New COVID19 Meditation: Coronavirus will pass

We are proud to announce our latest guided meditation which will help you cope with stress & anxiety of self-isolation during COVID19. Check out the sample we have uploaded on Youtube. In order to listen to Coronavirus will pass guided meditation, you will have to download our meditation, relaxation & mindfulness app BY CLICKING HERE […]

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The Healing Power of Body Scan Meditation

Stress can cause multiple problems for our emotional and physical wellbeing.  Headaches, body aches, heartburn, and even back pain can all be caused by stress.  Sometimes when you have chronic stress, you may not realize that you are having any physical symptoms or you may attribute them to something else because you’re not paying attention.   […]

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kid practicing meditation

Meditation for Kids: Benefits & Guide

There is a great deal of information about meditation and how good it is for you.  But did you know, meditation is also great for kids?  Meditation can help your children live a calmer more centered life.  Kids and Stress: What is it and how our meditations for kids will help yours? In today’s world […]

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learn how to beat insomnia in a few easy steps

How Meditation For Insomnia Can Help You Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things for our health, yet sometimes it eludes us.  In fact, insomnia is becoming an epidemic.  Statistic draws a grim picture of just how many people are affected by insomnia: 1 in 4 adults can develop insomnia (That equals about 60 million Americans)In the UK approximately 16 million […]

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beginner's way to start a meditation

How to Start Meditation For Improved Mental Health

Ah, meditation. The one word that everyone keeps telling you is the answer to your problems. Meditation for improved mental health. Feeling anxious? Try meditation. Trouble sleeping? Try meditation. Back pain? Try meditation. Just got rejected? Try meditation! If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard some variation of the above. And you’re either thinking one […]

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guided meditation app - mindtastik

How to choose the best Meditation App?

Know the Reality of Meditation First before choosing the best meditation app which fits for your needs. Before we can succeed in obtaining the benefits of meditation by practicing a rigorous regimen of the same, we should be aware of the meaning of the term. Whenever we think about meditation, the thought of religious beliefs […]

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