Meditation for weight loss, eating disorders & mindfulness

Food is as essential to life as water and breathing. Most of our socialization is either organized around food or, at the very least, food plays a big part of most human gatherings. Meditation for weight loss and eating disorders can help you maintain a healthy eating habit.

Perhaps as a result of our zeal for eating, obesity and eating disorders both reveal our relationship with food needs quite a bit of awareness and healing.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, there are about 10 million people in the United States who suffer from both anorexia and bulimia. Millions more binge, or have some other variation of an eating disorder. According to the Association, eating disorders have the highest death rate of all mental disorders, so it is to be addressed seriously.

In addition to its nutritive power, food holds a lot of EMOTIONAL power, as well. And if we lack self-awareness, it’s easy to confuse the longing for a hug or affection, with the longing for a slice of cake, or a bowl of macaroni and cheese. This is called  “comfort eating”, or “emotional eating,” and it’s an attempt to feed relational hunger, with sweet or high-carb food, to satiate, numb or sedate emotional hunger. 

In these states, food is treated like a companion that can comfort and console, when it may seem no one else is showing care. Eating disorders are complicated, and the following audio meditations will help you get to the core of the habits you’ve formed around food, and the perceptions you’ve formed around body image.

Manage eating disorders with meditation & mindfulness

  • Beat Anorexia meditation -A distorted body image combined with a low self-esteem, fuels an irrational fear of gaining weight, and a resistance to eat. Food is not the enemy, of course. An anorexic mind needs the truth of that, and that is precisely what our audio meditation delivers.
  • Beat Bulimia meditation– A pattern of binging, followed by purging, or vomiting. A pattern of binging, followed by purging, or vomiting is hidden behind great secrecy and shame. These, in turn, become additional burdens on top of the disorder itself.
  • Decrease Your Appetite meditation -Tempting food cravings and the desire to overeat, or eat past fullness can sabotage even the strongest will. But you can win, by managing your appetite from within.
  • Eat Slowly meditation – ‘Slow’ is not a popular pace for anything these days, but it is the ideal pace for eating. Just taking time to thoroughly chew is a great start.
  • Stop Emotional Eating – Depression and hunger are not the same thing, but an emotional eater’s appetite is often triggered by sadness.
  • Exercise Motivation – Being sedentary is a habit that can be replaced with activity and exercise. Getting the habit started is the challenge, and that’s exactly what this audio meditation does!
  • Control Your Sweet Tooth  – Behind cravings for sweet things may be: (1) parasites; and/or (2) an addiction to sugar. Either way, health requires you be in control, and regulated your sugar intake.
  • Get The Body You Want – Including your subconscious mind in your body’s transformation is one of the most effective steps to ensure you are eating and moving in ways that create a body you will love being in.
  • All these meditations can be found in our Mindtastik app.

Mindfulness and meditation can reveal the source of the pain that triggered the eating disorder to begin with. Then, from that root level, you’re able to sort through all the various beliefs and behaviors that made eating problematic. Ultimately, a healthy relationship with food, and a healthy image of self is the balanced outlook a meditation practice makes available to you.

The relationship between weight loss and meditation

It is very important for you to understand that any eating disorder has its own root cause. If you dig deep inside your conscious mind you will find out what the actual cause is. Practicing meditation daily with the goal to lose weight or to get past of the eating disorder that is keeping you down at the moment, will help you get more aware & mindful about everything you eat.

Since we cannot live without eating, the weight loss problem or eating disorder cannot be fixed by simply avoiding food. There has to be a way to overcome it and meditation & mindfulness is the key.

Our Mindtastik app will help you get rid of day to day problems, including eating disorders & weight loss problems. You can download our weightloss meditation app and start improving on a constant basis. All meditations can be accessed on your phone (both iOS & Android). CLICK HERE to download the app based on your OS.

We have also developed the desktop version of meditations which can be found HERE. Basically if you wish to listen to the weight loss & eating disorder meditations on a desktop , that’s the way to go.

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