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Coping with Stress: Strategies for Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Published on November 15, 2023 – Last Updated on November 15, 2023

Stressors are all around us these days. Traffic. The economy. The price of gas/groceries. Relationship issues. Work drudgery. And on and on.

Anxiety and depression are major issues for millions of people across the country, and being able to calm down and cope with stress can be incredibly hard for some. This is why we want to share a few tips we’ve curated recently. Whether you work in the most stressful industry in the world or it’s just family and life that have your stress levels up, maybe one of the below will help.

Take a Break

Those video games can be fun, but if you find that the folks taunting you and your friends via your gaming headsets are sending your blood pressure soaring, it’s time to take a break, even from those gaming podcasts. Furthermore, consider taking some time away from screens—whether it’s your phone, TV, or computer—to better manage your mental well-being. An overload of information can be distressing, especially if it’s constantly centered around traumatic events. Being informed is essential, but it’s equally important to limit exposure to such news items to perhaps once or twice a day.


Unwinding is paramount for coping with stress.

Resting, no matter how that looks to you, is key. Trying a new hobby or brushing up on an old one are great ways to clear your head and take a break from life’s pressures. Knitting might be something your grandma used to do, but it can also help. Just focus on the needles and thread for a while. Or maybe it’s time to return to those long-lost piano lessons. Don’t be afraid to try new things or revisit old passions as a way to relieve stress.

relaxation meditation

Alternative Therapies

In recent times, a wide array of alternative therapies has gained popularity in stress management. Channeling positive energy via chakra crystals is one such method. Aligning and balancing your chakras can aid in calming your mind and reinforcing your connection with your inner self. In the realm of digital therapies, using a meditation app can provide guided sessions to help you unwind and focus on your mental wellness. Jump into that comfy indoor hammock, meditate, and just unwind, as mentioned above. These unconventional approaches can serve as valuable tools in your arsenal to combat stress.

Connect With Others

Establishing a robust support network can be beneficial, even when you’re not currently facing adversity. It’s crucial to maintain relationships with loved ones and friends consistently rather than only reaching out in times of crisis. Additionally, while virtual connections may offer convenience, having face-to-face conversations when dealing with stress, anxiety, and complex emotions can be profoundly therapeutic.

In conclusion, coping with stress is a multifaceted process requiring self-awareness, a diverse toolkit, and supportive relationships. From CBD products and digital detoxes to knitting and meditation apps, there’s a myriad of strategies worth exploring. Remember, different approaches work for different individuals, so it’s about trialing various methods to identify what works best for you in alleviating stress.

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