A Guide to Meditation: Connecting, Destressing, Energizing

How the simple act of taking time for yourself to meditate can not only improve your day but your life as a whole. Stressed? Overworked? Need to break free from the burdens of the daily grind? Certainly, we’ve all been there – overwhelmed with everything that requires doing and all the things yet to do. […]

Deal with grief & loss

Transform the pain of grief and loss with the power of hypnosis The death of a loved one is the most painful thing some people experience. It is very painful to be left with the void and emptiness that was once had in a loving relationship. Grief and sadness are the common reactions to this […]

Stop smoking affirmations & meditations

Meditations and affirmations to keep you on track with your goal to be free of nicotine forever! Most smokers know the risk of tobacco in human health. Smoking is related to several diseases, and when you smoke, you know that it also puts stress on your wallet. One pack a day can sum up to […]

Living in fear – Panic attacks

You don’t need to be living in fear of having another panic life! To encounter a panic attack can be terrifying. Several people that suffer from a panic attack think that they have a heart attack and may even believe that they are already dying. To encounter this once can be very stressful, but the […]

Life without smoking

Imagine life without smoking. Can you envision it? A life without health problems, the money drain, and the social stigma smokers carry. It can be yours with the aid of our smokers’ cessation hypnotherapy mp3! Most smokers know the risk of tobacco in human health. Smoking is related to several diseases, and when you smoke, […]

Sleeping soundly through the night

Sleep is very necessary to maintain good health. If you are not taking enough sleep, it probably means you were exhausted and tired during the day. Your brain might have a “foggy” feeling and may feel as if you were not fully present during your day. Inability to relax can lead to insomnia, and it […]

Create your inner temple

When life becomes stressful, imagine having a place to go whenever you are on break. When life becomes overwhelming and busy, it requires a place to go even if it is a place that only comes to your mind. This is a place you can visit anytime whenever you desire. Hypnosis can teach you to […]