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5 Ways to Sleep Soundly at Your New Home

Published on January 13, 2023 – Last Updated on May 15, 2023

Moving to a different home sometimes doesn’t exactly feel like “home” just yet. That’s why some people often have difficulty sleeping in their new place. Though the reasons may vary per person, being unable to sleep soundly for a long time can cause problems to your health.

Being one of the essential activities that your body needs, you must put great importance on issues like this and not take them lightly. So, if you’re here to search for the remedy to your sleeping issues in your new house, here are five solutions you can try looking into.

Invest in a New Mattress

You must know that your mattress plays a significant role in helping you sleep soundly at night. If you’re feeling discomfort and sleeping becomes hard despite already staying in your new house for a while, it’s safe to suspect your mattress as one of the reasons.

Furthermore, a mattress can only last between seven to 10 years, and it’s better to change them once it comes, especially if they start to wear. It’s because the quality can influence the sleeping experience, making it hard to sleep. Not only that but your health can also be directly affected by an old mattress. If you constantly wake up with an aching neck or a sore back, your mattress may have already served its years. You can check out iSense if you’re looking for the perfect mattress that fits your needs and problems.    

Invest in an App

You could always benefit from an app like Mindtastik that helps you sleep better. We have compiled a list of the best sleep apps that you should check out. Also, with the new release of Chat GPT, you can start writing sleep affirmations and meditations that allow you to sleep better. Here is the list of the best chatgpt apps. If you want a quick match, you can download ChatGPT App Android or ChatGPT App.

Consult With Your Doctor

Again, your sleep is a significant factor in a healthy life. If you feel the immediate need to visit a doctor related to your sleeping problems, then don’t hesitate to do so. Your physician will help assess your state of mind, your physical health, and overall well-being to ensure they figure out the root cause of your sleeping issues.

If they ever figure out any health problems that may have caused your problems with sleep, they’ll present you prescriptions to ease your symptoms and sleep aids to help you sleep better at night. Depending on your condition, they might require you to undergo further examinations.

Keep Your Gadgets Away From Your Bed

You might already be tired of reading this in every article you come across, but if you’re still using your phone or any gadgets that emit blue light, you’ll surely have difficulty sleeping at night.

Although light exposure is extremely beneficial in the morning, too much light during the evening can prevent you from sleeping. As much as possible, it’s best to avoid exposing yourself to bright screens around one to two hours before your bedtime. The blue light that gadgets emit gives a false impression that it’s still daytime, which disrupts the production of melatonin, a sleeping hormone that helps you relax and get a good sleep.

However, there may be times when you’ll need to stay up late to finish unpacking your remaining items. Then consider wearing glasses that can block the blue light, or when it’s finally time to sleep, ensure to make your room dark with shades or heavy curtains, or sleep with a sleep mask to motivate your brain to sleep.

Don’t Drink Caffeine During the Late Afternoon

Now moving in and unpacking mountains of boxes or such is very tiring, so a cup of coffee or two can also be very tempting. However, coffee is a stimulant that keeps you from sleeping, and if you wish to sleep soundly after a long day, this drink isn’t for you.

Sure, it’s an effective drink that can help you feel energized and focused with moving your remaining stuff to your new house, but when you consume it late in the day, your body will deal with the consequences in the evening.

So, if you’re planning to be productive throughout the day, you must be mindful of the time you’ll consume caffeine. Experts say that you must refrain from drinking any caffeine for a minimum amount of six hours before your usual bedtime.

Restore Your Sleep Cycle

Unpacking and finishing your move-in can take more than a day or two. Sometimes you wouldn’t even be able to notice time with all the things you need to prepare. So, it’s understandable if you miss your usual bedtime for a few evenings. However, this can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle, and it can be a huge issue if you don’t know how to go back to how everything used to be.

Once settled in, you must try your best to restore your sleeping pattern. As such, you must keep a consistent sleep and waking times until your body remembers naturally. This includes skipping afternoon or midday naps during the day. It’s also not a bad idea to tire yourself out by working out during the day so you can get as much sleep during the night.

Final Thoughts

Time flies, especially if you’re busy with everything in the house. The new environment can also be a factor, but it’s not entirely impossible to have a night of better sleep, even if it’s only your first day at your new home. You only have to keep everything mentioned above in mind, and you can successfully enjoy a perfect night’s sleep every time.

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