, every item is part of the overall flow.

It would not make sense to get mad at the sun going down. It is what it does. And in the morning it will rise again.

Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to get mad at a young, tired child who becomes cranky. It’s simply what young children do. If we approach the situation from a calm, compassionate frame of mind, we find a way to handle the underlying situation. To help the child fall asleep. To plan better in the future so the child does not reach that stage.

In the same way, we strive to learn to treat ourselves as a young child deserving of loving compassion. We are each but travelers in a journey of life. We are each constantly learning and growing. We each make mistakes. If we get angry at a loved one, perhaps it is because we are, ourselves, tired or hungry. Maybe it is because we have allowed fears to grow within us – fears of loss or abandonment or pain. We let those fears grow without mindfully observing them, to the point where the emotion lashes out.

It would not make sense for us to judge those thoughts or to be angry that we have them. They are passing waves in our system. Instead, we should observe them without judgment. Without censure. They are not us. They are symptoms of a situation we are in. What has brought us to fear or be upset? Reach for love. Reach for compassion and understanding.

You are a young child. You are still growing and learning. Speak to that young child within you with tender care. What would you tell that young child? How would you advise them?

How To Cultivate Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a daily task that can infuse every moment. Let drifting thoughts of past worries or future concerns float away as if they were clouds in your azure sky of a mind. They do not define you. They are not important to attach to. Let them go. Be present at this moment. Be calmly accepting of what there is, and be gently warm towards the future opportunities, whatever they may be.

In conclusion, make it your responsibility to invest your life in this magical moment of NOW. The NOW exists eternally in the spotlight of God’s Love. Let go of all that is not in alignment with peace and joy, and embrace the Moment for a wholesome existence on Earth – the Moment, which is ever pregnant with all the peace and happiness that you desire.

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  1. So true..if I like the countryside..seaside e and I have too much to do…I go to countryside for 15 mins…my mind tells me u waste time!! Now I start saying.. I go and enjoy the present time of each minute of the 15 minutes 🙂🙂🙂

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