Teenager Meditation and Mindfulness

Do you or your loved one going through teenage issues? If yes, Teenager meditation could help make the situation better.

Every phase of life comes with unique challenges. The teenage years might be considered one of the more difficult phases, because hormonal activity causes all kinds of physiological changes like:

  • a deepened voice, growth of facial hair, and first ejaculation in males;
  • developed breasts, rounded hips, and the start of menstruation in females;
  • transitioning from puberty to adulthood and sexual maturity; and
  • the emergence of your identity, or sense of self.

As anyone can see, there are a lot of deep and significant things happening during these important developmental teen years. Have you ever considered how your (lack of) development in any of the areas listed above, has direct impact on how you perceive yourself? And what if your perception isn’t accurate?

For example, consider the teenage girl who compares her body to the airbrushed images she sees on Instagram and in magazines, convinces herself she is fat, and then develops an eating disorder as a result. 

Or, the teenage guy whose voice doesn’t deepen until later, or who isn’t the most athletic or popular, so he becomes a target of bullying. And bullying has caused so much pain in individuals, many have considered, and actually committed, suicide. So this is very serious. It’s important that you know that even though these years may feel downright crazy at times, meditation is a tool you can always use to calm and strengthen yourself.

During these teen years, your personal energy level is at its peak. When you allow mindfulness to show you how to use that energy skillfully, your teen life will drastically improve!

The pressures you may feel to perform well academically, be socially significant, and attractive or good-looking, while also sorting out the changes going on in your body and mind is a lot. Studies show that teenagers face more depression, anxiety, stress, and self-harm than ever before, and many are finding relief in meditation.
While many teenagers lose themselves in the presence of classmates who may be louder or bossier, teens who meditate are surer of themselves, because they have found their own center, and know-how to connect to it. When you train your mind to focus, (the primary function of meditation), you become as strong as a mountain! Bullies won’t even see you as a target, because of the tangible quality of inner strength that comes with meditation.

On top of all those benefits, this study shows that mindfulness even increases gray matter in “brain regions involved in learning and memory processes.” So in addition to helping you carry yourself with more confidence, while feeling calm and great being who you really are, meditating can also help you get better grades!

Develop the habit of meditating now, in your teen years, and you will be wonderfully prepared for adulthood, and all that it brings. With meditation, your teenage years can be one of the best times of your life. The audio meditations we’ve designed are so easy and effective to use. Just listen, relax, and start loving your teen years!

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