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Flight Anxiety Can Be Overcome By Using These Tips

Published on December 27, 2021 – Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Flying can be a nerve-wracking experience for some people. However, with a little preparation and knowledge, it is possible to overcome flight anxiety and make your journey smoother. This post will discuss some tips that can help you feel more prepared and confident when flying. We will also cover what to do if your anxiety becomes worse during your flight. So if you’re looking to overcome your fear of flying, keep reading!

What is Flight Anxiety?

People who are afraid of flying may have an intense feeling of panic or dread when they think about getting on an airplane or while they are on the plane itself. Some symptoms include shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, or sweating while sitting in their seat waiting for takeoff or landing. Others may experience nausea, stomach problems, or even hot flashes. If you are scared of flying, you may feel like the only way to control this feeling is by not getting on an airplane at all. However, some ways can help you overcome your fears and calm down.

Studies performed by the anxiety and depression association found that between 3.5% and 40% of adults suffer from flight anxiety. However, you can start improving your mental health without having to avoid flying with a couple of simple tips, which you will find in this article.

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Fear of flying is intense anxiety related to air travel, so what causes this anxiety? There are several reasons why some people fear flying, including:

  • Being afraid of heights: adults who are afraid to climb onto chairs or ladders tend to be more scared of airplanes. Even toddlers who are afraid to stand at the edge might be fearful of airplanes.
  • Having had a bad experience with commercial flying: a traumatic flying experience can certainly cause anxiety about flying. If something went wrong during the flight, it could have been not very comforting. In some cases, people have been scared by turbulence or other problems that were not dangerous at all. Many times, these issues would have been difficult to handle if one was not prepared for them.
  • Having a fear of losing control: some people feel that they are giving up their control when they get on an airplane. This could be due to the fact that someone else is controlling their fate while they are in the air. If you have felt like this before, keep reading for more advice!
  • Observing others who are afraid of flying: watching others who are afraid of flying can make you start to feel this way too. This is especially the case if one of these people is a family member or friend. If you have been feeling nervous after seeing someone give up their seat on an airplane, keep reading for tips on how to get over your fear!
  • Being afraid that something may go wrong: if you are nervous that something may go wrong on your flight, it can lead to anxiety. This includes wondering what you would do if there was a crash or mechanical issue!

How to Beat Flight Anxiety? A few Simple Tips That May Work For You

flight anxiety

Now that you better understand how fear of flying comes about, the next step is to learn how to cope with this anxiety. Here are some great ways of overcoming your fear of flying.

  • Learn about the statistics of flying: did you know that it is one of the safest forms of travel? You can easily find out how many accidents there are in relation to the number of miles traveled by looking on the internet, so no need to have a panic attack! Knowing more about flying will help put you at ease.
  • Wear a pendant or bracelet that helps you feel safe: wearing a special charm on your person can help to remind you of something positive and calm, such as your child’s birthstone stone. This can have a soothing effect even without having any conscious awareness of its presence! Just make sure it isn’t too heavy so that it doesn’t bother you.
  • Use relaxation exercises: there are lots of ways to relax, and you can try them out before your next flight if you really want to feel more calm and happy about flying. For example, you could try yoga, deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), or even meditation. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you manage to relax!
  • Practice self-soothing: one of the best ways to cope with your anxiety is by simply soothing yourself. Apply a cold compress, hold an ice pack against the back of your neck if you suffer from hot flashes, or take a drink of water. This is a straightforward thing to do, but it can bring great results.
  • Avoid long flights: if you know that flying makes you nervous, try and avoid doing this for the first time while traveling a long distance. Start with shorter flights and see how things go; your confidence will grow after taking smaller steps!
  • Prepare for turbulence: if you know that certain parts of your trip may be bumpier than usual, such as over the Rocky Mountains, then do some research. You can find out more about how airlines handle turbulence and what to expect during your trip. This will help you feel better!
  • Look for a window seat: sitting near the back of the plane where you can see the wings can make you feel better. You will be able to see if anything is wrong, like the pilot losing control of one of them! If you sit in an aisle seat, it may be easier to get up and stretch your legs (or just go to the bathroom) during any turbulence.

Mental Health Improvement for Anxiety Disorders

A couple of months ago, I flew for the very first time in my life. And I was so scared. (I know, it’s ridiculous for a 28 years old woman to be afraid of flying). But hey, it’s a disorder, and we can’t really control what we feel, right? So I did my research and bought a couple of books about this subject. In the end, I flew from Italy to Spain. And guess what? It was terrible, that’s what! The flight was delayed for an hour because of bad weather conditions (and also because of me, hahaha). So I sat there with my legs shaking for more than one hour. And the landing was terrible too! It felt like the plane was falling down (and this is something that really scares me!). Well, what can I say? Everything went wrong that day.

But then… two weeks ago I had to fly again, and I decided: this time it’s gonna be different. So I read a couple of articles about flight anxiety and found out that the best way to calm down is having some knowledge about what you’re experiencing so that you feel more in control. And then I searched online for “how to overcome your fear of flying,” and I found a couple of really useful apps and websites.

One of the apps has a lot of information about flight anxiety, the reasons why we feel fear when we think about flying and how we can overcome our fears.

Flight Anxiety App

flight anxiety app

If you want to start managing anxiety, you may have around flying, and then you should try our flight anxiety app. Our app uses guided meditation (or self-hypnosis) in order to prime your subconscious negative thoughts.

The app has received positive reviews from the iTunes Store, and users have said that it is a great course for those who want to overcome their fear of flying. The app includes meditations, affirmations, relaxation techniques, and gradual exposure to fear in a safe environment that is well documented and step-by-step. People praised the fact that they were able to go from one flight to another, flying without having any problems after an hour of doing the course. The app was described as amazing and “worth every penny.” People also said that they felt more relaxed and enjoyed their flights after using this app. Some people commented on how useful the app was for them and recommended it to anyone who was nervous about flying.


  1. Avoid panic attacks and learn how to manage your panic disorder by taking confrontations with your own fear.
  2. Learn how to manage anxiety without “the help” of anti-anxiety medications.
  3. Find out information about a specific plane crash so you can gain confidence.
  4. Perfect fit for anxious flyers.
  5. It was developed with help from flight attendants.
  6. Release the biggest fear you may have around flying.


Apple iOS: Fear of Flying App

Android: Flight Anxiety App

Flight Anxiety App Reviews

OVERALL, this app is excellent for those who want to overcome their fear of flying. The course is comprehensive and includes everything from hypnosis meditations to affirmations. In a safe environment, gradual exposure to the fear factor is also a great feature. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to get rid of their flight anxiety. PS: I have tried numerous treatment methods and even anti-anxiety medication, but I had no luck. Unless you decide to confront your fear, you won’t be able to cure your flight phobics.

  • Amanda

I was scared to fly for a long time, and on top of it, I had a panic attack on board. The course is very well structured and helps you feel more at ease with every session, step by step. You will be able to go from one flight to another without having any problems. I no longer feel nervous prior to a flight and feel less anxious.

  • Alicia

Amazing! Great app with exercises that really work for you will make your life easier. I’m not sure why airplane rides were so scary to me, but after about an hour of doing this course, it turned out to be very relaxing and enjoyable. The meditations are worth every penny. It’s like having a licensed clinical psychologist in your pocket.

  • Natty

I never actually bought anything like this before, but I had to try something, I was always so nervous about flying, and it would take me a day or two to get myself ready for a flight. This is really working, and now I fly whenever and wherever I want. I no longer feel afraid of flying, and I have shared this with my other family members to enjoy their flight as well!

  • Bob

Since I have started using the app, I feel comfortable when I am near a plane or in the air. The stress feelings have gone, and I can finally say I have cured my flight phobia.

  • Teo

Conclusion about Flight Anxiety

Whether you’re just looking for some flight anxiety tips or are struggling to fly, know that there is hope. We have provided a few strategies below that can help make your journey smoother and less stressful before, during, and after the flight. If you would like more information about overcoming the fear of flying in general, please feel free to contact us! There’s no shame in needing help with this issue, so don’t be shy – we want to hear from you.

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