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2 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Development & Tips

Published on January 23, 2022 – Last Updated on May 10, 2022

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! It’s an amazing experience, and you’re about to embark on a nine-month journey that will change your life forever. This blog post is for the mom-to-be who is 2 weeks pregnant. We’ll talk about some of the symptoms you may be experiencing and some tips for staying healthy and keeping your baby safe during pregnancy. Read below to find the best tips so you can be ready when the pregnancy journey begins.

Am I actually pregnant at 2 weeks?

The second week of your 40-week pregnancy journey is here! You are still not technically pregnant, but you’re so close to the goal that it’s hard not to feel excited. During this time frame in which our bodies prepare for ovulation and fertility (we’ll call them “ovulating”), now would be an excellent chance, if ever there were one – to take notice of any subtle early signs telling us how ready or unready we may be.

One of the first things women are concerned about during early pregnancy is whether or not they should take a pregnancy test! Some say it’s best to wait until one week after your expected period, while others recommend taking one as soon as you realize you might be pregnant. However, if you have had unprotected sex around the time of ovulation, which typically occurs around the 14th-16th day of a menstrual cycle, and you’ve been experiencing some early pregnancy signs(see below), it’s probably safe to take a test.

Your baby at 2 weeks pregnant

What’s going on in there? Well, it seems that your body has been preparing for this event all along. You know how each month you have a menstrual cycle where during those two weeks before menstruation starts and after it ends (also known as “menstrual”), hormones are released from different parts of our bodies in order to prepare us physically so we can bear children or eggs if necessary!

The first part happens when an anxious egg meets eager sperm at their respective starting gates. Next, the sperm heads to the fallopian tubes and tries to find a fertilized egg. If it does, then the fertilization of the egg begins.

The fertilized egg begins dividing rapidly, undergoing cell division in either Fallopian tube – this is where you are at 2 weeks pregnant! That’s right; it takes only four days for the zygote (fertilized egg) to divide and form a cluster of cells.

What’s happening to a pregnant woman during week 2 of pregnancy?

Not a whole lot changes from week two to week three, but there are still some exciting things that you may experience:

Hormone levels rise dramatically: these hormones help the entire process of implantation and development. Depending on your body’s reaction to the pregnancy, you may experience more symptoms from this, such as nausea or even vomiting.

Eating more carbs: since you’re growing a baby here, you need a lot of energy to go right along with it! So try to eat some bread, pasta, and other similar foods to give your body some fuel.

Heightened sense of smell: you may be overwhelmed with the sense of smell at times, especially if something doesn’t smell quite right. Try to avoid burning candles or incense unless you are trying to mask an odor that should not be there!

2 weeks early pregnancy symptoms

positive pregnancy test baby's growth

Make sure to check out our Pregnancy Week by Week post, where you can find great information for each stage of pregnancy based on weeks.

Here are a couple of pregnancy symptoms you may experience during the second week:

  • cervical mucus: around the time you ovulate, your body secretes more mucus than usual. It forms a sort of “plug” over the cervical opening to protect the uterus from bacteria and other bodily fluids that may find their way into the uterus through the vagina. You will notice this as a thick white or cream-colored discharge that can come out in bits and pieces. It is also an excellent tool for a person trying to get pregnant because sperm can live in the cervical mucus for up to five days waiting for their egg!
  • Breast sensitivity: your breasts may feel more sensitive than usual, especially when touched by others or yourself. This is due to hormone levels going bonkers so that when you do get pregnant, your breasts are ready to continue producing the right amounts of hormones for growing a little human.
  • Frequent urination: when conception is taking place in your uterus, it is also taking place in your bladder! This may cause you to use the bathroom more than usual. Try to drink lots of water and stay active to help the bladder feel less pressured.
  • A boost on your basal body temperature: if you have been taking your basal body temperature, the chances are that your chart is showing some pattern. You may notice an increase in the number of times the thermometer shows up with a “pregnant” sign or at least a jump above what it usually does when possible conception occurs.
  • Increased sex drive: okay, pregnancy is totally causing you to be hornier than usual. Nothing wrong with that! Have fun with your partner! You can also use one of the best pregnancy crystals.

You may also continue feeling nauseated and fatigued, especially if you’re still trying to get used to the changes your body is experiencing. But, of course, lack of sleep could make these symptoms much worse! So if this is the case for you, try exercising more (just not too strenuously) and taking a nap whenever you feel the need.

2 Weeks Fetus

At two weeks, your baby is about the size of a poppy seed. Though they’re tiny, they’ve already started to develop their essential organs and systems. Their hearts begin to form, and they have tiny buds that will eventually become their arms and legs. By this stage, your baby’s brain is also starting to develop, and they may even be able to sense touch.

Though they’re still incredibly tiny, your baby is growing rapidly and they’ll continue to do so over the coming weeks and months. So even though they’re just a 2-week old fetus, they’ve already made huge strides in their development!

Tips when you are 2 weeks pregnant

Here are a couple of tips to remember during the second week of pregnaFirst, take

  • Take your vitamins: since you’re not feeling quite up to par yet, make sure to keep your daily diet in check by grabbing a prenatal vitamin to fill the nutritional quota being drained from your body. Folic acid is the most important prenatal vitamin during the early weeks of pregnancy.
  • Avoid caffeine: this is a well-known trigger for morning sickness. If coffee and tea aren’t doing it for you, try switching to decaffeinated beverages instead.
  • Prepare your body for pregnancy: you can do just that by taking a hot bath or shower in the morning, during lunchtime, and at night before bed. Also, try to screw down your mattress if it’s old and causing you discomfort in bed.
  • Eat well: eating healthy during pregnancy is crucial for nutrition and preventing excessive weight gain! What good is exercise if you’re not fueling your body with proper foods?
  • Shop Pregnancy Tests: you can find out whether you may be pregnant by going to the store and buying one of those pregnancy tests. These work best when done before a missed period, but symptoms will give you a hint at least.            
  • Schedule a doctor’s visit: it may not be necessary yet, but you should try to schedule an appointment for about eight weeks from now. By then, your body will have adjusted to this whole pregnancy thing, and the doctor can help keep an eye on things like blood pressure and weight gain.

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, it’s important to be in good health before conception occurs. Work on getting your body healthy and your doctor’s appointment ready as early as possible!

2 weeks is how many months?

If you are in the second week of pregnancy, it means you are in the first-month first trimester, and you are due in approximately 38 weeks.

How to calculate your due date?

You can calculate your pregnancy due date by using my due date calculator. It calculates the expected due date, considering the first day of the last menstrual period, conception date, and, if applicable, the birth control pills you used.

It takes into account the last menstrual period, considering if it was regular if the cycles are long or short and how many days you have in your cycle. If you ended up tracking your ovulation through basal body temperature, this tracker calculates the possible conception date based on how many days after ovulation did intercourse occur.

2 weeks pregnant belly

At two weeks pregnant belly is not very noticeable. You may just feel a bit bloated and constipated. You may also have sore breasts and nipples. In addition, some women report feeling more tired than usual and having to go to the bathroom more often.

2 weeks pregnant ultrasound

At two weeks pregnant, an ultrasound is not usually necessary. However, if you are experiencing any problems or have any concerns, your doctor may recommend an ultrasound.

What happens when a woman is pregnant for 2 weeks?

Your ovaries will be complete, and you could begin ovulating within days. If you are 2 weeks pregnant, you are not pregnant. Maybe it is closer to it. If you are pregnant, you need to watch out for the signs of ovulation and have ample sexual activity before you start ovulation.


It’s a tremendous experience, and you’re about to begin a nine-month adventure that will have an impact on your life in the most positive ways possible. To help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy, be sure to follow our tips for staying healthy and keeping your baby safe. We wish you all the best during this exciting time.

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