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In your honest opinion, do you and the people you spend the most time with, live at your highest, peak potential? If No, consider giving a shot to personal development meditation.

Even “successful” people slack in certain areas — usually the areas that challenge the most. So, you’ll notice someone who is very fit and healthy (and has, therefore, mastered the ability to eat well, and exercise regularly), might dread and avoid marketing their personal training business (because they have not yet mastered the ability to sell well.

Meanwhile, a highly-ranked salesperson, struggles with anger management, because they have not yet mastered their emotions. The point is that everyone can further develop themselves in some way. Do you know yours? There are many forms of self-guided improvement. Some of the most helpful, we have prepared special audio meditations for : 

personal development meditation
  • Achieve Your Full Potential with personal development meditation – Potential is latent or dormant ability. It is the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. This audio supports you actualizing that capacity, now.
  • Anger Management – Strong feelings of annoyance, irritation or hostility are increasingly common. In the most extreme examples, we see “road rage,” and mass shootings. And in the most personal examples, we see domestic and emotional abuse. Emotional recognition and regulation is needed, and this audio provides that, and more.
  • Exercise Motivation – The information age has normalized the sedentary, inactive lifestyle, where we gaze into a screen, and don’t move very much. Exercise requires effort, and because its reward isn’t seen instantly, it can be a difficult habit to adopt and stick with. But when the subconscious mind is “stamped” with exercise, the body will fulfill those wishes, and exercise! This audio meditation basically trains the subconscious, to train your body.
  • Finding Forgiveness – Holding on to resentment over past hurts and offenses, creates an actual strain on the heart. It is best to release all the negative feelings associated with blame, and having been wronged. This act of grace isn’t for the other person. It’s ultimately for you, and ycour own lightness of being. Our audio meditation supports you in the energizing work of forgiveness.
  • Positive Thinking – Being positive is much more than smiling and saying affirmations. It means you posit, or assert, something. (Just as being negative means more than frowning and complaining. It means you negate, or deny, something.) To remain positive means your mind holds something you desire or appreciate. This audio meditation helps your mind focus on the right things.
  • Increase Self Motivation – A dream with no action is really just a wish. To actually experience the things you want — and not just passively fantasize about them — requires action. Action requires motivation, and a lot of people need a motivational boost! Our audio meditation is that, and more.

A lot of things can get in the way of you living as the best version of yourself. The biggest threat is the inertia that can come from within, when not properly motivated. But the opposite is also true. When you are LIT from the inside, you can see yourself accomplishing your goals, so you do. The audio meditations we’ve developed strengthen your commitment to you, and that is the ultimate motivation.

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